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  • Good to know, as I have an Ene up my sleeve. Oh, and it’s an excuse to order more stuff online. ‘Tis the season to incur debt. Falalalala.

  • I too love my Knitpicks Options needles. I had a couple of tips that wouldn’t stay screwed in, and one that wouldn’t screw in all the way, so I contacted Knitpicks and they replaced them right away. I’ve now purchased extra cables (I generally have more than 4 WIPs at any one time) and the larger sized tips that don’t come with the set. Oh, and the Classic Circulars (I have a couple of sizes, bought the rest) and more sleeves for the great little binder. They’re great for travelling too – stick the binder in your bag and you have all the needles you need.

  • I have those needles as well and am completely in LOVE with them! Addi’s are just so expensive, and plus when I got the Knit Picks Options I noticed how pointy they were. I love that! Plus, I have to say that not fighting with my yarn trying to push it over blunt needles, makes me a happier, faster knitter.

  • I’ve been in love with them, I bought one pair to try and I want so badly to get that set! Thanks for the great review! I knew to go with my gut feeling!

  • Ka-ching! I love my Denises but due to the heavyweight crap I knit on them, I keep snapping the cables off. Busted! Maybe they’ll replace them. Maybe I’ll find some super glue laying around.
    You R an awesome spokesmodel!
    xoxo Kay

  • I have these needles as well and if I had known sooner how great a good quality needle felt and made my knitting look, I would have invested sooner!

  • Oh, I am loving the Options points for lace. If you ever need something not quite so slippery, try Aeros. They’re just a bit pointier than the Inox greys(but you have to order them from Canada.)
    The stole is gorgeous!

  • I too,bought the Knit Picks, they have super,super fast service, free shipping over 40. I really love the needles, I have one Addi, which is good, but, I think the Knit Picks are superior to them, and the cost difference is HUGE. You can have the whole set of KnitPicks for the price of a few Addi’s. These are FIVE STARS! And I love being able to change everything by just unscrewing the needle! Great items. This company is part of Craft Groups, and I have bought quilting books from them for something like 10-15 years. Always super service!

  • Knit Picks’ Options is da bomb!

  • i love the options needles too. they’re incredible for lace knitting, and the cable is so flexible.

  • I have the Options and really like them. They are pointing and smooth and handy.

  • I got a chance to knit with those at the Knitter’s Review retreat and I really liked them. I’ve just bought my second set of Denise’s (the rainbow-colored ones, thankyouverymuch), or else I’d have already jumped on the KnitPicks bandwagon. But I predict that I’ll have a set of the KnitPicks ones before 2007 is out.

  • I like the KP Options needles for lace (because oooooo…pointy…bring on the nupps!) and I think the cable may even be superior to that of the Addi Turbos (look ma, no curling!) But just wait until you knit with some loosely spun, splitty stuff while you watch Lost and can’t take your eyes off of Sawye…uh…the screen. Suddenly, pointy becomes lamentable.

  • Like the options (and I snap Denise cables with happy regularity, too) but the best for pointiness are the Balene II — the point is practically emaciated!

  • Amen, sistah! I love Knitpicks Options for lace so much that I’m actually QUOTED in the freakin’ catalog. (Yeah, I’m THAT Alison Jacobson.) There is the distinct possibility that I have no life, but hey! At least I’m published in a knitting catalog!
    I like the pointy needles a lot, though the only downside is some finger soreness due to my knitting style. Anyone else encounter this? Knitpicks also gives great service, and they’re really nice to speak with on the phone. I’m not thrilled with some of their yarn, but others are great and I’ve only heard good things.
    Congrats on the shawl being done. Eunny is brilliant – scary brilliant, really.

  • I sooooo want a set of those needles, (have done since the yarnharlot was raving about them a while ago) but KP won’t ship to the UK. boo hoo 🙁
    Addi’s just aren’t pointy enough for some of the crazy stuff I’m knitting with in the pursuit of art & textiles. (Daft things like trying to knit lace with KSH on 12mm needles – not easy when the needles are on the blunt side!)

  • I too like the pointy bits for the Knitpicks needles. They were ideal for my first project with fingering weight – socks on two circs! Oh, and economical too so I can spend more on yarn.

  • I bought the set and then found myself adding to it. Because of many projects at the same time, I wanted some extra cables, and some duplicate needle sizes. Then I needed to do a sleeve in size 8 and found I didn’t have dpn’s in 8, but I did have 4 size 8 tips! So I did my sleeves on two circulars like my socks!
    I too get a sore spot on my right index finger sometimes from pushing the left needle occasionally, but that’s my fault! Love these needles but I think I need to leave notes in the spots where I’ve removed the needles to tell myself what project they’re on.
    Also I love the end caps, I’ve found them useful for some patterns when I’m adding the sleeves to the body and then joining the entire project together, and need to hold stitches off for a while.

  • I’m loving my Options, too. As soon as I get some $, I’m going to get more of the things to go with the set.

  • I also love the Options needles. The unexpected feature that I hadn’t thought about was how great they are for stopping a project for a while and using the cables as stitch holders. You just slip on the little tab that reminds you what needle you were using (very crucial step), take the needles to that more urgent project, and return to the first project when it calls your name. They are also great when you knit the ribbing on a smaller needle and then need to upsize…just unscrew the one end and add your new needle. Brilliant! Can you tell this is my first set of interchangeable needles/cables?! Love them.

  • I just snapped my first Denise cable. I’ve never been so sad and mad while knitting. Christmas is coming, so why not put them on a list?

  • I love ’em too … AND love the quick customer service (I had the same cable problems, which were solved in a phone call).
    I only bought a few to test drive, but am asking for the full set for Christmas.

  • I bought my Options about two weeks ago. My biggest complaint was that the little pockets don’t have any way to distinguish lengths and point sizes. So I created a way! I also made them available for anyone to download. Go here to see pictures and print out a copy for yourselves. I think they come in pretty handy and I’m hoping other people would enjoy them too.

  • You could poke a hole in your hand with an Inox needle, my preferred lace-working needle. But I haven’t tried the Knitpicks Options yet.

  • I am so in love with these needles. I don’t use anything else. They are the best and I’m not being paid to say that. In fact, I’m off to the KP site as I need to add to my set and need some #1’s
    :-)KPO’s ROCK!!!

  • Great shawl!
    But since this is all about the needles…Why doesn’t Knit Picks make any short cables for their needles? This really bugs me & is why I haven’t ordered them. How are you supposed to make a hat?

  • *sigh*
    Every time I see those needles I want them! Unfortunately I am allergic to the stinking things! Grrr! Stupid nickel allergy.

  • I, too, am in the Denise-snapping club. In fact, my third break was last night, on some Christmas knitting. I’m thinking maybe the Options are something I should check out.
    Oh, and the Denise folks offer a guarantee, so if you break anything, just send it to them and they’ll send you a new one.

  • Wait a minute. There’s a RECALL on those cords and they haven’t e-mailed me? Yet the continue to clog my inbox and mailbox with their catalogs and crap? What the hell?

  • Hi Ann,
    Faithful reader here. Thanks for the heads up on the “Print ‘O the Wave” pattern.
    Have you been to see us up in the ‘Boro yet? I’m at the Knaughty Knitter, literally working for yarn. I thought you’d get a kick out of “tree guy” out front. I keep hoping to make it to the monthly knit-out at the library in N’ville.
    I loved y’all’s book, BTW!
    Denelle in Murfreesboro