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  • Or in my case, hear me snore! (It rhymes better, doll. It just does. And truth is an absolute defense.)
    GO MERLE. THE JUSTIN BIEBER OF ECONO-HEADS. (Usher and Timberlake are fighting over him, for sure.)

  • I did 7.25 but I’m giving myself a pass because I walked away from row three of my first fair isle project. That is one quick addiction! Started the Autumn color cardigan from the cover of Sweaters at Camp.

  • I love the simplicity of the setting – if Wall Street had been involved there would have been dancing girls in sequins and drinks all around!

  • Who knew economists had such a wild time!

  • Add me to Ellen’s club! Too bad I skipped the Atlanta meetings. She and I could have had our own name tags and conference room.

  • I love it!
    “Give Me That Old Time Religion” is one of my favorites and always makes me think of Alvin C. York (and Gary Cooper). Sergeant York was one of the movies that we watched over the holidays since my 5th grader just finished studying WWI. If you haven’t seen it, go straight to your library and borrow it! He’s one of our Tennessee heroes.

  • Umm, does it count if the first hour (or so) of sleep is on the (criminally comfy) couch in the living room where I tried to stay awake long enough to watch the end of the 10 o’clock news to see how many layers I’d have to attempt to put on the kid to stave off frostbite at the bus stop this morning (it was 5degF at 7am) and ended up waking up to the tail end of Conan instead? I treated it as a wierd (sorry Conan) dream, dropped the WIP sock in the knitting bag (I think I may have knitted a few rows in my sleep), stumbled up the stairs, brushed my teeth with the lights out and went right back to sleep. I love sleep.

  • Merle Hazard is my favorite country singer! (Because I don’t really listen to country music.)
    When will he release a CD??

  • DH and I have made substantial investments in the highest-quality linens we can possibly afford. It is worth every penny. Also, Martha Stewart has a good article in Living this month about how to care for your linens. Bed is now the most inviting space in our home. (Plus DH is handsome). Good luck with your resolution!

  • Merle is awesome. Total hero of mine.
    Do you think he does bat mitzvahs?

  • Merle -swoooon- I had the pleasure of introducing Merle to my hitherto uninitiated sister – we were cackling loudly. Also, I pointed out the versatility of your fireplace as a backdrop for both Merle and that dynamic duo of Annie Lou and Kay!
    Actually, I ENCOURAGE you to say how much sleep you got – good reminder.

  • i have given up on how to books
    we will all be hypocontics
    i have given up on how to spell also

  • In bed by 11 p.m. But woke up every hour, and finally at 5:30 a.m. Too much coffee, I think. Trying for 10 p.m. tonight.

  • Omigod — and to think I turned away from C-SPAN today when they were showing the Marty Feldstein speech at AEA. I could have seen Merle on mah tee-vee!
    I failed miserably at sleep training last night — a lousy 5 hours after casting on for yet another cabled sweater. (Can’t help myself.) Will try again tonight. Maybe.

  • My bed is also “my favorite place on earth,” and also a sacred space– I have all these funny bedtime rituals of plumping the pillows, brushing out the sheets (no crumbs, odd bits o fluff, allowed– real Princess & the Pea over here), and a move my ex used to call “the cricket”: I climb into bed but leave my feet hanging off, then brush them together to remove any dirt… o god it sounds so OCD, but it really is about keeping the bedspace Clean, Lovely, and Restful. I am really thrilled to hear the all the commitments to getting more sleep, a cornerstone of health and something we have come to think of as expendable in our modern lives.

  • Venn diagram! I love it:)