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  • Now, I WANT some Sweet and Sour Pork….

  • Just wondered if you need my mailing address..?? Since, I’m sure that there is some sort of ‘first posting of the blog entry’ gift? Right???

  • The sweater is just beautiful. All I’ve made over the Olympics is the Moderne Baby Blanket which I am loving. But I do have a day job. Interesting bit of the asexual reproduction of the Sunflower dishcloth. Who knew??

  • That is one fine looking sweater, and the color is marvelous. I’m pressing hard to finish the vest I’m knitting for Ravelympics on time. Today’s lovely breezy and cool-ish weather is very conducive to knitting with wool. If I focus I might finish tonight. Please do not distract me with darling little sunflowers. I’m picturing cute little appliques…
    And a Chinese dinner date with one’s son is always a good thing, but for us, Thai is best. Mmm, Thai…

  • Oh, that sweater is just beautiful! It is also causing some guilt pangs as my Ravelympics project is just at the armpits (of a top down!)…

  • I’m not even starting my A4A project till the Olympics are over, but I hope to enjoy a G&T while working on it and admiring the view.
    The kid(s) setting fire to stuff — LOL!

  • Love home birth stories….even the by accident ones! Although I never do understand why they bother going on to the hospital….the excitement is all over by then!
    Having my last at home was the smartest choice I made!

  • And what a beautiful glass that G&T is in! Sipped some by my parent’s pool on Sunday so I’m with you in spirit. I’ve been working on my Moderne during the Olympics also, easy until you have to pick up stitches and count again!!

  • Got a bad charley horse in my Ravelympics event. MUST FINISH! Must get Bela Karolyi to carry me to the podium. Ew maybe not!
    Your sleeves are fabulous.
    And that crib blanket is a righteous heirloom! Lucky baby!

  • I almost choked on my tea when I read the line about your dishcloth having a baby. Love the sweater! So beautiful (and my fave color, too!). Hope to see you soon.

  • I’m working my way through pair of mittens #2 for an Afghan child. It’s been fun.
    Don’t you live in the city? What is this wilderness with the G&T? (you are making me want a G&T…)

  • Wow, that sweater is just so gorgeous I want it to have a baby too so I can have one.
    I’m not that into my Ravelympics sweater, but now I’m down to finishing up the sleeves, so hopefully I’ll be done tonight or more likely tomorrow night…

  • I’m trying to decide who’s the pyro and who’s the tattler.
    Nice G&T! Nice knits! Nice to hear someone who isn’t saying that summer is over blah blah blah!
    (who, me in denial?)

  • I think that baby sunflower dishcloth needs a brother or sister. One that can be used by your mighty fine G&T glass….
    Amazing progress on your olymic sweater – can’t possibly divulge how long it would take me to make!

  • I would totally knit that baby sunflower. I’ve been making coaster-sized ballband dishcloths lately. They are fun and QUICK.

  • Both the sweater and the G&T look good! I think I must follow your example after work today–a G&T and knitting on my screened porch would be perfect. If you ever get the chance to visit Fine Points in person, I hope you will. It’s in an old house, every room filled with yarn. I could spend weeks there just fondling the yarn. I was just thinking I should make a stop there soon to see if they have any more Rowan Summer Tweed in a color I bought there several years ago. I finally got around to casting on a short sleeved sweater and I think I’m going to need one more skein than I have. I bet they have it too.

  • thanks to kay and her knitting friends. the local patriarch enjoyed your enthusiasm for his yarnlife endeavors. just proves that amazing things can happen when you drag a spouse to many sheep and wool festivals. he decides to spin, then knit, then weave. who knows what next?

  • That sweater is absolutely tactile–I can almost feel it through the screen! Looks really great.