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  • That is the perfect project for knitting with JD & Co. — you wouldn’t want to miss a single one of Dr. Cox’s facial twitches during a tirade, and yet your hands stay busy. Genius, Kay! I sense a blanket lurking in my stash…

  • Acres of garter stitch — I’m a fan, too. This could be good. XO

  • Thanks for the great link! Your blanket is looking good so far (I like the “randome number generator!”) and I may attempt one of my own…

  • If no one’s near by, you could go online to the Random Integer Generator: http://www.random.org/integers/
    Example: Generate 50random integers (maximum 10,000).
    Each integer should have a value between 1 and 18 (both inclusive; limits ±1,000,000,000).
    Format in 5 column(s).
    Here are your random numbers:
    1 2 16 18 4
    3 10 17 11 10
    14 17 6 11 10
    8 8 5 16 16
    15 14 16 17 6
    7 10 14 13 18
    5 8 9 5 10
    6 10 6 3 18
    7 12 6 2 8
    17 6 4 10 3

  • What a wonderful blankie. I definitely need to work in some charity knitting again.

  • 4.

  • Thanks for posting the info about the afghans. The news of yet another school shooting depresses me horribly and I’m glad for the opportunity to feel like I’m doing something, no matter how small, to make the world a better place.
    Knitters rock. 🙂

  • For random numbers between…well, 3 and 18, you need three dice. Raid your friendly neighborhood Yahtzee game! 🙂

  • Remember when Scrubs was funny?

  • I am taking on the A4A blanket challenge too, only I am going to cheat by sticking to bulky yarn and as little garter st as possible this time, I think. Your random number game is just about irresistible, however.

  • I am going to do the random number log cabin for the next blankie after I finish the 2 I have in progress now. I love your yarn though.

  • I knew there was a reason I felt compelled to buy all that Mission Falls 1824 wool yesterday. 🙂

  • I made my first mitre square yesterday. And then my second, third and fourth. They are addictive! Congrats on being back someplace where you have an underwear drawer, that is important ; )

  • OH.
    I just made a list of the things I’m making. And it’s looooong.
    But. I also just checked out my stash, and although I’m sure you might find it laughably small, I gotsa lotsa miscellaneous needs using.
    And seriously, you pull Tilkkupietto into this? It’s, like, a double-dog dare. Crap. I’m off to check the guidelines…

  • I agree! Underwear drawers are very important. I moved into my house in October and just this weekend I finally got around to designating my new underwear drawer. What a difference it makes!
    Oh, and I finally started my first log cabin blanket and I’m already addicted (and trying to come up with the colors for the next one). If you need another number, I choose 18!

  • 14. For no reason other than to generate a number for you…..
    x x x

  • Knitting for babies? I’m in! Good use for all that Cascade 220 in my stash.

  • That blanket thing intrigues me; I have your delicious book, I’m going to give it a shot. And I’m with Debbie T. – enough Cascade 220 to – well, um – to make a blankie? (It makes perfect 18th century voyageur toques but I have leftovers.) I tried the Ballband Warshrag and it WORKED! Hope I have that kind of success with the garter blankie bit.

  • Yes- how nice to have places to put things!
    I”m doing socks and hats for A4A this time. I have some bulky for a blanket, but the momentum is for socks and hats.

  • Did Anna KNIT all those blankets? I looked- they are lovely…
    LOVE your blog, your book- making a log cabin blanket….

  • Oh, now I want to get my little knitting group to do a collective blanket or several to send there. We’ll see if they’re game. What’s your gauge on the beautiful wool, by the way?

  • Congrats on the reoccupation. I need to get around to posting about the Mother’s Day drive, though I was considering the smaller baby bits – hats and booties and things. But acres of garter stitch is so satisfying. Knitting to watch a movie by.

  • You couldn’t have chosen a better project for the yarn I sent you! Knitting blankets is always the right thing to do. 🙂 I wish there was a way to send my blankets to A4A, but sending blankets from Finland to Afghanistan a bit too expensive for me.

  • What if someone says “1” when you ask them a number? Do you say, Guess again? =) I like the technique. That’s pretty nifty.

  • At least I don’t have to feel too guilty about my “can’t spare a square” rule seeing as how I inspired you a little bit (FINALLY!) Although my random log cabin (which YES – one day I WILL finish) was directly inspired by you – so really you just inspired yourself.
    That’s got to feel good, no? Not underwear drawer good, but good nonetheless.

  • Wow….I’m in awe of the 125 blankets. I would never have the courage to try artistic colour combinations. Something to do with being “slightly” colour-blind… 😀

  • I’m still working on my log cabin mini-blanket, and it seems like it’s taking forever! Can’t wait to see how yours turns out, Kay.

  • Thanks for mentioning Afghans for Afghans! After I read your post, I went straight to my stash and pulled out four colors of wool for a Moderne baby blanket. I’m off and knitting.

  • Cute! Love the log cabins!
    Hey, any chance you could re-post that link to the person who figured out a way to pick up stitches w/out getting the “lump” on the wrong side? I’ve searched and searched and I must have gone blind because I can not find it again!