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  • Very cool!! Hmm, what do I have that’s non-garment. Hmm…

  • Very nice. Should I call you Posh when I see you? Or is it more a Queen kind of thing? I’m going to go practice my curtsey now….

  • How cool. I feel that doesn’t do it justice and was going to add in some sort of expletive between the ‘how’ and the ‘cool’ for effect in a sort of Anglo-Saxon London-esq way, but you’re all too nice for that. I am way impressed. I have something in the washing machine RIGHT NOW that I will upload when it’s dry. But it’s not a jellyfish. Perhaps I should put that on my list next…. x x

  • I like how they describe your blog: “two friends with an enthusiasm for felting.” Makes you sound a bit loony, doesn’t it?

  • Joining with the felting enthusiasm, I’ve sent along a picture of my wee laddie in his felted crown I can’t wait for hubby to come home and tell him I’m in the V&A Museuem!!

  • LOL Martha–‘enthusiasm for felting’ doesn’t fully cover it, does it? Wait, I think I just felted something? No, never mind.
    Belinda–if you want some assistance with inserting ‘intensifiers’ between or in the middle of words, you need to go over to January One, or perhaps Now Norma Knits.
    tee hee! xox Kay

  • hmmmm, those sandal socks – looks like they were knit for quite another body part, a little further up on a man’s bod

  • How nifty is that!

  • What’s up with the split Egyptian sock? It looks freaky, like “King Tut walk with forked foot” freaky. I need diagrams, people.

  • Now that is seriously cool.

  • Thank you! Wow!

  • Cool! Hmm, my favourite non-garment is my buttonhole bag, another Mason-Dixon tie-in. You’ll be taking over the world….

  • Oh, darn, I see someone else has put up their b-hole bag first!

  • Dear Mary deB: Um, “we” don’t call it the b-hole bag. Especially not when we’re in the hallowed halls of the V & A. (For my next one, I’ll think of a better name!!!!!!!) xoxo Kay

  • I have seen them in real life .. those socks and some more. They are amazing. Think of it, they are 2000 years old, but look like something from last century, so well preserved! My friend is a curator at V&A and she once invited me in to see them.
    Happy new year.

  • OMG!!!

  • Did anyone catch the bit on the Egyptian sock paragraph about single needle knitting? I’m interested and want V&A to have a link to the article about it. With knitting, one never stops learning, do they?

  • Top-hole Old Bean ! Glad we posh Brits could enable the showing off of my second favourite baby blanket ever ! :0) ( It was first favourite but I am now so deeply in love with the Virtual Yarns Cats ‘n Mice blanket that I’m even contemplating a non-baby sized version …… I’m so fickle.)
    Heather x

  • Oh my gosh! I’m going to put up a link to this on my blog. Oh, and congratulations!

  • Those exhibits look amazing. Looks like I have to get over my plain knits and move onto something different!

  • Ya’ll, the links don’t work for me.

  • Christina–I just checked myself and cain’t get in neither. “Too many connections”–it’s a mad rush to get ourselves up there. I just love this idea, the democracy of it all and even more, the coolness of the things people are choosing to show.
    Top hole, old bean! Heather, yer killin me.

  • Oh, all right all ready! Twist my arm! FORCE me to exhibit my knitting on a more-visited site than my blog! FINE! I will!
    (The Taro blankie rocks, BTW)

  • That “single-needle knitting” sounds like it could be a variant of nalbinding (sp?).

  • Hah! Interesting (and somehow appropriate) that an ipod cozy is among the examples of 21st century knitting.
    Dear Kay, you are a font of information.

  • I love the jellyfish…..also, how about those 40s patterns, including the balaclava with earflaps so the soldiers can use the radio!!! Thanks Kay.

  • wicked !!! i just mailed them a pic of the felted kitty pi bed i made for “Alvin”. thanks for the site