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  • Funny post . . . all except that taxidermy thing (grin). At least you’re thinking ahead!
    And, hey, be sure to wave hello over here in NJ while you’re in Manhattan!

  • Yeah! Have a good trip!

  • Ann, you KNOW the Royal Society for the Protection of Guinea Pigs is going to come down on you like a ton of bricks!!!!
    People, I’m sure Ann’s just JOKING about taxidermying the rodent! Her guinea pig has an EXCELLENT sense of humor. She’s ROFLMAO at this joke from her tender ma!
    Oh, and the Meals Ready To Eat? Why didn’t I think of that?
    xoxo Kay

  • Wow, that book gig must pay well! 😉 have a great trip!

  • Argh! I so much hope I could be in New York! 🙁
    Have a nice trip.

  • Just feed the pig an MRE and you can eliminate the middleman. Happy trails, Ann!

  • Pins and needles. Pins and needles. (Although I hope you don’t get sick of my mug!)

  • Have a great trip!

  • My neighbor rilly did use the MREs to feed her kids for a few weeks. Look ma! No cooking! Dehydrated Pad Thai! With mini Tabasco bottle! Sounds yum! Due to the miraculous pouch-boiling food prep method contained therein, however, still a trip to the burn unit waiting to happen.

  • Just wanted to let you know that your book arrived on Saturday and I have hardly put it down. It’s so nice to see a book that reads so well and also gives clear, direct pattern writing for useful projects, all of which I hope to make at some point. I have been tempted by your psychedlic afghan many times, but now that I can look at the picture all the time, I don’t think I will be able to put off starting one soon. I hope I will be able to make it to one of your stops on the book tour. I look foward to your blog every day!

  • My work keyboard is taking a real beating lately…just snorted coffee all over it (again). Might want to cancel the butler; I’m pretty sure my family would consider one of those a much better housekeeper than I am and consider replacing me!
    By the way, love your book! I spent a very pleasant evening last night knitting on a sock and reading it. Nice planning; your book appears to be exactly the right size & heft for well-balanced, simultaneous knitting/reading.

  • Wow! A guinea pig with a sense of humor! That is totally worth preserving forever and ever.
    Come to Seattle, people. We like you. We need you.

  • You girls have fun, now. Don’t forget to write!
    PS. Lovin’ the book. Plannin a blanket. In denim.

  • We need you guys up here in Boston!!

  • hey, hey, you forgot to mention Friday at Loop (yeah, I know we’re not as cool here in Philly, but still, we try!) I told Dh that the only thing I wanted for my birthday (which is Wed) is to go see y’all on Friday 🙂

  • The book: fantastically appealling. Like you came to visit, except I didn’t have to clean house or go to the grocery store. It captures your attitude(s) perfectly. Beautiful things to make, with straight-forward patterns, encouragement to do-your-own-thing without being condescending. Gorgeous pictures. Great cover. And, as if the desire did not already exist, the book makes you want to knit.
    If Cheetos is the official snack food, what is the official beverage of Mason-Dixon knitting? It’s hopefully something a little stronger than sweet tea.

  • I nearly wet my pants at the pet care bit!!!
    Hope to see you this wednesday.
    Heather xxxx (long-time-listener-first-time-caller).

  • Thanks for the book, mine came in the mail today. I have done nothing but read and knit. Glourios day. I now need to order one for my knitting daughter who has children of the appropriate ages.

  • Hahaha, the pet care link was brilliant. 🙂

  • I second Daphne–please come to Seattle!!!! It’s where the DulaanProject began, and where we are nuts for afghans for Afghans. And for Mason-Dixon Knitting.
    Got your book last week. Love it,love it, love it. You’ve been entertaining me “free” on the blog for so long, I am happy to buy your book and thus encourage you to continue to write, write, write. Love the nightie project the best.
    How’s that Perfect Sweater coming?
    We’ve never met, but hugs from Mary B in Seattle

  • Just love your domestic arrangements for the week, I am especially impressed with the pet care solution. Ha. Do ya think they do goldfish too?
    Against all odds of things falling in place, someone hired me to work in NYC all day Wednesday. If I can get them to wrap by 4:30, figure out where to stow a humungous wagon of equipment, & get downtown, I will be there. Mercury must have left retrograde, surely!

  • I particularly enjoyed the pet care.

  • Thanks Ann! The boys and I will miss you as Jeeves and we enjoy driving around countryside in our Humvee, enjoying the blooming trees and munching on those tasty-looking MREs.

  • Hee! You two need to come visit Canada! The pet thing is kinda creepy gotta say. Don’t use up all the new yarn store smell, they have to pay a fortune to import it.

  • hey y’all… um, why aren’t you doing an event in manhattan on the weekend? when i could come? and, why did you leave out brooklyn? this is Highly Disturbing. so, since i can’t make the shindigs, where can i purchase a book? nyc locations, please!

  • My husband always tells me he is going to stuff our dog when she goes (after I get out of the hospital from my nervous breakdown), so I’ll have to share the link with him.

  • I am in New York and I’m frantically trying to figure out how to come meet y’all. I have rehearsals tonight and tomorrow for a performance Thursday night. (Carmina Burana: Alice Tully Hall, 8pm, free!) Aaargh!