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  • What a great feature!

  • So, loik, Oi’s not even sure if I did or not. I guess I’ll go check. I’m trying to resist getting in on this fad on my own blog, but you are sorely tempting me. Damnit.

  • well, i did forget to add my url. but c’est la vie!

  • Well, bloody hell. Frappr may be your friend, but it is apparently not mine. It won’t change mine, at least not that I can see. I tried to add my URL. And when I pull it up, it simply pulls up a different picture (the one I added in Rachael’s blog, not yours), but doesn’t seem to change anything else. Bleh. Technology is not my friend.

  • GEEZ O’FREAKIN’ PETE!!!! I finally figured out that I had a problem: When over at Rachael’s, I said, “create an account” for me. Which it did. So I figured out that if I logged OUT of my account, I could go in and change my thingy in YOUR thingy. HOWEVER, now it’s DOUBLED the text in the shoutout. I am NOT going to try to fix it, or we may end up with it tripled and quadrupled. And really, two Normas is quite enough. Dontcha think??????

  • Too much fun. I would have posted a picture of me, but I’m always the one behind the camera. The only pictures I have of me are pretty targeted … an elbow, a finger, a toe …

  • I have a great picture of my cat, Mason, drinking a martini. Living proof that you do have readers that are martini-drinking cats. I’m just saying.

  • I would just like to say that it is VERY cool to see everybody’s faces. And to see on a map where everybody lives. It’s just really cool. The coolest.
    And I have so many questions now. Like, for starters, Cassie. That epic tattoo. Whose epic tattoo is that? Is it yours? Is it one you came across in the lounge and admired so much that you wanted to share it with us all? Is it fake? Could it possibly be REAL? If it is yours, and it is real, HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO ACQUIRE A TATTOO OF SUCH EPIC PROPORTION?
    I’m going to go chart it now for an intarsia pullover. I’ve never seen such a tattoo before.
    (This from someone who has never even had the cojones to pierce her ears.)

  • this frapper thing is the coolest! it’s so fun to see everyone on a map! but how do you add your url? does it need to be included in the shoutout? because that ship has sailed… oh, i really want to add it!

  • I’m with Norma – it’s getting really hard to resist this map thing. Stop it already!

  • Dear Kay,
    Followed all your instructions as best I can at this stage in life. Seem to be missing my little push-pin on the map though 🙁
    Love, Maggie

  • A comment on your post from a few days ago. Have ewe any Wool (http://www.haveeweanywool.com/) had BAGS of Rowan black denim at Stitches Midwest this year in the clearance bin, just $2 a ball. I picked up a few bags myself.

  • Eek ! I’ve duplicated myself. You may want to edit. I originally put Newcastle because it wouldn’t recognize Middlesbrough [not where I live,but closer]. So… keep the eye but add the url,pretty please,then ditch the other tag. If it’s not too much hassle. Sorry to be a pain. I seem to have some technology issues.

  • Kay & Ann,
    I am deeply troubled by my inability to stop reposting myself on your map, I only wanted to be there once. I don’t even like my choice of image. Every time, I try to correct it, I just show up again. Obviously there are higher powers involved. This is my karma for applying the adjective NERDY to your map. I am clearly the biggest, ahem, nerd of all!
    the shoutiest outiest

  • the frappr map is even more time-consuming than flickr! i love it! it’s so fun to see everyone’s pics and see where they are!

  • You two rock! This is so fun…too bad there aren’t any cocktails at work!

  • Kay, inspired by this whole Frappr thing, I set one up for a mommies’ group I belong to. It won’t be as fun as this since there’s only a couple dozen of us and only 3 are not in the USA, but it’s cool anyhow. Thanks for another way to waste/spend my time…. I could be knitting, ya know!

  • I found a version of this as well, but without the cool pictures. It tells me who the last 100 people to visit my page were. I’m always mesmerized. If I check it early I can often find readers in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Malaysia on line. It makes me feel sooo International. As soon as I find a spare moment I’ll put up a picture for you – fun!