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  • Dear Ann,
    Rasta will look lovely on you – I can’t wait to see it.
    Birch : Once you’ve done row 8 it all becomes clear ! You’ll marvel at your little birch leaves,and faint at the luscious softness of your little bit of hazy lace … really you will.Trust me on this one :0]
    Also remeber that the rows get shorter.You lose 10 sts.for every pattern repeat.Just think,10 little rows of leaves [ by which time you’ll be cruising]and you’re 100 stitches down.
    And what a thing to add to your repetoir : delicate,cobwebby, lace.

  • How do you spell repertoire anyway ? :0]

  • Gosh Ann, you crack me up! I will work very hard NOT to go to hell and to be a big girl, mostly because the thought of kidsilk haze and birching it is enough to send me off to church now to atone, atone, atone. Thanks for putting me back on the straight and narrow! 😉

  • Crikey, it should have said “good girl”, not big girl. That’s what I get for trying to get up early and catch up on stuff….

  • ann —
    birch suits you! many of the rowanettes have either crossed or are nearing the finish line on theirs already. makes me want to rethink making it….hmmmmmm after i finish all the stuff i have on my needles now as well as the next big thing, elfin!!

  • yeah i better stop being too mean to people because that sounds like i would be stuck in hell ripping out and ripping out and ripping out. and since our sweet web host made me a sweater out of mohair (!!) and made many comments about the horribleness of ripping it out, i am way scared!

  • It *is* a lovely shade of blue! Can’t wait to see Rasta in all its finished glory. 😉