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  • Dice?!?

  • DID YOU KNOW!?!?!? Tonya Harding lived in the apartments near my house! I remember when she was “attacked” in the parking lot of those apartments, because I was on the swings at the park and the Fox News van pulled up!

  • You’re going to build a replica of the Olympic stadium out of knitted blocks?

  • Juggling blocks?

  • A sugarcube! Pass the teapot.
    A block of ice! Pass the igloo.
    A ribbon-giving 1st 2nd and 3rd place stand! Pass the medals!
    A kids block? Im blocked. Stumped.

  • A baby blanket? And the cube is a building block clue?

  • Building blocks for world peace in the Olympic colors……..yep – that’s definitely it.

  • Oh, I was hoping to be the first to guess it you were knitting podiums (podia?) for the medal winners!
    I’m all a-flutter to see that there seems to be Koigu involved…..

  • knitted instantiations of Plato’s perfect solids

  • I love the Tonya Harding story. Can’t get enough of mentioning it through the years. Also love the blatant rule-breaking going on here.

  • Whoa, Nellie–I had to go look up ‘instantiation’ just to keep up with the high tone of the comments on this knitted cube thingie. (I didn’t have to look up Tonya Harding–that incident shall never leave my mind.)
    This makes me think we ought to host the Slackers’ Olympic Knitting competition. Dishrags anyone? Can you PLEDGE to complete a swatch during any one Olympic event, no matter how brief and superficial the television coverage?
    Instantiate THAT, people!
    xoxo Kay

  • A handknit mascot, cuter than the “real” ones?
    I thought the perfect sweater knitters already had their Olympic project?

  • A robot?
    Please, please, please, a robot?
    (this is to be repeated ad naseum until you give up whatever it is that you were originally planning on knitting and make A ROBOT!)
    Anyone else know the song by They Might Be Giants “Robot Parade”?

  • Are you knitting a replica of the Olympic stadium, complete with medal podium?
    I honestly have no idea. I hit my head last night at practice and I think I lost half of my brain.
    That, and I’m on my 5th episode of Fraggle Rock today. MHP and I are home “sick” (meaning I didn’t want to go to work.)

  • OK, apparently I need to start reading the comments that come before me. I thought that was an original idea. 🙂

  • Okay, podiums are obviously taken, How about a ski jump??, or the olympic rings–almost the right colours.
    Kay, I promise to knit a dishcloth, way more likely than finishing the Perfect Sweater for me.

  • Ann: she is a seeker for Perfection; Kay: she is a being of Peaches and Creme. They are two real women knitting a lot. They compliment each other and say things like, “Get OUT! It shrinks 20% lengthwise when you wash it?”

  • A really, really thick blanket made out of those blocks…

  • A tumbling blocks design afghan/blanket.

  • First time I’ve commented — just found your blog! I used to live right smack on the M-D line in the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Yee-haw.
    I hope it’s a castle. A white castle. Er, a small one.

  • I believe I’ve cracked the case. You’re knitting squarish knitted things, right? I know what you’re all saying just now–“check out the big brain on HER,” and, well, yeah.

  • there is something more olympian than that starmore sweater?
    um–socks for an entire bobsleigh team?

  • Oh Lord. I just realized. It’s GLIZ. You’re knitting GLIZ.
    Bless your heart.
    That’s all, just bless your heart.
    P.S. I like to think of her as G-Liz. More gangsta f’shizzle.

  • My guess for the white block was a mini podium for the awards ceremony – not a very original guess. An ice cube? But, then I thought about the red and blue yarn around it – is it something having to do with red, white, and blue? The green is throwing me a curve, though. There’s just no telling what you have up that creative sleeve of yours!

  • Is it just me or does gliz look like gumby with an ice cube for a head?

  • I’m thinking the Bear Claw’s Afghan from an old IK with all the Koigu. And if MDK is organizing a Slacker’s Olympic Knitting, I’m definitely going to join!

  • You know, one day this rebellious nature of yours is going to bite you on the arse.

  • Cor, Ann, now i want a puppy.

  • Tania? Bah, I’m thinking Rosie what’s-her-name at the Boston Marathon…she drove from one part of the course to the other and claimed “victory.”
    However, if you write “instantiations of Plato’s perfect solids” 100 times on the board, we might let you get away with this…extra points if you do it after three glasses of wine.

  • Dude, your blog isn’t remembering me anymore (previous comment is rather, uh, headless…). Maybe you already had those three glasses of wine…
    Get thee to the chalkboard, missy.

  • instantiate: to represent by a concrete example

  • Amber, I could sing you every last work of Robot Parade if you had time–in a fake synthesized voice, no less. Good think I like that album, because my kid LOVES it and I’ve heard it thousands of times. (anything beats Raffi…)
    I’m so easily swayed by peer pressure. I told Evelyn I would join the Knitting Olympics with her, but the Slacker Olympics sounds so much, hmm, EASIER.

  • A Soma cube?

  • I think it’s a knitted (and felted?) Rubik’s cube.

  • ‘dude: all the cool athletes run in the X games. You won’t see me in any corportae Nike gear. I’ll be chilling with MY peeps, a bunch of half finished o’s and downing bubble tea. I’m sooooo counter culture I could chirp.