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  • I love how ideas just float around the Internets and land willy nilly in your head. I’ve been thinking about this scarf for weeks now. And here it is! Mine will be in Manos and done the regular way, I guess, but it’s such a great pattern! Kudos to you for getting those handknits out in such a timely manner.
    Yeah. I know. I should be working. Break’s over.

  • Yay! I check bloglines and MDK and Crazy Aunt Purl have both posted like good blogging buddies. It’s like Christmas or something.
    I hope *this* is the only bazaar part of your christmas, the procurement of handknitted goods through your local sweatshops, er, crafty fundraisers. Nice work, Cristina! Hope you guys are staying warm.

  • Great idea! I am knitting exactly one item for Xmas, so I should be okay. I love the so-called scarf pattern and have been eyeing it for a while. Now I’m definitely using it!

  • Jeez, Kay, as I recall we wouldn’t have even had a photographer if it hadn’t been for you trudging around the streets of Manhattan going “Hey? Anybody? Could somebody take a picture of these handknits please?” I was already feeling grateful and everything. But now, here you are gifting them with CristinaWearTM scarves? Thank you for remembering to remember to share the luv.
    Off to find a bazaar, somehow, somewhere . . .

  • I keep looking for bazaar knitters but all I find is bizarre knitters….
    I love that scarf pattern. I’ve made two and they are just so wonderful. And a satisfying knit because the result looks so much more complicated than it actually is.

  • So glad those will go to a good home and not be abducted by aliens! The variegated in the one with the teal Manos is Noro Kochoran which, I think, has cat hair in it, but don’t quote me on that. I could go cottage industrious with that pattern. Of all the stitches that ever may be, the herringbone’s the one for me. Thanks for posting Stacey’s So Called Scarf in red Manos way back. I wonder who ended up getting that one.

  • Those are great scarves. Just the thing for my sad and lonely balls of Manos marinating in stash. They won’t be alone any longer for Christmas! 🙂 You’ve done a great service today.

  • I’ve tried that, buying other people’s hand made for presents, but then there were subsequent embarassing moments. It would appear that the recipients assumed that I had made them and told me that I had much improved on my sewing and joining. At that point, there was a dilemma, do I tell them that I bought them or just be gracious?

  • hello! I was wondering if you’ve emailed the perfect sweater pattern-ish out to us co-designers yet? It’s possible it got marked as spam and I missed it!
    Can’t wait to start!

  • Wow- bazzar scarves not made of fun fur! I didn’t know it could be done. Cristina is a genious. They are wonderful.