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  • I love the greens of Grundy County. Can’t wait to see what you do with them!

  • My first bit of intarsia didn’t look much better. Probably because I’d never even heard of the Whoopsydoodle Maneuver. I’ve since given up, but hopefully you’ll persevere.

  • My dad had several Harris Tweed sportjackets when I was young…I can still remember them, so I guess it is a *distinctive* brand!
    Can’t wait for the next installment of the Whoopsydoodle Chronicles….

  • I doubt Rowan will stop making the yarn, they’ll just change the name to “Ferris” or something.

  • I am not sure, but I think that part of the issue with Harris tweed, is that Harris tweed is the material produced by weaving the yarn produced. So a yarn cannot be Harris tweed, only a material made in the 4 islands in question and from yarn from cetain mills can be Harris tweed.
    I had no idea that there was a ‘Harris tweed’ authority and throught that it sounded a little over the top. Then again, if Parma can protect its ham and Champagne, its name/wines then I guess it makes sense that the Harris tweed weavers/mills should protect their name.

  • Three orange dogs chasing each other…HAHAHA. You’re too funny. I’m afraid of this thing you call intarsia. At least you’re trying it 🙂

  • Now you’ve got me aspiring to my own piece of bad intarsia, and hoping for a personal tutoring session on said whoopsiedoodle maneuver.
    Harris Tweed bathmats? Sounds yum!

  • Ann, it’s more fun when it looks wobbly and puckered – because after you throw it in the sink and then block it out it looks fantastic!!!! AND if all else fails to please you, you can felt the heck out of it! viva la tweeda! Love the circus pictures. Annhb

  • hello from another big Harris fan – I’m already on my 2nd garment! If you plan to stock up on the DK weight then http://www.getknitted.com has the dk at 20% off – not sure if she knows something we don’t!
    Stick with the intarsia, Sasha’s method works for me.

  • when i visited Harris, the island, you could see skeins of yarn hanging on each fence, drying in the sun, and the local crofters did sell them, as well as the Harris Tweed cloth (with the appropriate label). Now I wonder what that yarn might be called. It was obviously all made from the same fiber and by the same crofters.
    (Do not ask me why i did not buy bales of it, please!)

  • Those intarsia dogs’ll sit up and stay once they’re blocked, I just know it. You’re on to something. Greens of Grundy Go to State Fair? That’s some gorgeous yarn group. You go girl- whoopsydoodle cussing & all!

  • Admittedly, the only thing I like about intarsia is it’s a fun word to say (and “Intarsia? I hardly know ya!” – which is one of many funny knitting word gags in Debbie Stoller’s book Stitch & Bitch), but your swatch has inspired me to drag out a partially completed pillow cover I began ages ago with a lot of enthusiasm and very little actual knitting knowledge. Definitely a cart-before-the-horse situation, but you’ve renewed my interest. Also, though this is undoubtedly not the place for bragging, I can’t help myself: not too long ago I found a teal & olive-ish colored Harris Tweed knee-length coat, probably at least 40 years old, in mint condition at a thrift store FOR EIGHT DOLLARS. I felt like a genius, even though no thought was required on my part and finding it was pure luck. Seems like being protective of the name is nothing new, as the label inside says (among other things) “Label attached by license from Harris Tweed Association Ltd.” License!

  • Hmmm sounds to me (without reading any further than your words) like the Harris Tweed marketing department and laywers are trying to keep themselves busy. Reminds me of the legal and marketing departments where I work (Sighs, rolls eyes and shakes head).
    Hopefully they’ll figure something out and just rename it (Which would give the Rowan marketing people something to do instead).

  • WAY back in high school I had a very special Harris Tweed blazer. I loved it so – It had cuffs that turned back and I thought I looked so smart….although I wore it mostly with jeans which wasn’t “proper” but these days looks like a style right out of the Nordstrom catalogue (Nordy’s is a West Coast Co.) I have a son named Harrison – we were nervous someone would start calling him Harry but he is 11 and it hasn’t happened yet – If they call him Harris someday it sounds like we might hear from some English Barristers……..we’ll stick with Harrison for now (which is a family name – NOT in anyway related to the fact that my husband saw Patriot games and was finally pursuaded to name his boy Harrison)

  • From reading Alice’s website and her links, it seems to me that the problem HTA has with the yarn is that it is not made on Harris, and is not the yarn used to make Harris Tweed, but it is being marketed as such. That is trademark infringement.

  • Well, in the great tradition of Off-Off-Broadway, I think they should call it “Definitely Not Harris Tweed Harris Yarn”.
    I’m guessing Rowan/Coats vetted the issue before labeling their yarn, but of course they could be wrong and then they’ll have to change it and make amends, legally. The diatribe Ms. S. put on her website is so incoherent and emotional that it is impossible to see where the truth lies. I just want to knit. I hope the yarn survives, whatever label they put on it.
    And Ann, you cannot imagine how nicely that intarsia will block out if you will just not rush to judgment! I’m just not sure I think this particular floral design looks very, um, floral. Maybe if you step back from it?
    xoxo Kay

  • Um, you guys are really nice and all about giving me the benefit of the doubt regarding the potential beauty of my Sasha Kagan swatch, but I hate to tell you that the swatch has already been blocked. You should have seen it BEFORE I pinned the thing like a voodoo doll . . .

  • Oh great. So now we’re all embarrassed and everything. Luckily, in the comments section of a blog, mortified silence is not as noticeable as in a real life conversation.
    OK Ann. So you need to practice a bit on your intarsia. We like it though. Don’t get us wrong. We think you should keep at it. xox Kay

  • I don’t lightly call something My Worst Piece of Knitting, Ever. I have a lot of Bad Pieces of Knitting, but this is superlatively crappy. Probly shouldn’t be encouraging me further in this direction . . . but thank you for not hooting in derision (that I could hear).

  • My daughter has turned me on to a series of books whose protagonist is a boy named Charlie Bone. One of the characters (secondary hero) shows up at important moments with three cats – one yellow, one orange, and one red. I like that idea better than the three dogs.
    So it ain’t great. The flowers are pretty, and I’m not even thinking about trying intarsia, so you’re way up on me. If you really hate it, you can send it to me. I like it.

  • I haven’t tried any intarsia but it’s so funny to say it looks like ‘three orange dogs chasing each other’ 😉