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  • Help! Couldn’t get the link, need to see what you are talking about!!

  • I like the doily covered tank. But this was more of a crochet than knit expose.

  • that. was. AWESOME!!!!

  • Just caught this on the rerun. So awesome! Which of your knits will be considered a subversive act?

  • Just caught this on the rerun. So awesome! Which of your knits will be considered a subversive act?

  • Thanks for sharing the link! Love that man. I had a great time as an undergrad doing a research project on similar works of art…

  • Love it! Cobert should definitely be rewarded with something handknit. Hmmm.

  • Didn’t someone make him a pair of snowflakey mittens awhile back? He wore them with his suit, I think. Whatever it was, it was very festive.

  • You know what they say about women with sharp pointy sticks…..be afraid…..be very afraid…

  • I think I shouted something about you two needing to be on the show at the TV. It was late though so maybe I just thought I did. At least we know he’s got knitting on the brain, that’s the first step.

  • Thank you for that link! WHAT a riot. Loved the Scary Artist story; also, the next three videos I watched before getting a grip and coming back to MDK.
    And here I was just beginning to think I had reached maximum carrying capacity for Time Spent Not Being Productive On Computer…HA! Another Bookmark, please!

  • I thought of you when I watched that last night…wondering how many other yarn enthusiasts were also watching and laughing. You know how much Colbert loves to sing…maybe you should email his staff a link to your video and you may get a spot on his show to knit and sing!!

  • That was hilarious! I particularly liked the shot of the knitted turkey.

  • Looks interesting, but my work computer doesn’t have the right ‘flash’ download – and of course I’m not allowed to download anything!

  • If only she could knit a doily to put over the US Capitol building and trap those auto industry CEOs inside!

  • Thanks for the link and the laugh! Love Colbert Nation – I’ve used his “wikiality” segment when I’m teaching my class why they should not used wikipedia as a resource.

  • Who knew knitters and crocheters were such a threat!
    thanks for the bedtime laugh!

  • I loved it. Knitting as social protest. It was more of a crochet piece thought. Kind of like the tree wraps. Every city should have a subversive knitting league. Can you just see the press. THere could be a board on Ravalry like one of those events where it’s announced the day and time and everyone show up knit for a while on a target and then leave as quickly as they came. A knitting social game. What great fun.

  • Oh my goodness! This is hilarious and amazing!!! I love Colbert. Yes, please, someone send him a pair of socks. I’m sure he’d love it! It might entice him to feature more knitting stories, as well.

  • Why don’t we all send him a pair of socks? Isn’t it time for another knitting power statement? (And there must be a charity in New York that might use the socks).

  • What a wonderful, subversive start to my day. Some great, inspiring ideas there for stash-busting!

  • Wait? Am I dangerous? Are we all dangerous? Is the FBI monitoring this site?
    Oh man, and I sign my name to my comments…

  • We are everywhere! Did you send him some socks? You should!

  • I was watching colbert when this story came on and I laughed my head off. Indeed, he needs a pair of knit socks, perhaps a nice silk wool?
    I have noticed that he wears a lot of blue and I would assume that he has large feet given his height.

  • Gale, photog who shoots sheep, has the best idea. Kay on Colbert show knitting, not socks but maybe a very blue (color suggestion by Liz) Condom Amulet. Someone could make this happen…am thinking Valentine’s Day so can have a large heart appliqued, cross-stitched, whatever.
    Going to talk about this in PDX where we’ll be for next couple of months. love, n