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  • I was wondering whatever happened to The Perfect Sweater.

  • That hem is so appealing!

  • what-what!? the perfect sweater..finally

  • I’ve been wondering about the Perfect Sweater. I was afraid I missed the post where we had agreed to mass amnesia so I didn’t ask…I’m excited to see its (potential) return.

  • weeee! It looks perfect from this angle.

  • Do show! Do tell!

  • Perfect sweater! Whooooo!!!

  • Please please please be the Perfect Sweater! I’ve been waiting….!

  • it returns! I am in love with that hem. LOVE!
    and the cascade 220 I ordered from KH is languishing in my stash with … lots of other sweaters worth of yarn 🙂

  • It has a very pretty edging.

  • Bring the sweater to the library! See you there!

  • I don’t believe it. I held my perfect sweater yarn so long I started something else with it. Now I have to pick another color. Lemme see it!

  • Gasp! Don’t tease us!!!

  • You are so lying. I was just thinking i was going to have to make up my own durn sweater, and now you tease us like this.
    Fortunately, I can now actually afford the yarn to make the sweater, so you’re forgiven, unless you are lying.

  • Holy Freakin’ Crikey!!!!!!!- THE PERFECT SWEATER!?!?!? Are you serious? Love you- Love it Cannot wait. I may have to rethink my color choice … yet, I am VERY excited. And I am with “k”- if you are lying, just know you have to sleep somtime Shayne. Just sayin’.
    Mucho besos-KT (in GF)

  • It’s comforting to know that now that you and Kay are knitting STARS, you still have time for your little people. 🙂
    I love that hem so much…and the bluish green yarn too. I have no creativity; I will end up with the same exact colors, I bet. What is the color number? Pullease?

  • Zoe and I will see you at the library again too. Maybe I’ll even get some knitting done this time…naaah…I like me some visiting too much…Looks like the good weather will be with us for at least one more month!

  • I can’t wait!

  • Oh Ann, I won’t be able to make it this month, the kids in Clarksville are on vacation next week, and I don’t DARE leave 3 boys while I come to Nashville (I DO want a house to return to!!) I look forward to seeing everyone next month!

  • Yippee, I had rolled 3 skeins into balls long ago and figured I could wait for the rest until we had a perfect pattern. Still not sure I love the colour, may be a little too welch’s grape jelly for me, but darn it, I’m going to make it anyway. Can’t wait.

    All that Cascade 220 that I bought for the sweater has been wanting to be made into bags, rugs and other things during the long stall of the sweater…..so glad the sweater is back on the plate. I nearly made a log cabin blanket outta the 220 stash. Stall the needles!
    (not that the world is going to run out of Cascade 220 anytime soon. The sheep continue to grown hair.)

  • Yeah! The Perfect Sweater is baaack! Finish those old projects….empty the needles….search the stash…..pleeease let it be the Perfect Sweater time!

  • Is that the picot edge in a contrasting color or is my monitor screwy? Is that a design detail? I have yet to make a constructed garment and the perfect sweater might be my first foray. I’ve only been knitting since February, but darn it, I’m sweater ready!

  • You have a BAKERY in your library? Oh my…that’s just too wonderful. 😉

  • Yeah – the perfect sweater! Can’t wait.

  • Hurrah for the perfect sweater: but I am now compelled to ask, what’s the most extreme knitting you have ever done? Place? Item? Do you have a picture. Someone went and put an idea in my head, so I had to start a new blog…

  • You make me so homesick, and I am eyeing that perfect sweater in my perfect yarn, Brown Sheep LPW. But next time you meet at the library, leave time for a stop around the corner at the arts company! My brother works there, and they are doing a lot of fiber related art lately (Gee’s Bend, Jeny Hart, made with sweet love…). Maybe you could talk them into a xenobia bailey show! Thank you thank you thank you!