Never Gonna Cease Our Wandering (Socks)

By Kay Gardiner
September 5, 2019

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  • Wait…did you knit both your Shakerag socks from one single-knit blank? So what are you going to do with the other lovely one?

    • It’s all one blank! I have a section left over.

  • So much going on this summer so while I’ve not yet posted my socks I have been here in the netherspace knitting away whilst watching my 20 month old grandson several days a week while his Msma returns to college!!!

    • Grandchildren are the best excuse for staying off the internet!

      • I’m dying to hear more about Grandma Pearl too!

    • What is the pattern you used for the sock done in spud and Chloë in red hot and calypso? It is a very fine stripe with solid heel,toe and band

      • It’s a plain stockinette sock with one row stripes using the Helical Stripes technique from A Year of Techniques. You can find the video on how to do it in our How To section, under the category A Year of Techniques. It’s so fun to do.No jogs at the color changes of the stripes!

        But for the basic sock instructions I followed the Cuff-Down Socks pattern in Field Guide No. 11.

  • Wow! Kay you are the DWJ of socks! Congratulations! You are amazing!

    • That is high praise, I am not worthy!

  • I missed the Sockalong, but was wondering if you would share the name of Wendy Bernard’s book? Or was it only available digitally?

    • It is the MDK Field Guide No. 11 Wanderlust. You can order it here and get the book AND a digital edition.

  • Congrats to the winners! I (once again) was not timely with joining the KAL but it was so fun to see everyone’s socks.

  • It was super fun to watch all the socks and especially your progress and enthusiasm! I had not knit socks for a long time, and never a short row heel, so I knit another pair and learned something at the same time! Thanks so much!

  • Socks are addicting to say the least. While you have been knitting all of those I have knit on a pair of the Roundabout socks and a pair of the baby socks and worked almost full time.Second roundabout sock well on its way to being done. while the Foxtrot sweater waits.

  • As a [very] seasoned sockster I know what’s gonna’ fit so that’s the type of sock I’ve knit for something like 10 yrs. I bought this book! It is awesome in its simplicity. Very handy timing as, after allll this time, my 80+ mother & her friends have caught on to the fabulousnosity of hand made (no elastic/ no seam) socks.

    • It means a lot to hear this from a veteran sock knitter! I’m now excited to learn different heels and things like that, but the simplicity really helped me get a leg up on socks. (Sorry….)

  • On my. It can’t be over. Oh no. I have been a sock knitter for a long time (see the photo of my sock drawer!) But for a while now, I had only been knitting a pair or two here and there. This Kal totally kicked me back into overdrive! I rediscovered my love of sock knitting and don’t plan to stop. I loved the little book (I am primarily a toe up sock knitter, so thanks for including that option) and seeing everyone’s socks. Now to clean out another drawer for the new socks, maybe a drawer just for gift socks!

  • I am goingto knit socks for Christmas presents for my grandsons. I’ll have to knit fast because they keep growing! But first I’m going to knit a pair of mittens for a young friend. Mittens are as much fun as socks!

    • I love mittens too!

    • My grandma used to knit all us grandchildren a pair of welly socks every year! Sadly she has altzheimers now so she can’t knit anymore but I always think about her when I’m working on socks.

      • Then she will be with you as she used to be.

  • It’s been such fun to follow this knitalong in the Lounge; oh the places y’all go, the sights you’ve all shared!!! And the number of posts to this topic is almost at 1,000! Wow awesome

  • Oh My Socks! Murphy…Murphy…wake up! We won!

    Oh he’s asleep again.

    Thank you! (At least I’m excited.)

  • I wish I knew your Grandma Pearl!

  • Wow. Kay has completed 6 pairs of socks. Pretty good for someone who is a beginning sock knitter. Can she keep going? Will there be field guides to “Advanced Wandering Socks,” “More Advanced Wandering Socks,” and “Wandering Pantyhose”? Stay tuned….

  • This summer was insane! I have finally settled down and am back to my knitting which has languished for the most part. The result of all this–my sock is not done (not even one) but the sock yarn I pulled out before chaos ensued this summer is all at the ready to become gifts for family and friends. I can usually bang out a pair a week if I pay attention but not this year. My sister used to make fun of me for making my own socks so I made her a pair and created a monster. Now she and both my nieces throw me serious shade if they don’t get them for Christmas (that’s what we celebrate as a family) so I still have plenty or work to do. I just put a lovely skein of Neighborhood Fiber Co. yarn (which I don’t need one bit but I want it) in my shopping cart which will wait there patiently until Book 12 comes out tomorrow. A dozen “Little Golden Books of Knitting” makes me very happy!

    P.S. No cause for alarm over the chaos. Just a break up that should have happened two years ago. Tore the house apart and did a major purge and reorganization after he moved out. I’m pleased to say that we are both much happier!

  • Well hello Kay…my name is Linda and I accidentally fell upon your page of BEAUTIFUL socks and yarn…I am an artist and a crocheter. I’ve had a strong desire to make socks. You have totally convinced me, by reading your words of how phenomenal it is making socks I’m going for it. Living in Boston Massachusetts, and with winter just around the corner… I would love knitting all types of Socks and stockings. Definitely ordering the MARVELOUS yarn that you have suggested. So could you suggest to me what would be a good pair of double pointed needles to invest in.. I’m really excited about this and wanted to share this with you and I’m looking forward to making socks socks socks take care and have a wonderful day. Thank you for sharing and hope to hear from you❤

    • I love my Addi Flexi Flips! They have 2 different points on them, & I love how they’re like flexible dpns! And they stay put! You don’t have to worry about them falling out! I have rosewood & bamboo dpns, too, but I can tell the Addi’s are going to be my favorite!

  • you ladies also spin a darn good yarn. merci tout plein

  • First thanks for your joy and your capacity to understand my sad english. Every day it is a smile when I see MDK on my box mail. and the question what’s new today ? your socks challenge was funny but not for me. Perhaps I try this winter and I need precision what sort of needle I need ? Four shorts or a little round ? For the yarn , I have a lot of ideas !!! My level ? Shawls and fair isle and Lopi.
    thanks you and good knitting to everyone. CBS

  • Leftover sock yarn always makes me think of that blanket called Barn-Raising Quilt. I forgot the name of the book where I first saw it. I think it’s called “Knit Along”. However, it is also in Ravelry. I always thought that I could use leftover sock yarn to make some of the squares, with a solid color to finish off the square which could also be used for the border. Maybe I’ll do it someday. My shoulder issues have persisted and I’m doing less knitting these days; hopefully that will turn around soon.

    • Barn Raising is such a good pattern, which I never made because I didn’t knit small things in the round. WHICH I NOW DO.

  • Laughed out loud at the syrypy strings on Johnny’s arrangement. I am almost done, second helix sock, they are lesson in color theory. Using your book for beginner sock knitters is a most excellent idea. (Teaching a sock intro class soon.)

  • OMG, MDK! I received my prize for the #Myfirstsock Summer of Wandering Socks Knitalong. BEAUTIFUL. Thank you sooooo much! I will let you know what I turn it into. (Murphy wants two pairs of socks.)