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  • great choice, i loved that movie.

  • Gotta love The House of Mirth. You’ll be changed forever. The unsung hero of Edith Wharton novels. Then queue up Brokeback Mountain…all that longing.
    And if you’re feeling it for James McAvoy, watch Becoming Jane and Penelope back to back. Talk about clothes and shoes and sets!

  • mm, james mcavoy. i loved him in ‘the last king of scotland.’ he was born in 1979! oy, must go lie down (after i’m finished working, that is). ‘A very long engagement’ was a wonderful film.

  • The movie poster for this Audrey Tatou movie reminds me of The Pillow Book which is a Ewan McGregor movie by Peter Greenaway which was another favorite director in college. Dr. Gibson showed Prospero’s Books in Senior Colloquium and I loved all the other movies I saw by him–“The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover?” So great! Anyway, so I rented Pillow Book and thought it was HORRIBLE and also I tired of seeing Ewan McGregor’s very generous member and I never thought I’d ever say that.
    Worse, it made me think ill of Dr. Gibson as though it were her fault Peter Greenaway was making porn and for that I’ll never forgive the film.
    But this Audrey Tatou movie looks good. I’ll have to Netflix it. “Dirty Pretty Things”? Have you seen that? Liked it a lot.

  • The recorded novel of A Very Long Engagement is better than the movie. Don’t have to worry about subtitles and can keep knitting and/or driving.

  • hi ya – Any Jeunet film is super – he cares about people – and wants to make a MOVIE as well! Atonement is also super that battlefield shot in one go !! – try and catch same director’s Pride and Predujice – some die hard Janeites do not like it, but I do ! Donald Sutherland is MY Mr Bennett – he made this hard girl cry! – Pillow book – oh so boring! Age of innocence – SCORSESE DOES COSTUME DRAMA – that may be an interesting double –

  • I haven’t seen this movie of Mary B’s–but it’s already on my all-time faves list–how could it NOT be? I think it should be paired with Truly, Madly, Deeply. Or for a triple-feature, with T,M,D and Wings of Desire. There is nothing like a good relationship with someone not actually “with us”. NOTHING. The dead loves do not disappoint.
    OMG, Rachel–The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover! Nearly did me in! My idolatry of Helen Mirren started THERE. Of course I can only remember the, um, dinner scene. I may have even left the theatre at that point. “I’m leaving!/I love it!/I’m walking out!/It’s wonderful!”
    Coolest kitchen I’ve ever been in has the poster from Cook/Thief/etc. hanging in it. THE KITCHEN. (Props to Lauren!)
    xo Kay

  • Angsty-ish with happy tones
    Wings of Desire(Peter Falk!)
    and Bread and Tulips(disgruntled italian housewife leaves her husband, works in flower ship in Venice and relearns to play the accordian!) Speaking of Peter Falk do not underestimate the fun of a Columbo marathon the early ones are really good and they have excellent 1970’s costumes. I miss my purple bell bottoms.

  • I want to add the movie ‘The Live of Others’ to the list. It has the disadvantage of being in German, so subtitles could get in the way of knitting time. But don’t let that discourage you. The movie is fantastic. True Cinema. 5 stars. Plus, there is always garter stitch right 😉

  • Oh my god Munich. Bana, Craig = Best non-jews playing kick ass Israelis in a movie since Paul Newman in Exodus. (Yes, yes, I know he’s half jewish, thank you Adam Sandler!)

  • I feel compelled to offer a caveat: we just watched A Very Long Engagement, the husband and I. (A friend calls it A Very Long Movie). I had read the book (which I loved), I speak French, and I think that I would have found it Very Hard to Follow, without already knowing the story (subtitle-reading husband agrees). That said, it’s BEAUTIFUL to look at, as one would expect.

  • We watched “A History of Violence” over the Thanksgiving weekend. I had to watch some “Simpsons” episodes afterward to de-disturb myself.

  • Map of the Human Heart – very romantic & tragic. I don’t know if it’s even in print now though. How about Dr Zhivago? Can’t get much more tragic & doomed than that. The recent version with Keira Knightly was actually quite good.

  • Have you seen Antonia’s Line? It’s got wonderful dowdy dresses and solid, no-nonsense Antonia the post-war Dutch woman who creates a farm and extended family starting with just herself and her daughter. Grimly cheerful.

  • VLE is a great movie. Just beautiful and historic with a touch of whimsy. Love it.

  • Now I’m deffo going to have to see VLE. All these recs! Sounds very interesting.
    Kay, the Cook, Thief, etc. was costumed by Gautier! And that is when my love affair with him started! I love the clothes in that movie. And the kitchen poster! LOL! That’s a great visual pun. And also a little gross, now that I think about it.
    Am I a bad person because I hated Dr. Zhivago?

  • Toni must be stout-hearted, indeed, to get through two serious Spielbergs in one go. At least she didn’t watch the WWII one, as well. Our recommendations are for two wonderful Israeli films, “Yossi and Jagger” and “Monsieur…..,” shoot, I can’t remember the rest of the name; it’s about a boy with a highly dysfunctional family which he is trying to hold together. It’s fairly new. Both are real, funny and touching, all at the same time.

  • I had read “A Very Long Engagement” just before reading “Atonement” and had a very thoughtful and quiet winter that year. I love to watch the movie after I read the book, not as an either / or but as an addition. To see what the characters looked like in someone else’s mind, you know?

  • I second the commenter who praised Jeunet–and you must see City of Lost Children (another gem with costumes by Gaultier). A key plot point involves a sweater and it’s a visual feast.

  • My favorite double feature? Cape Fear (squared, i guess). The original version with Robert Mitchum as the bad guy, and then the modern version with DeNiro. I think the original is scarier, and no whining Winona Ryder.

  • OOPS! I mean no whining Juliette Lewis.

  • OOPS! I mean no whining Juliette Lewis.

  • OOPS! I mean no whining Juliette Lewis.

  • If we’re talking depressing and creepy, how come no one’s mentioned Sam Fuller or David Lynch. I’d suggest starting with one of my favorites, the unsung, and, frankly, usually despised, The Naked Kiss, surely one of the oddest movies ever made (and according to many of my friends, the worst)–bald prostitute meets secretly depraved Middle America. Then follow it with Blue Velvet so you can see all the references Lynch made to the earlier one. Both are hilarious and ghastly all at once.

  • I think I read the book (A Very Long Engagement) twice. Maybe 3 times. A great, great book. Not to be missed.

  • For an extra dreary weekend, pair it with East/West. Perhaps a long weekend. When the boys are all away. Cause it’s a long one.

  • yes – TMD – one of my faves – nearly all my best actors/tresses in the one film – plus the lovely ghosts with the video player!_ CITY OF LOST CHILDREN _ one of my faves as well _ yes the costumesyes – TMD – one of my faves – nearly all my best actors/tresses in the one film – plus the lovely ghosts with the video player!_ CITY OF LOST CHILDREN _ one of my faves as well _ yes the costumes< but also a seasonal film as well as Jeunet and CARO!!!

  • I loved this movie. I was surprised to see Jodie Foster in a French film–turns out she speaks fluent french.

  • my family tradition was to watch an alien movie at christmas (you know with those things that birthed from your rib cage). my father’s idea was that we wouldn’t have to worry about reserving a video because the series would always be in. last year i took him to a v. p for his christmas present to complete the cycle.