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  • I ordered two of the gloves because I had worn through or lost all my current pairs. And I’d had some experience last winter ordering machine knit cowls made in Scotland from Kate Davies and the wool was so soft, dense, and warm. It seemed like a good investment.

    And it was. These gloves are beautifully made. I especially like that the wrists are thicker, which keeps you warm and toasty–no freezing cold can slip up your coat sleeve with these! The wool is scrumptious.

    And definitely not least, the designs are so wonderful.

    Sorry to sound like a commercial, but I think these are beautiful, warm without being bulky, will last a long time, and I am being very careful about where I leave them. No losing them for me!

    • Nice talk. I like to have seconds around, too…..that second pair…..like you say, if you lose one, you’ve got a replacement.

      Hubby goes through socks like Butter finger Blizzards. So, I buy 12 pair at once and have a replacement pdq; LOL!! That holy (holey) sock gets repurposed usually as a dish soap bottle tube dress…..by cutting off the cuff then tossing the bottom into the shoe shine box. When that gets full, ………?…… ((:

      Why aren’t I knitting/crocheting? LOL!! .

      Happy Holidays.

  • I would also recommend BAAKA by Mary MacGregor. Beautiful fair isle from Lerwick, Scotland.

  • Another Christmas present for me idea. But how to choose?

  • Love the colors–very Anni Albers.

  • I started using a knitting machine for production work about 10 years ago. At the time I felt like such a traitor to hand knitting – which I love – and now I feel differently. It is a machine that requires much knowledge, skill and patience. And is operated by hand! In some ways it is more difficult than hand knitting and I’m now a proud machine knitter! Thanks for sharing this story – the work is gorgeous!

  • Love! Nordic easily my fave! I’m always learnin somethin’ at MDK. Thanks!

  • My girlfriend has her toe in the water for machine knitting with an Addi. It’s kind of limited, but there really are an amazing variety of things she can make on it.

    She’d love a larger knitting machine, but space is an issue.

    My only problem with her using an Addi is that when we knit in public, she gets all the attention.

  • That’s a solid WOW from me!

    • Also: I hope to meet you some day, Gerrard.

      • {{{{{{{Gerrard}}}}}}} {{{the Lad}}

  • I like machine knits too. (There, I said it.) These are wonderful….the kind of color combinations that take a seriously talented eye. Gorgeous!

  • Gorgeous fusion of means and materials, oo la la!

  • I was so happy to see these in your shop – I always enjoyed Belinda’s posts of the Quinton Chadwick pieces on twitter 🙂