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  • I saw the title in my feedreader and clicked over because I thought it was going to be a tutorial on garment ease. Why, yes, I am concerned about the fit of my sweater. Thank you for the chuckle.

  • oh I do love Merle!

  • Oh lordy, how I love Merle. Any chance he will tour?

  • You just never know, with Merle.
    Brilliant! Again!

  • Mmmmmm. Smoooooth. : )

  • I’m going to forward this to Paul Krugman. If he set his editorials to music with catchy lyrics…I wouldn’t get so depressed/angy when I read him…

  • OMG- laughed my head off!

  • Love it!
    Southeastern WI

  • One of my fantasies is meeting Merle (er.. Curtis) in an airport and throwing myself at him. Especially if he’s dressed as TMIB.

  • too sexy for my money….

  • I love ya Ann! Lots of actual LOLing – it was a welcome way to view the economic crisis. I am not as familiar with Country as I am (to my sorrow) with Barry White so I hope Mr. Threadneedle continues to record.
    My dog was concerned I laughed so much.

  • I am sending this to my daughter who is an international econ major in Grad school. Hilarious.

  • Female backup singers would make this even more perfect.
    If that’s possible.

  • ‘Curtis Threadneedle.’ Love, love, love it. (Don’t understand major stretches of it, but love it anyway.)

  • I love it! Truly LOL. Sounds so smooth, so sexy, so much better than “printing money!”

  • Very entertaining, but–uh–can he ‘splain that in apples and oranges???

  • would this break my budget if i bought it

  • How was the rally? It looked so wonderful!

  • Ann, now that you’re writin’ stories and Jon’s still composin’ songs—well, it seems to me that you two are the twenty-first century Nashville equivalent of George Sand and Frederic Chopin. I think that you should watch “Impromptu” again for more lifestyle inspiration. (I just assume you already know the movie, BTW. It seems right up your alley.)

  • I win big points every time Merle puts out a new song – I tell my husband and then he is way ahead at work when everyone else starts talking about it. (He usually does give credit to the knitter’s network for being on top of all the current trends – but sometimes he pretends it’s all him.)

  • I love the use of the monuments in the video (LOL!), and the songs, well, let’s just say that they rock!