Sit back and relax with delightful, delicious yarns, and also CAKE

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  • That cake book is screaming my name!

  • If I were not a knitter I would still read this blog because you might mention Maira Kalman. After I finish this note, I must go find CAKE! Not to mention Arne and Carlos, of course.

  • I’ll second that!!

  • How about a vest pattern, cotton yarn for a 3yr. old boy…simple!! PLEASE SOMEBODY

    • ask on ravelry, people are very willing to help there.

    • Rowan’s Tadpoles and Tiddlers book. Patterns might be available for individual sale as the book is nearing “vintage” age

    • Here’s a perfect one…ask me how I know..Kid’s Vest, page 74, Joelle Hoverson’s “More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.”

  • A new Maira Kalman book is always cause to celebrate

  • Happily looking at knitting books and the Cake appears. I would buy a print of the cover – gorgeous!

    • How did she get the frosting so shiny?!

  • I love Maira Kalman. She lives in the same apartment building as an old friend I was visiting in New York a few weeks ago, and I bumped into her in the elevator. I was so star-struck that all I could think to say was “Oh, you are in Kay’s sewing circle!” Nothing about the illustrations or the writing, just the sewing circle. The voice inside my head said “She will ask if you know Kay and you will have to say no.” Thankfully I remained silent, we smiled at each other (she mostly smiled at my friend’s dog), and we left the elevator.

  • Here’s a link to Part1 of 3 where Arne and Carlos show vintage knitwear. Several garment came from Arne’s family or his own childhood. I haven’t gotten the book yet but having watched their videos on their vintage collection I can believe the book would be sooo inspiring.

  • You’re joking about picking up all those stitches, right?

  • Get your mittens on 13 Words by Lemony Snicket, illustrated by Maira Kalman! Many splendid cake, bird, and fancy hat pictures. Excited to hear she’s a knitter!

    • She is, and here’s the evidence:

      Being Maira, she did not hesitate to knit the same baby kimono in all different weights and fibers. They turned out looking like her illustrations. Proud to have sewn the side seams in on them….

  • Ordered the tank tops.

    • Against all evidence, I believe that summer is coming.