New and Noteworthy for April

By Kay Gardiner
April 29, 2017
Field Guide No. 3: Wild Yarns is still new and pretty darn noteworthy, if we do say so ourselves

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  • I love Arne and Carlos, always fun reads in their books. Also like the look of that garter stitch book, as I’ve just kicked off a Station Wagon Blanket from Field Guide 1 ( the modular construction is ace!).

  • That video just stayed me…I couldn’t have stopped watching it had my house caught afire! Have never met Arne and Carlos until now, but off to seek their books and videos…and perhaps some of those bird seed balls!

  • I made to the end of the post thinking “hmmm, maybe, might be nice, will have to look…” and then got to the Arne & Carlos birds: MUST HAVE.

  • LOL!! Mouse tits and ball sacks… that video is a must watch!