New and Noteworthy: The Books of October

By Kay Gardiner
October 10, 2017
You Know What You Need to Use These Books? Yarn. You Need Yarn.

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  • Thanks for a great list of books! I know you also enjoy audio books while you are knitting. I just wanted to recommend Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (think the author is Gail Honeyman). I just finished listening to it the second time. This time with my husband, who loved it as much as I did. He even wants to send a letter to the narrator because he thought she was so fantastic with all of the different voices. It is a lovely story and not what you expect at the beginning. It was one of those rare books that only seems to come along once every few years and then you keep trying to find another to fill that void. Enjoy if you haven’t already read it!

    • Thanks Gerri! I just put a hold on it at the library. Kay, if it makes you feel any better, we are still close to 90 and seriously humid here in NOLA. Everyone is getting pretty crabby at this point and I am beginning to doubt that I will ever need the AYOT hat we are working on this month. We are supposed to cool down in October so the trick or treaters do not all melt in their costumes. At this rate, the Pete the Dragon costume I am pulling together for my daughter will have to be a surfer girl instead and I will never be able to wear my Jane Austen meets steampunk costume to our annual mommy “go to lunch in the French Quarter en masse in costume and then pick your child up at school in the costume so they have something to talk about in therapy when they grow up” Halloween soirée.

      • Debb, I would definitely do the audio version! It really added a lot of enjoyment to the story. Hope you like it.

    • This is the author’s first book.She is Scottish.I thoroughly enjoyed and would also highly recommend it.May I ask who is narrating the audio book?

    • I just listened to Elinor Oliphant and thoroughly loved it!!

  • I am already the delighted owner of Silk Road Socks and I want to make every single sock!

  • The unseasonably warm weather is the worst – my sweaters are sad, I am sad. I have been checking the forecast for Rhinebeck and as of right now, it will be going up into the 70s! My husband said to me – it doesn’t matter if it’s 100 degrees, we will still be wearing our Rhinebeck sweaters! Just ordered Slow Knitting – can’t wait to dig in.

  • A Japanese stitch book marketed for the US? and available on Amazon for under $17 …. off to order. THANK YOU for the information!!!

    If the weather ever cools off in NY/NJ then it may spark a “pick up your knitting” instead of “sit at the sewing machine” fire that I need. Or this book may just do the trick ….

  • Link to free sample pattern doesn’t seem to be working. Links to Amazon.

    • Fixed it, thank you Sandy!

  • Wow! So excited for all of these books! Thanks for the heads up… We’re waiting for Sweater Weather in Chicago too. People were swimming in Lake Michigan this past weekend and not in the “I’m a Polar Bear” way. Does Global Warming mean we can wear white shoes after Labor Day? Asking for a friend.

  • LOL @ “annual hibernation of the upper arms”

    How real — but also, how funny. I love your gift of words.

  • The Japanese stitch dictionary just landed on my doorstep this morning, and it is breathtaking! Making a cup of tea so I can relax and enjoy…

    • Thank you for this wonderful variety of books. I think it’s time to order one….or three. So very tempting!

  • I got dimensional tuck knitting and I love it.

  • I thought I was on a book diet. Not now. Adding more books to the neverending list 🙂

  • Swimming against the tide here, because I am enjoying this last burst of beautiful weather immensely. Here in Michigan I was so sad when we slipped down into the 50s and even 40s in August, so I was glad to return to more seasonable temps. It’s just so relaxing to have the windows open and to be able to walk outside without a jacket. Winter will come soon enough and stay far to long. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, says I

  • I just ordered the Japanese Stitch Bible – I have a modest collection of Japanese books and magazines — this looks like just the decoder ring I need! I’ve knit the famous Am Kamin sweater, with lots of help from the interweb. Looking forward to its arrival – thanks for the suggestion!

  • I would like to recommend ‘Shetland’, the new knitting/crochet book by Marie Wallin. The location photography is simply stunning and the patterns equally so.

    • I was watching her post about it to Instagram with massive hearts eyes, but I did wonder about construction. If you have it, can you tell me if the patterns are written flat or in the round for things like cardigans? I love Marie Wallin so much but she has that dreadful Rowan habit of knitting colorwork flat.

  • Love the sweet print you included at the top of the post. Can you tell us the artist and name of piece please?

    • Thank you Mary Ellen, forgot to include the attribution: