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  • Too, Too spooky. I nearly cast on a French Market bag tonight but fell at the first hurdle when I discovered I didn’t have the right size dpns – I don’t want to do it back and forth tho’ the ever helpful Polly does tell you how. Next week maybe, once the darn pins arrive.
    Heather x

  • I’m knitting the market bag right now too. Mine isn’t big, but I think that I will like it. Hope your’s turns out well. Can’t wait to see a picture.

  • Oh my goodness, you mean the delegates from Greater Chicagoland are NOT the last to finish their afghan? I feel so much better! Actuallly, plans are underway for Chicago Sewup, Phase 2… we’ll get there yet.
    How ’bout this knitting for oneself thing? Good idea! I’m going back to the WIPs with MY name on them this week, whilst I vacation at home. Right after I finish my Mom’s Christmas sweater.

  • Our very own Colorado sew up bee? I feel like a pioneer already! I am way too excited about the prospect of sewing up some of these famous afghan squares and I usually hate finishing — what gives? 🙂

  • Yes. Clearly, Susan and I belong to the world of Afghan-a-longers that are welded to the world of finance, and so turn to ourselves only in the wee hours, or maybe after February 1 when it is really all in the accountants’ hands. (Susan, will ya’ just move next door and we can do this live?)
    But Kay, a propos of your Actual Post — I heartily endorse the mememe knitting cycle (it is set for July 1 on my clock) and absolutely live by the fabrication method of child rearin’. I did get busted when my son demanded we turn the sprinklers off at his grandparents house, because after all, mommy, there’s that law in Ohio that says no sprinklers past 8 pm. Did I admit the truth? That two years prior I was just desperate to get him into bed and asleep because he had a huge day ahead of him? Nope. Compounded the lie by telling him the law had changed, and he was good for another 30 minutes…

  • We used to forward all the clocks in our house on New Year’s Eve when the children were little too…one year we forgot that the oldest had been given a watch for Christmas, but luckily he was open to bribery……
    PS I’ve stayed in Kamloops….

  • Those kids look they’re having a much better time than I did on New Year’s! Reason number 52 to love Mason-Dixon: you get handy child rearing tips to file away…I swear, I would never have thought of just lying to them! Brilliant!

  • I hope everyone notices the fact that Joseph, at the very far right of the revelers’ photo, is in fact wearing a tie. He wore a tie when the Kayfam hosted the Annfam for supper in New York. A nattier six year old there has never been.

  • Ann–good eye! Joseph is sporting his one-and-only necktie, a very dreadful one, needless to say a clip-on, which he received as a hand-me-down from cousin Paul (boy in the front row). He wears it with his one-and-only button-down shirt, whenever the said shirt is (1) not in the laundry or (2) able to be stolen out of the laundry basket.
    Yay! I’m raising an eccentric (possibly 2 of them), as I always dreamed I would! Dinner tonight is Black Tie Optional! Smoking jacket?
    Did I share that at Christmas Eve church services in Omaha, Joseph filled out the ‘visitor information form’ and answered the question, “What is your home church?” with ‘sinagog’? I’m so proud!!!!!!!!
    And Jenny, the trick is not so much lying to them, as not getting caught, as Jill’s story attests. It’s a slippery slope from lying, to bribery and extortion. But on New Year’s Eve, they are very willing to be lied to if it means they can bang the pots and pans and toot the tootlers, earlier.
    xoxo Kay