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  • I have always waanted to try to run the New York Marathon though I dont think I would get very far.

  • I watched people finishing the New York marathon a couple of years ago, and it was rather thrilling to watch them come round that corner into the park. As I clutched my coffee and donut….

  • Going over to make a contribution right now. What wonderful thing for him to do. Thank you for calling it to our attention.

  • #1 son told me this week that when he went out to a local taco joint for a study break last weekend, who should he see eating tacos but Michael J. Fox and wife. Apparently MJF is treated for his Parkinson’s by a specialist at Mt. Sinai Hospital. (#1 son is in his second year at their med school.) Best of luck and good wishes to your cousin Dan!

  • It really is a small world. I work down the hall from Dan’s father! I’ve never met your cousin, but your uncle is a brilliant mind so, by proxy, are his and Jan’s children. 🙂

  • In the vein of ‘triumphs of hope over reason,’ and documentary film-making, i highly recommend the story of Fred Lebow and the history of the NY marathon. The ‘L’eggs ladies’ event’ is priceless. (Remember L’eggs?!?!)

  • hope your lurker runs well

  • Go, Dan, go! Now, I’m often impressed by things you two have done, but the NY Marathon? Twice? Wow.

  • Best of luck to Dan, such a worthy cause with such a lovely intention! His mom was a beautiful woman. Also, something about those pictures brought tears to my eyes. I think it was that her beauty was radiating from the inside.
    Many blessings,

  • I have to give a Team Fox hurrah to some of my favorite superknitters here. My best bud Mark, love of my life, had that Oh My God moment when he was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s about 6 years ago. Thanks to the Fox Foundation, his prognosis of having as long and healthy a life as anyone is very good. PD was named as a disease in the early 1800’s but the diagnostic tools used by MDs now are about the same as those early days. There is no objective testing, no genetic markers and no way to measure disease progression. PD has been recorded in babies to the elderly. There are probably thousands of folks with undiagnosted PD out there. Thanks Dan for running for Team Fox. We’re almost to 1000 members strong. Team Fox members raise funds in loads of ways from bake sales to major fund raisers. We’re looking for new members so if you guys have the interest, no effort is too small. There’s a growing number of Team Fox knitter/crocheters who use their talents to raise funds. Email me if you have questions. For those with a family member with PD, the word today is HOPE thanks to a really talented actor named Michael and his friends. BYW, Mr. Fox is as wonderful as he seems. His love of others with PD and their families is real. Thanks Ann and Kay. We love ya. Really thanks to Dan for tomorrow. It’s 26 miles to you but a miracle for us.

  • What a doll! Text him and tell him to stop by for carbs and a shower!
    Love from
    Ex-Marathoner (Super Slow But Having a Fabulous Time Division) in NYC