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  • Jolly good indeed! My hat’s off to you for knitting that gorgeous edging. Things like that make me thankful for enjoying a good rolled hem (or at least convincing myself that I like them). I’m still waiting for Rowan to bring back the uber-knitting warrior/goddess/huntress . . . those were some photo shoots.

  • Yeah, but it was a hell of a lot darker at 6:30 this morning than it was at 5:30 yesterday morning. (But then, how would I know? Yesterday morning my eyes were CLOSED at 5:30.) Whose dumb idea was it for us to go onto Daylight Savings Time in the MIDDLE OF WINTER?!? Grump, grump, grump…

  • I love your knitted edging! you should just frame it and forget wearing it around and potentially snagging it. It’s gawgeous!
    Also, the orange color is sublime.

  • congrats. That is going to be beautiful. And, I’m with Judy, I thought it was “spring forward” not winter.

  • Yikes!
    Still hate losing that hour though.

  • It’s a beautiful edging you have knitted there. You would have started to lose the will to knit with a knitted on edging as well !
    I look forward to seeing it attached, and worn.

  • But if not knitting the edging on, what does one do if the edging turns out to be a smidge longer or shorter than the piece you’re applying it to? It’s not like you can easily just (eek!) cut it, or unbind it and knit a few more inches. Is that what really caused the Rowan model to faint?

  • well now that it is light
    at night you can take the lace
    out for a walk wround the park
    i know i would or if you just keep
    knitting the lace never ending lace
    i think someone in a one of oates
    books tatted miles and miles of lace
    day light is here and its cheerful

  • You will just have to learn to knit backwards. It is the best way to attached an applied edging as it stops you from having to turn the sweater. It is also great for small pieces such as modular knitting.
    It is the only solution and then you don’t have to sew.

  • I am expecting to see you wearing the sweater in the same pose as the Rowan model – I can’t be the only one. Beautiful lace trim.

  • I am expecting to see you wearing the sweater in the same pose as the Rowan model – I can’t be the only one. Beautiful lace trim.

  • I am expecting to see you wearing the sweater in the same pose as the Rowan model – I can’t be the only one. Beautiful lace trim.

  • The edging is beautiful! I thought the day seemed brighter because small children toddled into my room when the clock said 7, instead of when the clock said 6. Sadly, I know it won’t last!

  • What a beautiful edging it is! Congratulations! And did you lie down as the model, faint of stress and exhaustion of mind? I think not! YOU are the better woman! Someone else knit her sweater!

  • Wasn’t ether used as an anethesia during surgery so the patient could be unconscious (thus not feel pain)? HA!
    Beautiful edging, Kay.

  • MAMA MIA~~
    That’s so amazing that I’m sure that if you saw George Clooney somewhere.. I’m sure he’d give your (lace edging) a glance over…
    Be careful when you try your sweater on for the first time, with the lace edging attached, that you don’t SWOON and hit your head on the hard floor or table edge. Maybe sit down in front of a mirror or something.. until you get used to the amazing beauty of the knitted lace edging?

  • this is international day of awesomeness
    the lace is my entry

  • Beautiful edging. It may be lighter but it really ticks me off losing an hour of sleep. As if I wasn’t grumpy enough already. I wish I could lie down like the Rowan model albeit maybe not on a grave. Lovely sweater can’t wait to see it with edging.

  • And I just thought I was contrary. I will now refer to it as my “inconsistent nature”, ha ha. I LOVE THAT!
    The lace is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see you lying on a grave modeling it.

  • It’s time for y’all to learn to knit back backwards. It’s the pip when you’re knitting on lace edging. I will say that if you need to pattern every row, which it looks as if you might be doing in the cross part, it’s tricky. But if you can knit back backwards you never need to turn your work for lots of things, i.e. heel flaps, entrelac, bobbles–
    try it; you’ll like it (after some practice).

  • Yes, much brighter at 3pm, but MUCH darker at 6am 🙁 Hence I hit snooze for 45 minutes this morning!
    Lovely lace!

  • Beautiful edging indeed! A lot of the patterns in Knitting on The Edge just scare me – it’ll be a while before I’m brave enough to try something this complex!
    I *love* the rowan poses and agree with the lady above who suggested that you adopt the same pose when photographing the finished article.

  • All I noticed is that I’m back to getting up in the dark again. 🙁 Perhaps I’ll notice the later light later…

  • I can understand the falling down in a faint after edging–that sort of work takes a special kind of strength and inner fortitude.
    I like that picture though–very pre-Raphaelite/Waterhouse-esc! I can’t wait to see the finished sweater!

  • It may seem like more work, but I think you’ll be pleased that you did knit it seperately. You’ll be able to control the ease when attaching. It sure is pretty!

  • Shelf edging! Wouldn’t that make wonderful shelf edging in your nook? Knitted edging, crochet edging, a different pattern for each shelf. I love how it looks just stretched out across the table!

  • One might think that with the crisses, the crosses, the oompas and the Coltraine, that this couldn’t have anything to do with plain ol’ idiot cord. And yet, it does seem to me that on the knitting GRE, applied i-cord is to blanket as Elizabeth’s Lace Lattice is to sweater. You love the edgings. Nicky Epstein has a rep with the edgings and all, but for the edging marathons… I’m just saying I hope you’re friends, because I don’t want to see a cat-fight for the title on this.

  • Gorgeous edging! I was beginning to think that the only way to wear the sweater and keep it closed (without a big gap or something) was to lie down with your arms over your head. That would have been just my luck. Beautiful sweater, lovely color, exquisite edging sewn on just so and when I put it on…gasp…it won’t stay closed. Probably would fit my sister, though.
    Waiting for you finished project, so far it’s grand!

  • It’s all just so very Pre-Raphaelite/Ophelia-looking. And of course you got me to laugh out loud again. 🙂

  • your are too funny.

  • Beautiful edging, beautiful lace. Traditionally lace edgings were knitted seperately and applied so that they could be reused if/when the garment wore out. I always “save the lace”. Is it just me?

  • Great edging choice. I can’t wait to see this, even you do pose it on a grave 😉 I could superimpose my face on that model’s for many of the things I’ve tried.

  • Here’s the concept for your next contest. Show off your knitting by lying about in unexpected,cold, and uncomfortable places. No, wait. Not a good idea.
    Of course one saves the lace. And the buttons.