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  • I was in NOLA foe business decades ago & found this shop. The yarn I bought there is still in my stash, giving me joy. I should move it onto my needles.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  • Went there a long day ago. I have a lovely Colinette yarn knitted bear as a memory. Glad you got there.

  • You didn’t buy anything????
    I love the name of the shop.

    • I know–shocking.

  • I live in New Orleans. Come back for a proper visit and we’ll go play at The Quarter Stitch (and then maybe celebrate with cafe au lait and beignets!).

    • That’s another thing I didn’t get to do! But breakfast at Ruby Slippers was pretty great.

  • I dragged my husband there when we visited New Orleans. I bought a commemorative skein of bulky handspun yarn with needle felted flowers that is too pretty to knit up. The way they wrapped my skein made it look like a present. It was awesome.

  • I’ve been to Quarter Stitch, we were waiting outside the door for them to open. I bought some Mountain Colors Twizzle in an exclusive Mardi Gras color way. I’m knitting a scarf with it right now.

  • I just missed you on Sunday! I was on a yarn crawl with a friend. I got some of that gorgeous sparkly nylon for a scarf.

  • I love that shop. The make your bag seem festive too!

  • We walked that lovely street. Somehow I missed the shop. Maybe it was before I refound knitting. 🙁

  • And for a brief but amusing audio of how NOL-ans pronounce the street name ‘Chartres’ visit:

    • Thank you! That was a revelation.

  • The Quarter Stitch is a beautiful shop. I shopped there a few years back and bought a lovely needlepoint. Still working on it. The colors are very close in hue and my eyesight is not what it needs to be. Next time I’m in New Orleans (which I hope will be soon), I’ll buy knitting yarn–something I can really use.

  • I love that shop!

  • My trip to New Orleans for my nephew’s wedding was my favorite trip ever! And finding the Quarter Stitch was the best! I got some Mardi Gras inspired yarn from there! Loved it!

  • Love the Quarter Stitch, too! And if I wasn’t traveling myself – in LA for grandson’s Bar Mitzvah – I’d send you a photo of the little (pencil) knitting notions case I bought there, which says “Be Nice or Leave!” I often place it in my project photos on Ravelry.
    And I have one of those “Instsnt Knitting” projects from when I visited the Quarter Stitch a few years back: a little linen cardigan that is all knit up and waiting to be assembled. Maybe this summer…..
    New Orleans is great – go cups and yarn to go!

  • “Be Nice or Leave” – can I use this at my work?

  • I purchased a canvas for a dollhouse rug for my children there, along with assorted other things over the year. It is a wonderful shop with wonderful people. So glad you were able to pop your head in and see all the fun!

  • Glad you made it to The Quarter Stitch. I used to visit New Orleans annually, and always stopped in. One of my favorite shops there!

  • I have a whole list of reason why I need to go back New Orleans – I’ve been there at least 4 times, but I think the last was about 1999 – and I just added The Quarter Stitch to that list!

  • I bought beautiful yarn there 8 years ago, which I’m thinking about finally casting on this weekend, having belatedly finished my Bang sweater. Bonus at this shop: I’ve never had yarn more beautifully wrapped up after the sale.

  • Several years ago I stopped into The Quarter Stitch and found the most awesome hat as a shop sample. They were kind enough to write the pattern in the back of a little 1 x 2-inch card when I purchase the yarn. I love this hat and wear it every year. Last visited the shop three years ago. Another shop sample caught my eye, this time a scarf made from Noro sock. Just finished that for the coming winter…if we get one in Texas.
    Glad you got a peek at this sweet shop!

  • I shopped here a LONG time ago, well before Katrina. Last summer, I was digging through my completed cross-stitch and needle point (I now predominantly knit and crochet) and found an adorable little christmas stocking with an alligator on it that I bought there. I didn’t know they had reopened after Katrina. Good to know that they did.

  • So glad you got to come by for a visit! Thank you for the kind words, and we hope you get to spend more time the next time you’re here.

  • One of the best shops, ever. Completely justifies a trip to New Orleans.

  • I always visit this shop when we are in New Orleans. The rest of the time I order from them, my orders always come beautifully wrapped and ready to stitch. I do both knitting and needlepoint. I particularly like the Clementine Hunter canvases.