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  • Happy Anniversary, from a gal who was also wearing anklets in 1990 (but remains unhitched, except to an almost-three-year-old)!

  • Happy,happy fourteenth anniversary !
    We need to change the ivory to…Koigu ! O.K.,I’m obsessed. ;-]
    I am amazed to say that our next anniversary,this July,is our 22nd.Not as amazed as my M-i-L. :0)

  • Happy Anniversary! My husband and I celebrated 14 years last month as well! Here’s to marriage!

  • Happy anniversary!
    Is there an anniversary where “wool” is the gift of choice? (Well, in our cases, it’s pretty much the gift of choice for *all* anniversaries!)
    I just had to ask, however, whether the tusk guy is *supposed* to have fertility implications, or whether that’s just the way my mind works?

  • Congrats and happy anniversary. Love the socks by the way:) Very Lady Di.

  • happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary, hhhhhaaaaappppy anniversary (as cribbed from and old flintstones!)

  • Happy Anniversary,
    14 years eh? Just a novice, it was mine and hubbies in April –28 years, as he says he would have got less for murder!!! He loves me really.
    Have a great evening!!

  • (Wondering what’s wrong with detergent as a fourteenth anniversary present … seems useful to me …)

  • Champagne indeed! Always have a bottle on hand, that’s my motto. (Or one of my mottos. I have come to believe that Koigu should always be on hand, too.)
    Many happy wishes to you and your husband. Quite the anniversary still life!

  • happy anniversary! warm thoughts

  • happy Anniversary, Ann!
    wool is the anniversary gift for the 7th anniversary, for whoever is interested..

  • Happy Anniversary!
    Champagne and Koigu all round I say.
    My Myron and I are still wondering, after three kids and 18 years, whether we maybe should get married.

  • Happy Anniversary, Ann. We celebrated our 14th anniversary on May 4. I got my traditional bouquet of champagne coloured roses.

  • Happy Anniversary! My 23d was Dec 21 and my anniversary/Christmas gift was a 3hr round trip to Countrywool for Claudia’s New Year’s Day Sale. He drove and entertained the 3yo while my 12 yo and I filled a HUGE bag with fibery goodness. He got hockey gear for his gift. We were both happy!

  • happy, happy!!!! marriage is a great institution… like a fine wine, improving with age. and,… you can begin to look forward to your second childhood, once the “nest” empties! xo’s

  • Happy anniversary! Hope you had a wonderful day.

  • Can you say PREPPIE?? Wow, you and hubbo look like you stepped off an LLBean catalog! Just adorable!
    Best wishes to you both!!

  • Congratulations & happy anniversary!!! I was going to mention the socks but then thought back to what I was wearing in 1990 and decided against it!
    I hope you had a lovely celebration!

  • Happy A-day to you!!!

  • A delightful day, an anniversary! Each day you can spend together and not kill or maim one another is a day to be celebrated. And while you’re at it, why not defy the laws of nature and just spend ’em all together! I LOVE LOVE LOVE being married and wish that more people would stick around for the long haul. I’m so happy for you, Ann, and hope that I can make it fourteen years. I’m just a newbie at four li’l ol’ years myself. Break out the preppy wedding dress and take it for a spin. Did it have pink and green alligators on it? You’d fit right in this season!

  • I can’t believe it has been 14 years, Ann! Happiest of anniversaries to you both.

  • Ok, I AM LATE. But I figure, I am almost always the last one to post on one of these things, so I could write just about anything and no one would know if my babbling was relevant, coherent, incoherent or full of inappropriate language at this point. I was thinking of you on your day (although you posted on May 10th, I know when your anniversary really is, and it was a “Great Day in May”). Hope you and hubby had a happy day without much childcare (that seems to be the goal at this point and in fifteen or so years we might be wishing for a little of that childcare again). Fourteen? Really?
    Lots of love,