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  • Happy Anniversary to you and a Happy Birthday to Joseph!

  • Wow, gotta get me that pattern.
    Happy Anniversary!

  • Go Tigers!

  • Happy birthday to Joseph – and love those scarves!

  • Happy Birthday Joseph! (My “baby” turned 6 on Saturday and my 2nd youngest daughter turned 15 on Monday- a good weekend for cupcakes and ice cream!) And Happy Anniversary Kay and Hubby. Bring on more cake. I think the sea silk scarf will look right at home with the stylishly Q-tipped Raspy for those casual Fall outings. And kudos to Cristina’s cutch. The color is gorgeous and a perfect backdrop for the beads (aka “mugglebait”- “ooh- you like them? I can show you how to have your own. Just hold these pointy sticks and this soft string….”)

  • Happy anniversary and happy birthday Joseph and that seasilk scarf is beeyoutiful!

  • For what Handmaiden charges for that thar Sea Silk, it had better last a while.

  • Those scarves are beautiful! Happy anniversary to you and happy birthday to Joseph!

  • Happy Anniversary! and Happy Birthday to Joseph! What beautiful scarves! I’ve been knitting on my Jo Sharp vest while the Cardinals play the Mets.

  • A happy, happy anniversary to you and Mr. Kay! And, of course, a happy birthday to Joseph. πŸ™‚
    (I almost fell off the chair laughing at *l’air du poisson*.)

  • Hey! I liked the bleaching! And also this post. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday and Happy candles on a cupcake in a slightly darkened classroom. Love it.

  • Aw, isn’t he handsome. Happy Birthday!!
    Happy Anniversary!!
    (I liked the bleaching, by the way. And I saw something yesterday — in a catalog, a magazine — wherever/whatever, I’m sure it was the cutting-edge of fashion — anyway, it’s what you did! I said (to self), “That looks just like what Kay did to that sweater…”)

  • happy birthday to your baby boy, and happy anniversary to you!

  • Oh I love me some Joseph! He’s a STAR!!! Happy birthday and happy anniversary – have a great trip!

  • Happy happy to you and hubby and Joseph. I didn’t mean to offend with my 12-step crack…maybe it was just bleach-pen jealousy.

  • Congratulations and happiness all around (both for Joseph’s birthday and your 15th anniversary)!
    SeaSilk is fabulous fiber and it does have a certain aroma, but I’m told that it’s the “silk” and not the “sea”.

  • Kay
    I wish I had been at Yankee Stadium watching the Yankees! I am probably one of the few yankee fans in nashville. I wish somehow someway that there were a way to knit a yankee fans scarf, hat, mittens set!! GO YANKEES!!!

  • Happy Birthday Joseph! and Happy Anniversary Kay!
    Is your knitting going with you? The scarves are truly nice, but stop makin me buy books here! Scarf style’s been around for a while I know, but I haven’t gotten around to buying it yet. Jeeze, I haven’t even rec’d Denim People in the mail yet!

  • Congratulations all around: for the anniversary, the birthday big guy, and the beautiful sea silk scarf (do you think they considered marketing it as seaweed strands? nah. )

  • Fabuloso scarves! And a very happy anniversary to y’all and hippo birdies to Joseph. πŸ™‚

  • That is a fantastic scarf! I love the pattern and the color πŸ™‚

  • Right, so, first things first. I love as in love as in a sweaty passionate way, what you did to your Raspy. I love the pattern but had wondered how to make it look even more beat up and you figured it out, dammit. Genius. And genius that I’m totally stealing, I’ll have you know.
    I’m interested in the SeaSilk but trying. To. Resist. (Interested means drooling.)

  • First of all, I liked your artistic bleaching. Having tried to artistically bleach things myself (although not handknits), I know that you wield a really deft hand. Over-bleaching can bring some really nasty results. Yours were not nasty. You did a wonderful job Kay.
    About knitting at baseball games…..I do it all the time. Professional, high school, select, little league, senior ball, fall ball. If I didn’t knit at ball games, not much would get done in the spring and summer. Baseball season is sock knitting season!! The Seattle Mariners hosted the first “Stitch and Pitch.” Is knitting a dangerous activity at Yankee games? If so, you and Ann are both officially invited to join me for a Mariner’s game in Seattle next season. Where we can all knit in public with impunity!
    The scarf is beautiful! I have some of that Seasilk yarn, too, and the shawl pattern to go with it. I think it may be one of my first projects after the new year. The shawl will be for me, only me, all about me! None of the yarn shops in my area carry it, and I had to go to Canada to score that skein of loveliness. Nobody gets that yarn but me!

  • Happy Anniversary to you and the Mr. and Happy Birthday to Joseph!
    Love the scarves. They are both beautiful and I am finding myself entraced by the sparkly beads.

  • eek! the pic in the sidebar advertizes cheapo gas!

  • well, the sweater may not exactly be punk-rock, but it is definately postmodern, which somehow straddles that fine line between deconstructed desecration and acutely precise analysis. I say stop licking. If everyone liked it, it wouldn’t be cool. Flaunt it, preferably with a messenger bag, black journal, and plastic glasses. Listen to the Smiths, talk about social reproduction theory, and relieve the your college days. I think its awesome.
    PS- Baseball is mad sweet. Go Tigers!

  • Happy Anniversary to you and Happy Birthday to Jospeh!

  • Happy anniversary, happy birthday to Joseph and many congratulations to you!
    your bleaching is a touch of genius, and very daring! and your extremely long Midwest Moonlight scarf is a feat of perseverance: I honestly do not know how you did it!
    I made that scarf (much shorter), and resented it intensely: repetitive (well, I expected that, being it a scarf…), boring (see above), but certaily not a pattern that allows much autopilot knitting, with the opposing alternating decreases etc.
    Yours is gorgeous!

  • hi:)
    tell me about those beads!
    where can they be had , etc?

  • Storm Water is lovely! Beautiful, oceanic, stormy and I bet it feels really good on the skin… especially with all those therapeutic powers! Good job!

  • Awww, I love a good picture of a birthday kid. Super sweet. Happy Birthday!

  • Hey, happy anniversary!! πŸ™‚

  • You have summed it up: “Something x” going on, vaguely, out there, beyond the knitting. Perfect!
    You have also noticed that the scarf is also somewhat denim-like and looks, with the variegation, a bit bleached?

  • Knitting while companioning sporting spectators! You have completely described my knit life. I had never watched a sporting event until I met Mr. Funny; now its all sweat all the time–on the TV. Golf, tennis, soccer (lots of soccer) gaelic football, rugby…there are lots of very fit men prarading across our television. Not a bad backgroud for knitting….!

  • enjoy your weekend– happy anniversary! and happy, happy birthday to joseph, looking pleased as punch in that photo– very “who, me, eight?!” xoxo

  • happy happy to the both of you!

  • We just celebrated our 15th last month and AJ just celebrated his 8th a couple of weeks ago; it’s nice to see the celebrations rolling right over to the east coast. (And yes, that’s EXACTLY where the time goes! Congratulations!)

  • I love the sea-silk scarf, if only it smelled like the salt air and not the fish! I think we need to get a NY area stitch ‘n pitch–my husband is a yankee’s fan, I personally love the Mets (GO METS GO), so knitting at the stadium seems like a great idea.
    Happy Happies to all of you.

  • Happy birthday, happy anniversary, and happy sports knitting!
    I love the scarf and I love the beaded triangle scarf–beads, hunh? Perhaps after the socks.

  • Firsts First:
    Happy Anniversary! And Happy Eights to Big Joseph!
    The scarf is lovely. I have a nearly done scarf, but the post-season being on broadcast tv is actually slowing me down. Baseball, it is the coolest of cool, a FASCINATING game, and when we switch to postseason and there is something to watch and not just hear, I sit with my knitting and watch every pitch with still hands. I think it’s actually the only thing we’ve watched on tv all year.

  • Bit late to the party here but I loved what you did to Raspy – very fabulous! I’d wear it any day of the week.
    Happy Birthday to Joseph and Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!

  • And a mere 7 hours later, she owns the book! Yay!

  • AND,…..a mere 2 minutes later, The Denim People arrived!!!

  • 15 years—isn’t that the Fabric Stash Enhancement Anniversary? So that means you’re going to Sullivan Street for the weekend! Happy Happy!

  • I really loved what you did with the sweater. I’m de-lurking just to say that.
    It looks like one’s best ever, loved and long lost most favorite pair of jeans, in sweater form. It totally worked! Inspired.

  • CONGRATULATIONS on the Anniversary and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the “baby” Joseph.

  • My team (the Cardinals) started to win last night as I cast on a lace scarf, which means I have to knit on that scarf throughout the World Series in hopes that their luck holds (not that I’m superstitious or anything).
    Happy Birthday to your boy and Happy Anniversary!

  • Just what is this “cutch” that you put chips of in water to achieve a warm brown? Somewhere I have a book left from the hippie 60’s and early 70’s called “Dyeing From Nature,” or something like that, but I’ve never heard of cutch. Sounds nasty, doesn’t it?

  • *sigh*
    i am nearly demoralized that you could knit up that scarf while not only watching a baseball game, but actually *being* there *and* having a beer. something about the number eight and that pattern do not mix well together in my brain. i’ve been working on that seasilk shawl for what seems like ever now. . . i just can’t count to eight! πŸ™‚

  • Happy Anniversary Kay and Hubby!
    And, Happy Birthday to Joseph! EIGHT!! Imagine that, seems like just yesterday we were at his bris!

  • Happy Anniversary to you all and Happy Birthday to Joseph. That is some smile in the birthday photo!

  • Happy birthday and anniversary to you all!
    I just got a skein of the Silk Maiden at Downtown Yarns and have been wonding what to do with it. (They were out of the Sea Silk! Horrors!) Now I know exactly what to knit. Your scarf is so lovely… but I love just having my skein hang around the computer. One of these days I’ll wind it up and get started.
    Hope that you had a lovely trip!

  • cute birthday pic! hey, i LIKED what you did to raspy, i think after a few cycles in the washing machine it will be all nicely faded and look more haphazardly bleached. buncha party poopers out there.

  • Felicitations to your family!
    Hold your head high in the knowledge that your experiments with the bleach and the knitting put you into the category of the select few, the brave, the proud, the experimenters!
    Not every one is so bold. It is a gift.

  • Knitter’s Review recently had a review of Sea Silk, and revealed that Sea Silk has about 1.5% seaweed in it.

  • I’m dying to knit myself a scarf in that sea silk and seeing what you’ve knit there hs convinced me I need a scarf like that! Long and long!

  • Your notes on knitting at Yankee Stadium cracked me up! I was at that game with my Yankee-lovin’man. When I showed him the pic he said “easier than knitting on the subway.” Fun fun fun.

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