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  • This may be way out there, but I’m guessing that the number of lines in your post correspond to the “code” for your fair isle row: 3,1,1,2,2,1.
    At least, that’s how I do fair isle, reciting a string of numbers over and over in my head as I alternate colors.
    Am I close?

  • I clicked on the replies just to see if anyone had made sense of the post. I would have made a rotten code breaker – like riddles they always make sense AFTER I have the answer!
    Am totally with you on the blog post front though. I’ve been knitting and quilting whilst up in our house in the north of Scotland for the holidays and just didn’t want to put them down to play on the pc 🙂
    Love the fair isle btw, just wish I could manage them.

  • happy april fools!

  • If I didn’t know better.. I’d think the ‘mood’ was because you were a teacher on the last week of teaching ‘before’ the freedom of spring break..
    Oh, wait.. that’s me.

  • I cannot believe it. Who would call you a girl dog?
    PS I am so not able to find cryptic, hidden messages. I am just not that clever at 0800. Good luck to others to crack the code.
    Happy April Fools Day!

  • I was assuming April Fool’s, but … maybe that’s too easy.
    But, hey, “or a girl dog, you know” made me spit oatmeal on my monitor. HILARIOUS!

  • April Fools!
    Now….isn’t this flash you stash day? So now Kay needs to flash her stash in response and show ONE hank of non-rowan wool and say HERE is my stash! that would be funny too….

  • I am guessing that you are typing with your toes.

  • April Fools!
    he he he

  • this particular blog post uses all of the letters in the alphabet at least once? (or all of the vowels in alphabetical order?) ‘the kids, our shoes, weird eggs.’ love that. happy spring::

  • Merry April Fools Day!

  • That part about the new book…does this mean something is happening with your new book?

  • Each guess so far is wrong. I got it, though – or at least I think I did!
    But I won’t share the trick. It’s more fun to work it out on one’s own.

  • Dang, time to try collaborative problem-solving, because I’m surely not getting it on my own. So far as I can tell: It’s not a pangram exercise or a Scrabble-letter distribution one (no z); it’s not about omitting one finger or one row of the keyboard on the qwerty keyboard; it’s not Fibonacci sequence; it’s not Oulipo/lipogram thing about omitting one vowel, or the letters that have ascenders or descenders; it’s not just words of one syllable (darn “feeling”). I’m not seeing anything spelled out with the initial letters. Not just words of even or odd letters. Somebody take this and run with it. Certainly it’s been a great way to confound me on April 1.

  • Oh, drat. I missed “feeling” (and also “ever” and “single”) – I had thought “all words of one syllable”.
    Back to the drawing board.

  • It is getting closer to being all of one syllable. I noticed that “away” is still in there (after blab).

  • who needed campion old gold? please e-mail me.

  • Something about anew book with tips and tricks in it maybe some cooking recipes in it.???

  • You’re making my brain hurt. Does this have to do with socks?

  • It looks like the words you changed were the longer words. So all words of one syllable does look the theme.

  • You’re channeling Hemingway?

  • Dear God! PuLEEEEZE tell me you’re not pregnant???

  • Sounds like there are music clues in there. Hound Dog? Elvis? “Grand Old” Opry? Keys–piano? On your toes–dancing? Somebody help me!

  • no words have more than one beat. this is a good trick. i think i can do it too, though it is hard find the words to say what i mean.
    at first i felt sad when i read your post. i hope your cup of new thoughts stays full all your days. we all love the blog and the new ways you two keep it fun. thank you thank you!

  • I’m seeing a coded message that’s telling me to go out and knit cozies for vacuum cleaners and toilet brushes. And it’s telling me to do this in single syllables.

  • My first thought was iambic pentameter… but I can’t remember the specific rules.

  • You’re either knitting a dog sweater, or a cozy for the lard tub?

  • You’re either knitting a dog sweater, or a cozy for the lard tub?

  • You mention things in 3’s ….sags, limps, days,
    and kids, shoes, eggs,….
    something in 3’s….
    waltzing maybe…..
    that will keep you on your toes…

  • No words longer than five letters? If it isn’t that…I’ve no clue.

  • The first two lines (past “Dear Kay”) are in iambic pentameter, but after that not so much. I am not seeing anything! I may print this out and carry it around to work on today. So puzzling!

  • Cathy W and Nephele have got it. Thanks for the brain exercise!
    (I think.)

  • Is there a sonnet buried in there somewhere??

  • you had me stuck with ‘feeling’ earlier. but i’ll go out on a limb now and say
    single-syllable words…

  • Not sure what code there is to crack except Happy April Fools Day!!!!

  • As far as I can tell, your post is written only with single syllable words. If that’s not the trick, I’m at a loss!

  • As far as I can tell, your post is written only with single syllable words. If that’s not the trick, I’m at a loss!

  • Oops…sorry for the duplicate post!

  • I think I see what you are up to. It’s hard to keep this up, just for a bit.

  • I love that it was just subtle enough to make it a little hard for me to figure out (though I still feel dumb that it took me that long, obviously the cold is doing more damage than I think it should) while the language is just stilted enough to let you know that something is going on.

  • Now that I have read the comments I see the pattern — as a linguist I should be quite embarrassed not to have picked it up sooner. I think I was too busy trying to interpret it as a subliminal message convincing me to order lots of yarn and knitting books today!

  • Month that’s next to March Fools, to you too, Ms. Ann.
    I pay you laud for the trick you planned for us this day.
    See you on the day that comes when this one is done.

  • Blimey – that’s too hard for me!

  • I give up.
    You’re too smart for me.
    But I can’t wait to find out what the solution is!

  • Did you join The Club For One Pulse Words?

  • Oh, you ARE an evil one. No, I WON’T hand over all my chocolate, you and your subliminal messages!
    No? Not it? Just me? Well.
    What would you have done if Kay’s name had two syllables?

  • I was a lame April fools guesser. Sorry.

  • I could have read this post a hundred times and not noticed the one-syllable thing, if that’s it, which I still don’t know, because I don’t get why that would keep you “on your toes.” Plus it seems that IF was the game, you would not have had to go back and change things; you are pretty sharp and I think you would have caught multi-syllabic words that tried to sneak in the first time.
    My brain hurts. I am not good at this game. Can we go bowling now?

  • Those of you who have not been part of this clan for lo these lots of years will not have seen the game of “words of just one part.” But now that you’ve got it, I say yes too.
    Ann, next year, “Western redundancy theater.”

  • I’m going to go with all words of one syllable. I did NOT read any other comments before leaving this one.

  • Wha…?

  • Just one syllable does explain the “pix”, which always bothers me anyway. But I agree that I was looking for something SO much more complicated, counting double letters (it always seems to be double letters in my world) and doing the first word of the first sentence, second of the second, &c. Entertained me all through my mythology class but I cannot say that I have any new insights.

  • Cripes, this was fun.

  • Mary Neal’s comment says it all: is there a Meador family story to be told?

  • The wait is just too much for me,
    The post, this date, I long to see!

  • Late to the fest, but no less fun.
    (I hate the first with kids: we have yet to cease with the jokes. And still, it goes on. The boy needs to learn when to stop.)

  • isn’t that what life is all about?
    i mean… really…go on and on, with not a fresh thought in the whole thing. We knit, we purl, we make stuff, we have a grand old time as we blab and make our bibs and rugs and show pix of the kids, our shoes, weird eggs?
    what more is there?

  • OK – Am I the only dummy out here that can’t figure this out???? I’m dyin here! Throw me a bone fer cripes sake!!! psmflowerlady