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  • Denim (and it’s patterns) hold some wonderful memories for you, Kay. Makes me want to weep.
    If you run out of #225 Nashville before you run out of Whitby left to knit, I’ve got 20 skeins in dye lot 13I1.
    Mary G. in Texas

  • I have a stash of Nashville but can’t decide what to knit for myself…now it’s even harder with the thought that it won’t be available.

  • Well, I have the first two have to get my hands on indigo knits for other (lesser brand’s) denim yarn I guess!

  • I have some of those books too. If we can’t get the yarn, what will we do?

  • It was Elio! I have the preciousssss sweater to prove it.
    And that that baby-that-was still snuggles under his blanket made for him by you, Cheryl, and Ann is demonstrated in my most current (nearly monthly) post.
    I’m knitting in solidarity…Julie Hoover’s Hayward in Memphis a la emclean’s Raveled version.
    Not only should Rowan continue producing Denim, they should bring back black!

  • I love Rowan Denim, nothing compares to it… I don’t want it to disappear… 🙁
    A few days ago, I had a quick look on Ravelry searching for cotton yarn. Almost all those I like are either discontinued or unavailable. Why???

  • While I’ve been quite familiar with your Rowan Denim infatuation I myself have never so much as see it in person. But your personal and historical retrospective is worthy of the Knitting Museum that someday will open and with a little Kay and Ann Section. It will the the Mason-Dixon Hall and feature all your denim knitting and mitered squares and cabled sweaters.

  • Gah! You’re making me want to knit with a yarn that I won’t be able to get my hands on. (Tho’ I do sympathize with you, really. I hate when a favorite yarn/food/LYS/thing is gone.)

  • Denim’s ballad to Kay:
    Sad eyes, turn the other way, I don’t want to see you cry
    Sad eyes, you knew they’re come a day when we would have to say goodbye.
    This will obviously fuel my future yarn purchases. And, I’ve already earned my moniker.

  • I love Whitby!! So many cables. Will you make it for your very self? I have Sunday Best in a bag around here and will dig it out shortly.
    (Surely that sweater is named Raspy, not Creeper?)

  • I almost never knit with cotton but am in mournful solidarity with you. Stop, Rowan! it’s not too late. All will be forgiven if you keep us in Denim!

  • I’m sad that I have no Denim…and soon, no one will. 🙁

  • Let’s not forget Mary. I have the yarn to knit Mary sitting in my stash for oh, about 15 years ( is that possible? could it even be longer?). Maybe it’s time to cast on.
    I’ve done three denim sweaters: an adult gansey (with casing and pull-tie at the top and bottom), a child’s sea horse, and a pretty simple sweatshirt-y women’s top, my first.
    Thanks for a lovely elegy to a great yarn.

  • I can’t believe Rowan is discontinuing Denim – it’s like they’ve paid no attention at all! The only thing I knit from it was a pair of baby jeans, which turned my fingers blue, but they were just adorable.

  • Sometimes being a little bit hoarder’ish is a good thing—I have enough Denim squirreled away for at least two sweaters. I can’t believe Rowan would be insensitive enough to discontinue it. I never did get my big garter stitch blanket made.

  • Sometimes being a little bit hoarder’ish is a good thing—I have enough Denim squirreled away for at least two sweaters. I can’t believe Rowan would be insensitive enough to discontinue it. I never did get my big garter stitch blanket made.

  • It was the football sweater that got us together, wasn’t it? I emailed to tell you how to fade it fast. So pleased to know it’s had at least 3 owners.
    You’ve not even mentioned the Baby Blues! Or was it Blus?
    Will post my latest denim knit on the blog later in the week. X x x

  • Whitby! Good choice. Hope it evokes happy memories.
    I have large wheels of Denim from Bobbins. I will knit it one day, or keep it to send as an emergency package if Rowan decide to continue down this despicable route.
    No denim yarn? The madness!

  • Denim is definitely going, Rowan have confirmed it. And I think that I shall be casting on for Whitby soon, too. You are quite right – why wait?

  • The cotton for the log cabin bath mat in your book is gone, too.

  • Just ordered the last of what WEBS had in stock!

  • Just ordered the last of what WEBS had in stock…13 skeins…SCORE 🙂

  • Just ordered the last of what WEBS had in stock…13 skeins…SCORE 🙂

  • I never wanted to knit with Denim before but now I do and it’s too late. 🙁

  • Oh, I recognized Eddie R. right away! That vulnerable face! Loved him in Masterpiece Theater’s Birdsong.

  • Isn’t it something, how the knitting holds the stories we lived? I hope Rowan sees this post.

  • Is there any hope for Elann to continue their clone of Rowan denim or was that made by the same mill?
    My personal favorite denim pattern is the sweet little toddler jeans: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter05/PATTblu.html

  • O this is so sad.

  • I’m boo-hooing for all of your losses, Kay. Thanks for sharing. You’re awesome.

  • I spoke too soon. Just got an email from WEBS that they can’t fulfill my order and that the yarn is on backorder 🙁

  • I think this is worse than having none: I have six skeins from a Rowan membership “gift”, that came with a purse pattern. I never made that because it seemed like the wrong thing to knit with a yarn that must get to feeling really nice. PLUS, wouldn’t it have rubbed blue on my clothes for awhile??
    According to Denim People, I can knit a THelma, and maybe if I skip the picot edge and shorten the mock turtle, I can eek out a Picot in a medium.
    I just hate it when life reminds me the only thing I really have is the present moment!

  • Once again, I’m late to arrive at the party. I just got the book “Indigo Knits” and was contemplating which project would be my first stab at using denim yarn. Ack! I did snap up a few remaining skeins from my LYS and have some purchased from eBay. Too little, too late.

  • they’ve just posted on their facebook page that it has been discontinued, so i guess its definite. though they do say it will be back in another form.

  • Those are some gorgeous patterns. I need to remember the length issue next time I knit with denim. I thought that the Riveting being recycled denim wouldn’t have the shrinkage problem, but I was a bit wrong.

  • And you skipped Blu? I am still jealously holding onto one of the pairs I knit for my kids, and the lovely cabled sweater in denim that you made for Bendy and was worn by both my children.
    Was glad to read that the soccer sweater was passed on – I remember you knitting it partly just to get it worn and reclaim the aged yarn from it. Which I think is wonderful and also nuts, because I would LIKE to do that, but can’t get myself to knit fast enough to actually make a go of such an ambitious project to get the yarn that surely would be incredible. I’m getting the creeping feeling that I’m encouraging you to call the mom of the current owner and asking for it back…
    Oh, man. You are making me want to go spend a zillion dollars to stockpile it all before it’s gone, but I’ll leave it to your other readers. I think.

  • Oh, Rowan Denim, we hardly knew ye! If Kay doesn’t want Mary G. in Texas’ 20 skeins of Nashville, I do. 🙂 Please contact Gretcheng on ravelry–thanks.

  • I’ve had some rowan denim lingering in the stash for years, earmarked for a Whitby sweater. I think you’ve inspired me to get started on it!! Oh yes, and stock up on any rowan denim that I can get my hands on. Just in case.

  • I would not have thought this tragedy could continue to grow greater, but, augh! Augh! ROWAN…!

  • I started Denim Ruffle Skirt in Nashville a couple of weeks ago, and recently finished my forth Boneyard shawl in Rowan Denim. I also knit a blanket for my son this last Christmas using three shades. It was the Curve of Pursuit by Woolly Thoughts that was pictured in the first Mason-Dixon Knitting book.
    My stash will be exhausted when I finish the skirt. I want/need more!

  • Okay, if I can find it, I’m getting it! These patterns are gorgeous. And I have to agree about the models!

  • Okay, if I can find it, I’m getting it! These patterns are gorgeous. And I have to agree about the models!

  • kay, this is like a walk down memory lane!
    the memories have brought to focus how my life has intertwined with the experiences that you and ann have written to eachother. and so, a little part of my life intertwines with both of yours. and it is so with each reader of your blog. and each of us is a little bit intertwined with eachother, as well. i guess. it’s kind of like knitting , the knitter interacting with needles and string to create stitches which in turn create a new fabric.
    well, anyway, many thanks to you and ann for all of your efforts.
    this is a happy place for me.
    Knit On!

  • Kay, what a delicious trip down memory lane, if bittersweet at times…a loving tribute to your Hubbo, your artistry with and passion for The Denim, and all the fortunate folk who have received a blankie or a cool soccer sweater that keeps bouncing around! Sending much love and fondness for your generosity disguised as knitting obsession (or do I have that backwards?)

  • it’s the blues in the night
    set them up joe
    i have a storey
    i would like you to know etc etc etc
    only another knitter would know
    what pain is when your favorite
    yarn is closed out lovely
    memories for your family and us’ns