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  • Amen!!!
    xox Kay

  • I’ll be heading over to the bazroba tomorrow morning to pick up a giant pumpkin-like squash, which I will bring home in my babushka bag (one of those nasty square plastic carriers in the attractive black and red plaid), at which point I will carve it up into pieces and boil it on my stove top, which slavu boga (God willing) will work tomorrow if the gas is on, and then I will run the flesh through the blender–which I only discovered lately is a 120v appliance, which may explain that bad burny odor it emits when I use it–before I mix it with eggs and whatever Eagle brand substitute I can find, along with the cinnamon I bought at the Tsentralnii Rinok, where it comes by the ounce or so in a twist of paper, all in order to produce an approximation of a pumpkin pie that will then be transported to and consumed in the home of some embassy staff members; oh, and I am making the crust tonight, then lining the pan with it and putting it in the fridge (which I hope will work, if the electricity stays on) in hopes that it will be sufficiently chilled to avoid burning in the oven–which only has two modes: on and off–so that I have to be sticking a match into a hot place in order to turn it BACK on once I have turned it off to avoid burning.
    happy thanksgiving.

  • Mary Neal–I’m sure it will be the most deliciousest pumpkin-like pie-like substance you ever ate!
    If it’s any comfort, and I’m afraid it’s not, my friend in France has to pay 4 euros for a bag of mini-marshmallows. Highway Robbery! I sent her hubby home with a suitcasefull from the King Kullen.
    Happy Thanksgiving Away From Home, Love, Kay

  • MMM – I’m relaxing just at the thought Ann. Have a great time being busy doing nothing.

  • Happy Thanksgiving girls.
    Have fun i.e. eat and knit lots !

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you!!! I love this slice of life view you’ve given us. Enjoy those fires 🙂

  • Kay, you wanna hear something really pathetic? The biweekly newsletter from the embassy last week had a recipe for how to make your own marshmallows out of egg white and gelatin and sugar. Because we can’t get them, not even for four euros.
    You are a good friend to make the husband mule marshmallows.
    Anyway, the pie was excellent, if I do say so myself. The oven only tried to kill me twice and I successfully kept the crust from burning.
    Full of tryptophan now. Happy Thanksgiving. Lots to be thankful for here.

  • Happy Thanksging, y’all. Mary Neal, I admire your cooking (dare I say, EXREME COOKING!!! ?)of pumpkin pie.
    Ann, I hope you and your husband and budding pyromaniac are stretched out on the scrap rug with a roaring fire going. 🙂

  • Kay,Loretta would have followed her heart.Do what looks right & good to YOU.No.1 rule of art,or Art,folk and otherwise.

  • Kay,Joseph’s blanket is stunning.I love the colour choices & the hot / cold thing !

  • Emma–Thanks doll!–colour compliments from you mean a lot; some of my choices were non-choices because I didn’t have enough colours in my stash and I was trying to get single balls of cotton at the LYS in the middle of Felted Tweed Season. I’d been meaning to snap a photo of that blanket forever. My next log cabin/string quilt homage will be the Handknit DK version of a ‘Riserva’ or ‘Storico’ Barolo, full of lovely discontinued blues and greens from balls with the bands stuck meticulously in the middle, with a luscious body, hints of black cherry and vanilla–hold on, we were talking about a blanket, weren’t we?
    Ann–Can David come over and spruce up around here? We are decidedly lacking in seasonal spirit. What precocity! What an eye! What cheap labor! I’ll be catty for you–those church moms can hoard all the floral pins they want, but to get a wreath like this a kid needs more than pins: It’s called talent. xox Kay