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  • Photographing 3D textiles is a challenge for sure. I finished my onesockKAL project last night but it was too dark to take a picture; had to wait until the early morning fog cleared.

  • A few nights ago, my family ate with the lights off because it was the perfect light at the kitchen window for pictures of a prototype of a new design. Priorities, people! Also, I love the Stephen Colbert socks! Those will be my next pair.

  • Thanks for reminding me I need to wash the socks around here. We’ve gotten so much rain in the mid-Atlantic it’s hard to find a window of sock drying time. But with June well nigh upon us, that time has arrived!

  • What cats are to blocking, goats are to documenting. I suggest letting your goats get involved in your sock-photography endeavors. It happens around here quite often, and is fun for everyone – knitter, goats, rav project-perusers.
    What? What’s that you say? You have no goats?
    Good news…I can fix that!

  • Working on finishing my little sock for the current a4A campaign. Have been trying to figure out how to upload pictures from my Android. Not easy to figure out for a tech challenged Boomer like me. At any rate, I loved that Stephen Colbert sock and hope to soon try that cabling technique. Thanks for the reminder about the late Thomas Kinkade. There was great light in his work
    which I sadly took for granted, thinking that it would always be there. I trust that his ultimate journey into the light was the most brilliant. R.I.P. Thom.

    • I did it! I posted a pic onto Instagram! It’s on my feed (not the the KAL) as I do not yet have a finished pair of socks. It’s the afghans made by my knitting group. Anyone who is on IG and would like to see it, my IG name is ohiostarr. The only problem is that I don’t know exactly what the final thing I did to get it fom my gallery to IG….

  • Hi,
    How does one upload to the instagram feed? Is that the way to enter for KAL contest?
    Thank you!

    • Yes, Diane, I think that’s it. BTW, I really like your name.

    • Yes, I believe that is correct. BTW, Diane, really like your name.

  • Your husband is very wise. Don’t say anything and just walk out of the room. Keys to a happy marriage.

    • So true.

  • I suspect I’ve given my neighbors plenty to talk about as I dash out of my front door, step just into the perfectly shady-yet-suntinged-spot, wearing a pair of socks with my jeans rolled up, and posing into awkward stances to get the best pictures of said socks. Or maybe they’re also knitters and get it. 😉

    • This is why I take all of my knit pix in the back yard (nice fence, attractive flora) or indoors (despite poor lighting). I don’t want the notoriety of being known as the weirdo who takes pictures of her own feet.

      • Gretchen, if you lived in Portland, OR, you would take pictures of your own feet every time you come home to PDX airport. The carpeting is unique and unmistakable. Then you would text that photo to friends and family to let them know that you got home safely. It’s a tradition around here. Hand knit socks optional.

        • I’ve never flown into Portland. Something special to look forward to!

  • Hubbo’s action reminds me of the story Ruth Bader Ginsburg tells about her mother-in-law — a woman Ruth always speaks about fondly. The mother in law gave her a set of wax earplugs before the wedding ceremony saying: “In every good marriage it pays sometimes to be a little deaf.”


  • Everyone knows good photo light wins over dinner prep. Lovely single sock shot! Nice glow.

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  • Even in total darkness, your Colbert socks would be jawdropping-ly gorgeous. That settles it, I am going to try your wild cable pattern for my next pair.

  • You too are a Davidson graduate? Class of ’85 here!

    • WHOA! Julie, we are classmates. I was Ann Meador back in the glory days.

      • Really!? I am floored and … drawing a complete blank. We’ve must have been in different circles (or eating houses).

  • The socks are beautiful. I am also a Colbert fan and am sorry he never took you up on the sock thing. (“Ravelympics” sullied the good name of the Olympic games? Humpf!) Also love your description of the beautiful light. “This late afternoon light? It looks like Jesus will come striding out of the cedars any minute.” And finally, I know that I don’t have context for your Hubbo-walking-away choice, but in our household that would have definitely been choice number 3. Choice 1 would have been to take a photo of your sock. Choice 2 would have been to start dinner himself! But perhaps he has the wisdom of Solomon…

  • Ann, are you wearing pajamas at 6 p.m.? Maybe that’s why Hubbo walked away without a word. Wise man.

    • Judy,

      I can attest that those are not Ann’s pajamas. Those are her fancy pants.

  • Love the light, love the sock! I’m sorry to hear Collinette is closing. Do you or does anyone know why? They and Koigu are kind of the grandmothers of the whole hand-dyed sockyarn trend. boowah.

  • There was something about the random cables that unnerved me. I looked at my feet. Ah, yes. They looked like my veins. Ew. Guess I’ll do a different cable. Except for that detail, the socks are gorgeous!