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  • Happy anniversary! And many more. May 12 is a good day around here too. Its our Gotcha! day–the day I “gotcha,” for kids that are adopted. Have a happy celebration!

  • Two nephews, several family vacations and a bunch of Thanksgivings later, still proud to be your Brother-in-Law.
    Happy anniversary. Hope it’s not raining. (Not Interesting Trivia: It rained cats and dogs on both my brother’s and my wedding.)
    The B-i-L

  • What a beautiful dress and a lovely bride! Not to stand up for background lady, but it looks like she’s sneezing?

  • I’m pretty sure she looks like she had just started Weight Watchers that morning and didn’t want to give in to temptation.

  • Happy Anniversary! Maybe the “nice” lady was commenting how lovely you looked to her equally attentive friends. Don’t worry – I know at our wedding, everyone was placing bets as to the length of the marriage (16 years this August) and commenting on our weding song (“Thorn In My Side” by the Eurythmics). Enjoy your day!

  • Bless her little background lady heart!

  • C’mon now, give background lady a break. I think she’s smiling, and may have happened to glance away just at that moment to smile her agreement that the bride looks lovely and don’t they make such a lovely couple. I betcha her eyes were back on you two seconds later.
    That music list though. Whoa. I don’t even remember some of those, and I’m pretty sure I’m happy about that.

  • She probably couldn’t turn to look at you, it must have been really difficult for her to keep that tree balanced on her head like that.

  • Nearly every one of those songs played through my head as I read the title. Thanks for the memories…

  • Happy Anniversary. I hope y’all have a wonderful day.

  • Well, shame on whatserface, way to go you and Hubbo.
    But what’s happened to his hair?

  • Happy Anniversary! I’m embarrassed to say that I couldn’t hum a single tune on that list. I’m hopelessly stuck in a much earlier decade.

  • Happy Anniversary!! I don’t think that it’s a bad sign at all. We celebrate our anniversary – some years in a bigger way than others – but I think that when you’re happy & content in your marriage that it’s a good thing when it sneaks up on you.
    Enjoy your day, the happy memories that it brings!
    Limewire is a great to find those really great songs that can take you back!
    Perhaps the lady’s husband touched her arm in a rare moment of sentimentality and she is looking lovingly into his eyes, remembering their wedding day.

  • I think you and Hubbo have proven that groove IS in the heart.
    Nothing compares 2 U 2!
    L’chaim and l’stonehenge to the both of youse,

  • Happy wedding anniversary!

  • Happy Annniversary! I love that smile on your face, Ann. I agree with the person above who said the lady just happened to glance away at that moment. I think she’s smiling.

  • Congratulations!! And here’s to 17 more wonderful years! 🙂

  • Happy Anniversary!
    I stopped by that top ten site, and checked on the year I graduated law school. I DO remember what we were listening to… none of it was on that list (and some of what’s on that list? don’t remember it at all, and might never have heard it).
    Was I that out of touch? or is the top ten list maker out of touch? or was it just from a different radio station than everyone I knew listened to?

  • Ann,
    You look so much the same (except the glasses are more current). Absolutely sweet. Congratulations! (And congratulations to Susan M. on her Gotcha Day!- I don’t even know you but we hope to have our very own Gotcha Day next year, so I can’t help but smile at other’s celebration at creating a Forever Family!)
    who rarely knits right now (too much adoption paperwork?), but can’t help but check out the M-D site at least once a week!

  • My paren’t thirtieth is Monday and my own 3rd is in ten days,
    Aren’t May weddings great?
    Happy Anniversary (and Happy Gotcha Day)!

  • happy anniversary, ann & hubbo.
    (now i have sinead o’connor trilling in my head: ‘i went to the doctor and guess what he told me/guess what he told me…’) ‘groove is in the heart’ isn’t too bad either. now i’m dating myself– (*smile*)
    17 years is wonderful!! congratulations!

  • Happy 17 Years Ann & Hubbo! Hey, just outta curiosity- do you know/remember who background lady is? Again- Happy Happy!

  • All the best and *many* more Happy Anniversaries to you and the Mr. Happy Mother’s Day, too :o)

  • Is it just me or do your knockers look enormous in that wedding dress? 😉

  • Happy anniversary to you both! Now how on earth do you manage to look just the same as that 17 year old picture?

  • Happy Anniversary!
    As for the background lady, isn’t there an erase tool in Photoshop?

  • Our 24th Anniversary is on the 14th. In the background of one of our wedding pictures is my MOTHER yuckin it up, head thrown back in raucous laughter with some former neighbors! Whatever it was was clearly much more entertaining that whichever traditional wedding picture event that was happening! Happy Anniversary!

  • Happy Anniversary! We hit 35 years this year, after reading the list from the 90’s I must have slept through those…. couldn’t remember one!Maybe because there were 4 young girls running through my house then! Enjoy your day! Wendy

  • Happy Anniversary! And I REALLY hope they didn’t play “The Humpty Dance” at your wedding!

  • Happy Anniversary!! And many, many more 🙂
    As for those songs, I’ve never even HEARD of most of them, and those I HAVE heard of I don’t want to hear again!! 😉

  • Happy Anniversary!
    I’m not even going to look at the song list as I’ve always been completely oblivious to popular music so I’m sure I won’t know any of them!

  • Happy happy anniversary to you both and a smack upside da head to the background lady who wasn’t lookin at you. I agree balancing that tree on her head must have taken all her attention.

  • Happy Anniversary! It’s my (opps, I maen our, but we selebrated with a bottle of wine, and I’m having a herd time typing) anniversay too. We’ve been married twice as long as uoy young pups – it’sour 34th anniversary. They didn’t even HAVE music when we got married in 1973. We had to hum walking down the aisle. And people wondered what we were doing. Himming, I mean, not the getting married part.
    Anyway, it is easier to celebrate 34 years. All the kids are grown and the only interuptions are from the arthritic dog, and the cat who needs his sub-Q liquids shot into him. We’ve had them awhile, too. See what you have to look forward to?

  • Happy Aniversary! May you celebrate many more years together!!!

  • VERY Happy Anniversary! Ours was two days earlier, the 10th! Sounds like a few of us fellow commentors (commentErs?) have enjoyed May weddings. Last year we dined at Taco Bell; this year we ate at a Laotian place and my food was too spicy for me to eat {sigh} However, the company was stellar! Truly, it is my hope that you (and our fellow May anniversary celebrants) may be as happy as we are, which is uncommon happy. Could it be that knitters are just more confident and therefore, following the adage “to love, be lovable” we’re just all so lovable that we have great marriages? One thing’s sure: your Background Lady was NOT answering a cell phone! My vote is with the suggestion she was turning to her beloved and commenting on the beauty of the moment.

  • Hi, Ann,
    I’m so grievously un-hip that even 1990 hits seem like newfangled whippersnapper stuff to me. :oP The only current music I get exposed to is when my 16-year-old pops her iPod in my hands and insists that I’ve got to listen to something.
    Enjoyed seeing the wedding pic and commentary — happy anniversary!
    FYI, I’m also de-lurking to mention that I recently revived my own long-languishing knitblog at a new URL, http://www.loopyknits.com, and I’ve added Mason-Dixon Knitting as one of my favorite knitblogs in my sidebar. Hope you don’t mind!

  • Happy Anniversary!
    I was married five years earlier than you, but our son was born in 1990. It was a treat down memory lane to read the list of top ten songs.

  • Congratulations on your anniversary! Many happy more. Does Hubbo still have that cute curly hair?

  • Last year both my husband and I forgot our wedding anniversary – our seventh. I thought it was funny. Congrats on number seventeen!

  • Happy Anniversary!!

  • Hey!! We’ve only been married for 4 years, but “The Humpty Dance” was one of the best songs at our wedding!!

  • Happy anniversary! And Happy mothers day, too!

  • I’m with Mary de B. Happy Belated Anniversary, and Happy Mothers Day to you and Kay.

  • THE GLASSES!! I do love the glasses. So matchy matchy and all. SO in luv.

  • Happy anniversary!

  • BELL BIV DEVOE Wow! Happy Anniversary.

  • We just got our wedding video last night, and I have to say, I know exactly how you feel about this lady in your photo… My husband and I discovered last night that it wasn’t just our imagination, no one watched us do our first dance. And not only that, they talked right through our song!!! It was all this chatter and commotion, and no wistful looks and cute grandparenty couples holding hands reminiscing.
    Man, I was fried!! Come on people, we’re feeding you, pay attention to the job at hand!

  • ARGH! Not the top 10 of 1990! That was a big year for “you like Bell Biv Divoe!” “I DO NOT!” in our house. I don’t even know how to spell the band’s name but I remember it. Something deep in me remembers and I wish I didn’t. (It was, after all, freshman year of high school for me.)
    I LOVE your glasses in the photo.

  • May 12 must be the best day for a wedding! Mine is the same as yours- 17 years later…

  • Happy Anniversary!
    Yeesh, such a critical moment in a wedding too! She should have been glued to both of you. Some people’s children.

  • We had to take two bites of cake before anyone even noticed we were doing anything! Maybe it’s a cake thing. Happy (belated) anniversary!

  • We had to take two bites of cake before anyone even noticed we were doing anything! Maybe it’s a cake thing. Happy (belated) anniversary!