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  • Hola viejas!! Nous sommes the Frenchies! Salut! Nous parlons Frenchie, Ingles y Chilean slang circa 1973, which is the year our Maman left Chile. Which means no one can understand us. Arrivederci Mason-Dixon Knitting!!!

  • Whoooeee. Gone for a few days, come back to find Kay is found, there are some children wearing SPEEDOS?!?!? (Should be a law against ANYONE wearing them), Ann is croc wrestling, and that Ann has bought more yarn than I have, er had, before going to NYC! How many drinks did Lis and I have anyone, seems like I have been gone for dog years!

  • ann – that is some serious stash enhancement!! i’m quite green with envy over here!!! and if you are talking about the julie/julia project — she is actually just finishing up – not starting. it’s a great blog to go back and read a few months of though!! 🙂

  • Carolyn–I’m not proud about this stash thing. It was a weak and pitiful moment, and now it’s showing up in my mailbox like a reproach. My son howls when we get the mail these days. “MOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!”
    And sorry, yes, the Julie/Julia project is done, now I finally figure out. Hey–have you heard of this thing called email? It is SO cool.