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  • LOVE the blankets! They look so cheery and comforting.

  • I want to knit an American flag. Should it be silk or cotton? That’s the question. Silk stars on wool?

  • Love the flag on the book cover. And I agree with the need for a blanket on the go at all times.
    For the Knitting Olympics I did a garter stitch baby blanket. I had to put aside my Noro Log Cabin for it. However, after the KO was done, instead of going back to finish the Noro LC (only one more skein to go) or the topdown cardigan (only have the lower torso to do since I got the sleeves out of the way already) or any number of UFOs, I started a mini-granny square blanket.
    Going on a long night time car trip soon, I can do granny squares in the light of oncoming cars. And so portable, unlike a big ole Noro LC.
    At least that’s what I’m telling myself. However, I have used only 4 colors. After seeing Loretta Pettway’s flag, I think I should add 6 more.

  • Mmmm, stripes. Have you seen Grace Anna Farrow’s patterns? I just ran across them on Ravelry while sitting up all night with my poor sick child, who’s enthroned on the couch surrounded by things to throw up into. They made me think of you and Ann (the patterns, not the, um, containers, needless to say).
    In particular there’s a wrap called Volt in shades of grey with a single lime green stripe that is so gorgeous …!
    I promised myself to stash-bust for Lent, and now between your log cabins and her designs I’ve got the inspiration to do so.

  • Brava to Susan @ 2:22– stashbusting certainly is the right Lenten penance for knitters.

  • I love the non-star quilt. It really is stunning.
    And yours will be delightful too, I know!

  • It does look very flag like.

  • This will sound like damning with faint praise but I’ll go ahead. Normally I am not captivated by knitted blankets or projects like Citron, but I love what you’ve done with both forms. Citron looks especially toothsome and I think I must find me some cashmere (after knitting half my stash before buying more yarn which was my New year’s Resolution).

  • i am not giveing up anything
    i am putting grapevines in my hair and
    pansies between my toes look out spring here i is

  • I really like your use of the word “homaged.”
    That really made this post for me.

  • Dear Kay,
    I was especially touched hearing your nostalgic account of Joseph’s blanket, just as I was touched by a mom who would fold like a thousand origami cranes for her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah.

  • love the flag/denim blanket! esp all the switching around with the garter,reverse garter,stockinette
    and the off white tossed in for brightness
    I have been thinking about a gift for a baby boy due to arrive in june and that blankie of denim is perfect, maybe sans the red section…Just thinkin out loud…

  • AAAAhhhhhhh! I LOVE that quilt. I too am stash-busting for Lent! Of course, I’l have to buy some brown and tan and cream now!

  • BTW, I just looked up the meaning of the crane in origami terms. First, I found out that origami is also used to commemorate an important occasion “in a unique, hand crafted manner”. I also found out that the crane is a symbol of “honor and loyalty”, and the one who folds a thousand cranes will be granted their wish.
    Kay, I can imagine the wish that you held in your heart, for your daughter, as you folded the 1000 cranes.
    Blessings to All.

  • Neat blanket- I am expecting and it’s giving me some ideas for things to knit for ‘little who.”

  • Love the flag-your brain is really great to come up with these things!
    Red denim? Perhaps it would have been better if I didn’t know that existed…

  • I’m with Gerri, I’m all over Red Denim (if that is what it is), I love that blanket and still love Joseph’s.

  • What kind of denim yarn do you normally use? Do you stick to one brand? Your obsession is starting to have an effect on me – I saw some lovely denim yarn on elann.com -Den-M-Knit, pure indigo dyed – lovely stuff. I love the “flag” blanket and the pictures of the quilts. Let me know about the denim please!

  • I feel funny if I don’t have something to knit in the movies – like I’m missing a limb or something.
    Love your blankies…

  • I’m so glad to hear that others knit in the movies. My husband makes fun of me for it!
    Now if only I could think of a way to knit while I brush my teeth . . .

  • Could you post a picture of it spread out so I may shamelessly copy your inspired creation?!! (Just to get straight to the point!) Love it!

  • please help…what does “cast on 66 x 3” mean?