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  • I know! It’s so cool isn’t it?

  • Cool? past cool! It’s so great the way people all over are coming together to give this kid mobility.

  • What they said.
    I read somewhere that, when you give, you shouldn’t give ’til it hurts; you should give ’til it feels good. It’s true. Go help a kid out. You’ll feel better.

  • Ann, no fig trees in Blue Earth, MN. Very jealous. You could make a Lady Baltimore cake. It’s a rich white cake with a fig newton-type filling between the layers and the kind of white frosting you beat in a double boiler (we call it seafoam or seven minute frosting). Of course, the filling is best when the figs and chopped walnuts marinate a few days in sherry. Lady Baltimore cakes are very grown-up cakes. Enjoy your figs!

  • What a great place to give!
    For anyone looking to do this, all you have to do is scroll down and there is a link for Oliver’s Fund.
    Thanks for providing this info, Sis!