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  • Oh…that coffee filter tip…awesome. Love the blanket squares.

  • A blanket on Size 2 needles? A blanket on Size 2 needles?!?! You are one brave woman.
    Love the use of Peaches & Creme and the coffee filter. Now I finally know what to do with all the snips I cut off after weaving in my ends.
    Happy holidays!

  • Number 2 needles? Are you nuts? Great idea about the coffee filter in lieu of cheesecloth, though.

  • Darling Olive. She is trying to save you from the teeny-tiny yarn and needles. I am glad she is to have lots of chicken from the nice holiday lady.
    The coffee filter tip is fabulous, unless you don’t have a filter machine, like here. Here, you just fish the woody stalky bits out as you go, and there is a prize for finding the bayleaf. x x x

  • i thought ombre meant “shadow”
    very best wishes for the holidays!
    olive is the BEST!

  • Ombre, umber, hombre. Whatever.
    Coffee filters are also excellent for draining yogurt to make it thicker for decadent-seeming dips.

  • A post with definite flavor, Kay!

  • Kittydog!

  • The coffee filter tip is priceless! As is your blog. Have a great trip and a joyful holiday.

  • And my sock yarn blanket is on size 1 needles! Why did I start this?

  • And my sock yarn blanket is on size 1 needles! Why did I start this?

  • And my sock yarn blanket is on size 1 needles! Why did I start this?

  • I cannot even begin to wrap my head around knitting a blanket on #2’s. That’s for knitters far braver than I.
    The brisket looks delish. Happy holidays!

  • I use cheesecloth all the time, actually! Mostly, I use it to strain yogurt for Mediterranean-style cucumber salad with mint. But that’s just me. The coffee filter full of herbs is brilliant!

  • A Sophie’s Toes blanket is worth the hours and hours and hours of knitting on #2 needles. If I had a blanket in that yarn, I’d never leave the house. My socks barely leave my feet long enough to be washed!
    Love the coffee filter idea – You can use those things for anything!
    from the WI knitter in the front with the light

  • Love the olive photo. We do have cheesecloth, but coffee filters are SOOOO much easier to find.
    Have a great trip.

  • Size 2s are my favorite needles to use. I love knitting on my size 2 straights so much I start all my sock projects on them. However, if I knit a blanket on them, I’d probably never touch a size 2 again.
    I do think that yellow square is the perfect start to a scarf. Just pick up stitches on the other edge and garter your way up! Reminds me of some I saw at Loop in Philly.

  • Actually, I do have cheesecloth from some high-falutin’ intention of making some sort of yogurt cheese. Unfortunately, I can never remember where I PUT the cheesecloth when it is time to use it for an impromtu bouquet garni. Love the coffee filter idea. I always know where those are and who doesn’t have scads of Peaches & Creme available???

  • Actually, I do have cheesecloth from some ill-fated high-falutin’ plan to make some sort of yogurt cheese but I can never find it when I need it for an impromptu bouquet garni. Love the coffee filter idea – I always know where those are and who doesn’t have scads of Peaches & Creme around???

  • I have large dogs. I have never seen any need for a small dog in my life, what with their high pitches and the fragility associated with their small size (I can accidentally step on my big babies and they’re fine, but I fear stepping on/rolling over on/otherwise squashing a wee furry one)…
    …but then I saw that pic of Olive. Holy cow, Kay, that is a smallish doggie of truly unprecedented adorable.
    “I already have two dogs, and two is enough. I already have two dogs, and two is enough. I already have two dogs….”

  • I was lucky enough to see all of the Amish Abstractions quilts at the DeYoung museum here in SF, and let me tell you, they’re even MORE striking in person. Swoon.

  • Great tip for the garni! I have old filters in the cabinet. Making lob cabins with crochet and kidsilk haze for a light spring scarf. Perhaps sock yarn is next…

  • Have a fun time on vacation!

  • I am not a coffee drinker, nor am I a brisket eater, but I do make soup one in a while. My boyfriend and I drink a lot of tea, and we both have tons of tea making doo-dads. One of them is a tea ball. We put all of our herbs in there, two if we need them, and chuck them in the pot. makes it easy to find them because they have the chain attached to the side.
    Enjoy the trip!

  • I knew I was a cooking anomaly before, but yeah. I have cheesecloth. It’s for the relatively infrequent times I am making cheese, because Paneer is too easy to make to pay $8 at Whole Foods. Yum!

  • Poor poor Olive. She’s such a sweet looking girl. (And what in the world was she chewing on there? I think I recognize one colorway…)

  • that top photo: afghan as bento box, knitting that’s good enough to eat.

  • …”because ombre means flavor” – gotta hang on to that one!

  • Wow! Size 2 needles! I also saw the Amish Abstractions exhibit in San Francisco. My boys and I went last Sunday to see King Tut(“he’s my favorite honky”-Steve Martin has forever corrupted my reference to Tut) and then we saw the quilts. They were unbelievable. For 2 boys(12 and 10) to even love them and then to get to use the squares and pieces in the adjacent textile room to make their own patterns…something else.

  • Is cotton kosher for Passover? 🙂

  • Its really time. Time to make thee book, The Book of Reticular Knitting. C’mon, you know ya wanna!

  • I am embarrassed or proud to say that I recognized the colorway of that garni tie-up.

  • I saw the use of the NO.2 needles on ravelry and almost passed out from the shock of it. You one brave woman. Can’t wait to track the progress of this blanket. It looks so beautiful so far. Reminds me of the saying about beauty being painful.

  • I keep waiting for Olive to get bigger, but she isn’t going to, is she? She is just going to be permanently adorable.

  • Oh: I thought “variegated” meant flavor. My bad. 🙂

  • Oh: I thought “variegated” meant flavor. My bad. 🙂

  • i hope the south land is nice and warm for you
    spring break is fine sun rise on the beach
    is great and clap at the sunset if you are
    in florida olive is lovely size two only you

  • Finally, validation! We roast a chicken about once a week, but I never have any kitchen twine to tie up the legs. So I go into the stash and use either peaches-n-cream or some mercerized crochet cotton. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is open-minded about the stash.

  • Size two needles!! Need I say more?

  • Olive is truly the most adorable dog I’ve ever seen. No exaggeration. Truly the cutest. (Just don’t tell my Westie…)

  • That blanket is gorgeous. What size needles is it on?

  • Gosh that blanket is going to be gorgeous! Can’t wait until it’s finished. Whatdya think, 2011? 2012?
    Oh, and have you seen this commercial? Everything cozies!

  • Olive is the most adorable dog ever!

  • so none of the dye bleeds into the brisket or onto the chicken?? My PnC (which might really be SnC) is deeply colored. But that aside, I love the confluence of crafts!

  • When my son was home from college in December, we took the train to NYC to stand in long lines at the Guggenheim, then had a lovely dinner at the Chirping Chicken! In the future I will keep my eyes open for Olive and company. And thanks for the tip about the coffee filter. I used the last of my cheesecloth today and thought how annoying it would be to have to remember to keep that item in the house. Thanks to your resourcefulness, Kay, I won’t have to.

  • I did a blanket with leftover sock yarns (yes, I had to buy more, and a special color for the knitted-on I cord binding, whatever), in mitered squares, using a double decrease in the center of every right side row. You pick up each square and weave in the ends as you go! It’s huge, and in size 3’s, so I feel for ya!!
    On the coffee filter: BRILLIANT! thanks!!

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