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  • Heckfire, that was a funny post! Love the commode warning…..yeah.

  • The best part of the commode warning is that the commode has a _name_. I realize its only natural, because the more quirky something is, the more likely we are to anthropomorphise it – but a toilet? What else in the place is named? The trash can? The fridge? Where’s High Boy, his big brother? Is there a Tumbler (that would be the Dryer, I suppose)? A Stein? Goblet (possibly the Fridge on that one…) The possiblities are endless!!

  • I like the “please linger near the toilet” part. Sounds like a great summer activity to me. Anyone wants to linger about with me??

  • Sissel–I’m with you about ‘please linger near the toilet’. This is not, apparently, a toilet that does well on its own. This is a toilet that likes companionship. And don’t we all work better with a little company?
    Hope that weather thing works out for you, Ann.
    I’m a bit worried about the cavalier maternal attitude toward boogy-boarding DURING A TROPICAL STORM. But far be it from me to meddle.
    Love, Kay

  • I don’t know how this will do, but I’m currently experimenting with a thick yarn/thin yarn scarf by doing a lace pattern in the thin yarn and then making massive fringe with the thick yarn. Of course the opposite would work, I just have to try the weird way. It’s a secret project, but I should have the results by next monday. Those 2 do look gorgeous together…

  • Try stripes of pattern, lace for the thin, knit/purl for the thick yarn. But you will probably have to knit the stripes to the same gauge/number of stitches per inch across. This might incur using different needle sizes for the different yarns. I would use the recommended for the thicker yarn, then try larger needles for the thin yarn. If feeling adventurous, you could try knitting a base scarf with the thick with lace window intarsia insertions made in the thin…. Just ideas from here.

  • Hi there, just a newbie to the knit blogging (I don’t have my own yet, just browsing around so far). I just started working with some lace weight yarn myself after I saw a pattern I adored on MagKnits…the Sheer pattern. It actually calls for Jaggerspun Zephyr. You will have to let me know what you think!

  • Ann, did you check copyright laws before posting someone else’s literary work? I’ve spent most of my years south of the Mason-Dixon and that, by all standards, is a jewel.
    I’m proud to say I am now on my second knitting project. I am unable to fix any errors without you here (on vacation with Ann earlier this summer I would just screech and hand the needles over to Ann, who would whip my errors away). Suppose I should get a book. Have you considered adding a 911 section to the blog?
    Glad you survived Alex.

  • QUICK EVERYBODY! My sister Buffy’s birthday is on Thursday, so please send her a superspecial happy birthday thought during your daily meditations.
    She is spending her birthday in New York City, lucky dog.
    Happy birthday, sissy! And remember: errors add character!
    xx0x0 A.

  • Beth! I was just going to recommend that she try the sheer poncho from magknits with the jaegerspun. I want to watch someone else do it before I make the leap to laceweight.

  • Oddly I was going to suggest doubling up the zephyr to make them a closer guage since the colors are so gorgeous together, then I saw the comments about the sheer poncho and thought hmmm…Perhaps you do the body of the poncho in the laceweight and then a fun thicker and just as floppy cowl with the pretty multi yarn. I used size 5 needles for the pattern so you wont even need to adjust much with the dk yarn.

  • I seem to be in the minority here – but I think that warning is very well written. The words in brackets have been added for further clarification because not everyone has the same names for the toilet/commode parts.
    It gives the reasons and a nearly full explanation for the toilet’s apparent leaking.
    Much better than the usual cryptic message: Lever sometimes sticks – please hold it down.
    Or the shorter version: Hold down lever when flushing.

  • Ooh, I love Thomas’s idea for the lace panels of intarsia–that sounds like it would be gorgeous. And the Inca Alpaca looks completely decadent.
    Happy birthday dear Buffy, happy birthday to you!

  • I am laughing so hard at that flipper flapper valve amazing regurgitating toilet notice that tears are coming down my face. I wonder if Low boy is related to the turkish style toilets road stops in France seem to favor?

  • Having having survived moldy toadstools in the stall shower of a beach rental house in the very same aforementioned state, I can relate. It was before I was a knitter (needlepointing at the time, I believe) my coping skills weren’t very good.