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  • At least you posted the cuteness so we could all admire it. It’s not really wasted that way. And I especially appreciate how you displayed it on a backdrop of the psycho squares afghan. Brilliant!

  • Glad the gorgeous blankie made it to its intended recipient! I finally finished the fourth square, and am well into the fifth, and I’ll tell you, the further I get into this blanket, the more I like it. Such a great, kookie design! I let the kid play with each square as I finish, and he seems to like it so far, if level of saliva is any indication.
    Oh, and yeah, why is women’s basketball any less entertaining than men’s? Makes no sense (although I think the Tampax play of the game is offputting for any sex!)

  • First of all, my deepest sympathies about your poor heels. I think you know where I stand on the whole idea of exercise–nothing but hazardous as far as I can tell.
    As you know, I have had experience with Recipient Failure to Understand the Momentousness of My Gift, so I feel your pain. But jinkies what a wonderful way to wrap Taro’s bwanky. And Dad is clearly so delighted that it’s all good anyway.
    The Tampax Defensive Play of the Game . . . just kills me. I’m all comfortable with my womanhood and everything, but is this a sponsorship the world really needs?
    Waiting for the Preparation H Offensive Play of the Game. xoxox

  • One of the NYC Marathon’s most coveted tchotchkes is (or was, in The Day) a cool European-style running hat. Very light weight cotton with a tiny brim. It was an exceedingly jaunty item. I was basically running the race to get the hat. In 92 it was a cool hat. It was yellow and said something like Pirelli (Italian tire company) on it. Kind of a Nascar vibe; I loved it. But in 94, it had the name of an-ANTI-JOCK ITCH MEDICINE on it. I mean, ewwwwww!!!!! On my HEAD!!!!!!! So grossssssssss! Not the way to market your anti-fungicide, people! I’m not saying there’s a connection, but 94 was my last marathon. xoxoxo Kay

  • It’s a great blanket – I’m sure that Taro’s mummy would have enjoyed the cuteness of the packaging but it sounds as though it wasn’t wasted on the Daddy.
    I’ve reached the point in my own little bit of denim knitting where it no longer seems imperative to scrub every vestige of blue from my fingers when I put the knitting down – is this a good sign? I feel like that Rowan model from one of their years-old mags (only about the fingers, mind you).

  • Hi., I love your dishcloth!! by any chance would you let me know where I can find them or if I can buy a copy from you.
    Thanks for your help

  • I’m not sure you’d be allowed (or rather, that Tampax would be allowed) such sponsorship over here. Or if we’d want it! But don’t men crowd to see women playing sporting games in order to ogle said women in tight shorts & t-shirts? The beach-volleyball syndrome? More fuss over what the women wear at Wimbledon than how good their tennis is, in some quarters at least…! But then, I have to admit that on Friday night watching Norwich City FC play Inter Milan in a pre-season friendly that my best friend and I were far more interested in the Milan players warming up on the sidelines and their snazzy socks than we were in watching the match (but then it wasn’t the most thrilling ‘beautiful game’ I’m ever seen!). Mmmm.

  • I’m glad you thought to photograph and post the wrapping of the Taro blankie so that we could all appreciate it! Very cute, indeed.

  • Ah, the good ol’ days of 50’s bball. I think that IS a compliment – I’m sure my hubby, who played in college, would take that over the crap the NBA plays today. Alas, he never got into the women’s game. Not in any sport. My darling chauvinist.
    The blanket amazes me everytime I see it. Thank you!

  • “Do YOU play this well, honey? Did you EVER play this well, on a good day? Well then, SHUT UP AND WATCH THE GAME.” Aint’t that the truth?
    I’m so excited that he loved the blanket, though. He seems like a nice all-around nice person.
    Knit on…

  • Your comeback is awesome, as is your packaging ability…and what a beautiful blanket!

  • Um. Yeah. I love your dishcloth too! (???)
    Your wrapping is as wonderful as the blanket. I still want it, and if I were in the subway, I’m afraid to imagine what kind of nastiness might have ensued….

  • That package was NOT wasted. WE saw it.
    Plus, you’ve got a grateful recipient.
    Saw the Gee’s Bend quilt book at work today. Wow, wow, wow.

  • I absolutely love that blanket and its definitely on my list for the next afghan I make. In fact, I was supposed to remind Kay about a tutorial 😉

  • Guys ruin all the fun! Great blanket though.

  • I’ve heard people say that about women’s basketball but they meant there’s still no politics, crazy money and endorsements – still about the game. In that respect I think they’re right!

  • You have my deepest sympathies. I get (have) to sit through many many basketball games with my husband, and the differences between the way the NBA and the WNBA games are covered are astonishing. I know very little about the game, but I still get annoyed at crap like the “Tampax Defensive Play”. Good Grief.

  • The guyness is supplanted by the enthusiasm. He deserves a break. The blankie is way cute, too, wrapped or not.
    I suspect there’s more than one “Tampax Defensive Play” in the WNBA. Heck, if I were doing all that running and jumping and sweating, I’d have a whole slew of them.

  • i love the blanket! where is the pattern from? is it stated somewhere in your blog? if so, i can do a search later when i have more time for reading. i think it’s beautiful, and a good opportunity to use up stash (or rebuild 😉

  • The blanket is gorgeous and that’s a lot of mitered squares. I did knit one the other day for no reason – you were right, they are addictive. If only I could sew them up so that they look decent. Yours are gorgeous.

  • I love that blanket so very much that I want to eat it.
    I can practically taste it right now.
    It’s just gorgeous and I’m thrilled every time I see a new pic of it. Very, very lucky recipient and lordy may, what a wonderful gift!

  • Oh dear, I’m not as mature as you I’m afraid. I’d be peeved. I’d be looking for at LEAST an “Oh it’s just too GORGEOUS to unwrap !” rather than the old wham, bam, hey cool blanket, c’mon let’s go to the game approach. Blokes. Honestly. I’d rather have cats.
    Should you wish to knit another I promise I’d appreciate its wrapping to the utmost ….. ah, that’s a “NO” then ?
    Heather x

  • Nonsense – you got to show off in front of hundreds of girls right here, and I, for one, am ready to swoon at the gorgeousness of that blanket. You’re a genius! And you make me want to knit with DENIM!

  • Not to be too gross, but did you notice that above the sign that says, “Tampax Defensive Play of the Game”, is a sign that says “100 streams of satellite radio”? Are the sponsors trying to remind of something that we girls don’t need reminding about???