The Only Sane Crochet Provisional Cast-on

By Kay Gardiner
September 24, 2016

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  • I’m a left-handed crocheter (not knitter, though), and the first time I tried this cast-on, my stitches didn’t unzip like they were supposed to. I tried knitting through the back loop on the first row after the cast-on – and the stitches unzip like a charm!

  • Thanks for posting this video! I had learned this method years – OK, decades – ago, but hadn’t used it since the 90’s. In my own trials today I was doing something wrong, and was so happy to find a clear video demonstrating this technique.

  • I use this both as provisional with scrap yarn and as a crochet cast on with working yarn and no extra chaining. I stumbled into this this spring and love this.

  • Best provisional cast-on!