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  • You know…that was my favorite costume as well. At least the panty hose connector parts looked in her case much more like “leotard” material…at least in my humble opinion. But I have to say that there was something about the necklace she wore that bothered me…a funny looking little wood thing at one end, kept slipping around Wonder why?! …Mmmm

  • OH! I got so carried away by skating costume talk that I forgot the most important thing.
    “Happy Belated Birthday”! It sounded like your day could not have been better. Wonderful.

  • Happy Birthday Ann!

  • Happy Birthday, Ann!
    And yes, her costume was lovely. It was the kind of thing I would have loved to wear back when I was ballet dancing and subjected to all kinds of hideous things that “will look great on the stage!”
    Also: Shizuka’s costume. Despite the big floppy sleeves, I liked it.

  • I liked Sasha’s the first night she was so colorful and the last night so classic. Put me down that I do NOT like the girls in pants!
    Happy Birthday Ann!!!

  • Happy Birthday!
    I hope you get your skating costume!

  • Happy birthday!
    I liked that costume too… but it would have been better had the snowflakes been 6-sided rather than 8-sided.

  • Sounds like you had one perfect day. Looks like I won’t be mailing you the dirndl trimmed with ostrich feathers that I handsewed with unraveled pantyhose (oompa loompa nude shade 5), so my gift will be later than usual. xo, c.

  • pedometer walking is definately the “in” thing….you’ll be amazed how hard your “dogs” have been working…..but, does it count stitches?

  • Happy birthday. Sounds like you had a completely wonderful day.
    I felt bad for poor little Carolina falling on her ass with her whole country counting on her. I thought Arakawa’s wasn’t too bad given that she was skating to Turandot. Plus the two sides of color looked pretty nifty while she was spinning.

  • Turns out, among all the other coincidences, we’re birthday twins, too. My birthday was also Thursday. Happy Birthday to us!!
    Glad yours was so enjoyable. And congrats to your pa!

  • my hubby’s b-day was thursday, also. he had a candle stuck into a lemon meringue tart….a favorite. happy natal day, ann!

  • eeek!
    I thought hers was the worst of all!!
    the color didn’t stand out on the ice and, courtesy of the pantyhose connectors, looked like she had spiders all over her arms and chest.
    I vote for Sasha Cohen, at least it was tasteful and went with the whole Juliette theme of her music!

  • Happy belated birthday, Ann!
    You know, those snowflakes would look awesome knitted…

  • Happy (belated) birthday, Ann! It sounds like a magical day! And I love all the skaters’ costumes, but that’s because in my heart I am still 9 years old and love pink glitter.

  • Happy birthday! I’d send you a beer bong if I could find one. No chance of finding one here, though, in a college town.

  • It sounds like you had a great birthday–I’m so glad! It’s what I would have wished for you if, you know, I’d KNOWN about it ahead of time.
    I agree her costume looked nice, but I really liked the gold-medalist’s–it was elegant, I thought. Speaking of skating costumes, though, did you see BTRMIS (Barbara the Really Mean Italian Skater) in the exhibition skating Friday night? Really, really hideous costume!!

  • Happy Birthday Ann. Mine is Tuesday so we are almost b-day twins (um..except that I’m older than you by probably mmmbblle years). Glad you had such a good day.

  • Happy belated birthday from me as well! 🙂
    When you get the costume, are ya gonna model it for us out on the ice and do a lil jig for us too?? 😀

  • joyeux anniversaire ann! what a happy post– cheers!!!

  • I thought Carolina’s costume was the classiest one out there. It was beautiful in an understated kind of way. Re. her necklace, I thought at first she had a birthmark on her back (during the short program) then realized it was a necklace. It must be some sort of lucky charm or something.
    Ditto the comment about not liking the girls in pants skating!
    Happy Birthday!!

  • Re: Carolina’s necklace, it seemed to me that it was a coral twig, kinda the girl version of the cornicello, which is sort of an Italian good luck charm. This is the kind of thing you pick up on when you’re originally from New York ! Anyhow I loved her costume too, I assume it’s in a size zero so no point in me googling that auction!

  • Ann,
    Happy belated birthday from me, too. Sounds like a perfect day.
    Carolina Kostner’s costume was also my favorite. I loved the cool colors, the subtle design, and the snowflakes (eight-sided and all). With all the walking you’re going to do with your new pedometer you’ll fit right into it when you win it.
    And…today’s my birthday. Another near-birthday-twin for you. Mine, however, ends with a zero and brings a person mass-mailings from a certain nameless group that a girl of my tender years doesn’t feel much affinity with.

  • Happy Birthday! It was Babylon Day in New Orleans (and Chaos and Muses) so instead of watching the skaters I was watching grown men, including my husband, in baggy polyester costumes throwing beads from floats. Not an inch of pantyhose connector material in sight (thanks be to god).

  • I thought they were spiders, too — but I should admit I have kind of a “thing” about spiders….

  • I live in Nashville (a “newcomer” of 8 years, now) and tried to go to the Frothy Monkey once a few months ago and my husband and I never found it due to construction detours. We ended up at Starbucks instead. But, if the place is worth going to (and not too trendy for a young but not-so-hip-anymore mother of three like me) would you mind giving me a pointer as to how to get there? And better question- is it the kind of place you could sit and knit?
    Happy Belated Birthday.
    I also fully agree about the costume- beautiful and an appropriate use of sheer mesh.

  • Yes, I agree whole heartedly on the gold medal for best skater’s costume. What happened this year with the skating costumes?? Did someone go to Circus World???

  • I’m really really intrigued what panytyhose connector parts are??!!

  • ah sorry, just read the explanatory earlier post. never mind. totally agree.