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  • Ann,
    I am there with ya.
    Yes I will yell at the TV too on Sunday night. Here in Chapel Hill I am alone in my Oscar Madness among the intellectual-with-no-TVs! Ok I yell at the TV during the BBC America news but the Oscars, ya jus have to!!
    Also I think Carey is cuter than Anna.

  • Oh – you just always have the right words to crack me up…I love the Oscars too – I am always so nervous for the winners when they give their speech – I don’t want them to embarrass themselves on one of the most important nights of their lives…I’ll be following your tweets 😉

  • Okay, I haven’t seen An Education, but I keep thinking that Carey Mulligan looks so familiar. That dimple! She’s been in half a dozen Masterpiece Theatre productions in the last five years. No wonder I feel like I’ve seen her before. What a beauty she is!

  • Don’t forget Carey’s teensy role in the Keira Knightly/Matthew McFadyen Pride and Prejudice. She was Kitty. My husband laughs at the Oscars, but wanted to watch Superbowl coverage starting at 10am!!!!

  • Ann, I love you. I don’t know if I can work 12 bingo cards at once, but I will be watching the whole shebang, with or without Brotherman, who may have a better invite. Please tweet! XXO

  • BLESS YOU for the bingo links! Now I can’t wait to watch! (And look forward to your tweets.)

  • Carey was also in the Dr. Who episode “Blink”. I kept thinking she was sooooo good and soooo cute.

  • Just call me the Oscar Grouch.
    I watched Olympic hockey, and even the closing ceremonies, and that’s my limit of TV watching for the millennium, or at least until the next Canada-US game.
    Enjoy yourselves, and include lots of men in tuxes in your wrap-up coverage please!

  • Have asked a friend to record the Oscars so we can watch them together next week. so will be blocking my ears and averting my eyes from newspaper coverage en attendant. Have fun!!!

  • I was hoping you’d live blog again. I was surprised you didn’t do it for the closing Olympic ceremonies??

  • Does anyone out there ever knit doll clothes for a 12 – 13 inch baby doll? we are going to have a charity project here at work and we are looking for doll clothes to knit patterns. the doll & clothes will be sold to the highest bidder and money will go to a local charity. thank you.

  • I can barely knit or crochet during the broadcast because I don’t want to miss ANYTHING!
    Here in Hollywood, the streets surrounding the Kodak Theater are all blocked off, traffic is terrible, it might rain on Oscar day!!! Oh no!!!
    I wrote a bit about the history of Oscar Award venues on my blog today!!!

  • Ann, I will yell with you!!

  • Rita – I’m here in Raleigh for you and concur re the “no TV” group! Also concur w/Ann re Sandra Bullock (she DID go to ECU after all) vs. Helen Mirren AND Meryl Streep. But that’s what the Oscars are all about. Most of the movies I see are in the Indie venues here, where wine & popcorn are served, thank goodness.

  • Another vote for the live blogging! I’ll be reading.
    And hope it’s OK to offer up another BINGO option. Only four cards but there’s a sheet of markers with Christoph Waltz’s head: http://www.reelzchannel.com/bingo

  • The only reason to watch the oscars is that it’s great knitting time. We rarely go to the movies anymore (don’t get me started) so I haven’t seen any of the contenders, but,hey, it’s Americana, and I am committed to watching, and, back to the beginning, it’s great knitting time!

  • The only reason to watch the oscars is that it’s great knitting time. We rarely go to the movies anymore (don’t get me started) so I haven’t seen any of the contenders, but,hey, it’s Americana, and I am committed to watching, and, back to the beginning, it’s great knitting time!

  • But our question, Ann: what will YOU be wearing????

  • i will have on my jammies
    have choclate and wine
    let ann watch the oscars
    i will critque her twitts

  • Wouldn’t miss the Oscars. Did you see that gorgeous hand-knitted mohair sweater worn by the character Kenny in A Single Man? Let’s ask Tom Ford who knitted it. Beautiful movie.
    Someday I’ll be able to movie-watch and knit at the same time, without dropping stitches or missing critical dialogue while dropping stitches. On Sunday eve it’ll be popcorn, bubbly, something very easy to knit, and I’ll twy to tweet – maybe just blog. I’m in L.A. on vacation – it all seems more, um, more here.

  • But, Ann, since you can talk NCAA basketball and March madness and even think/write about the possibilities of Gonzaga vs. UConn, could we do that here too, when the time rolls around. Sorry, Oscars do nothing for me, but give me a buzzer beater and I’m in!

  • And just to add, the reason I am lukewarm/cold on the Oscars is that games like Bullock over Mirren just does not resonate with me at all!

  • I’ll be here!!! Just down the road in Fairview, TN (don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it – I hadn’t heard of it until I moved out here and I was born in Nashville). No-one will be watching it with me in my house either (or if they do, their eyes will be rolling irritatingly often), so I’ll log on and check in with you. Are you playing Oscar Bingo? (= Let’s all play together!

  • Wait!!! Speaking of sweaters in movies – did you notice the gorgeous fair isle shrug worn by “Toots” in Bright Star? I loved it. I want one for myself!

  • I’m bothered by the popularity of a guy who sparkles in sunlight. Whassupwiddat? Am I too late to submit that question to the Problem Ladies? Is that two questions? Wait, three?

  • I miss watching the Oscars with my younger daughter – we would do a play-by-play of every outfit, and one year when I got home late from work, she drew pictures of her favorite dresses for me so that I didn’t miss any of the fashions…I think she was about nine or ten, and I still remember it.
    and yes to live blogging, which I’m usually totally against!

  • We have a crisis here in Central NJ — our scummy cable company, Cablevision, is fighting over fees with ABC and may cut the signal tonight at midnight… so I may have to camp out at my best friend to watch the Oscars (it is an event for years my mother and I would say we would dress in our designer evening nightgowns, and watch …)
    I suppose I should check the cable status …
    Loved “An Education” — good smart movie. Woman director, as well. Did not realize that carey Mulligan was in “Blink” — a great Doctor Who episode … she was also in the Kiera Knightly “Pride and Prejudice”.

  • Well, that’s it. I woke up to find that our cable company is not airing abc, due to the dispute they are having with Disney about money.
    Jiminy Cricket!! Why did they “Tinker” with this, of all days? Perhaps if I wish hard enough….
    “Oh, when you wish upon a star….”

  • I will be yelling at the tv too – because my cable company is fighting with ABC and now I CANT WATCH!
    Oh well – season finale of big love – pray that is on tonight….

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