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  • Oh Ann! – I am laughing so hard it hurts. I think I also know Danielle.
    I resent that email, has it ever arrived?

  • Rock on, Morticia! This gives the Rowan-modeled pictures even yet more fun. 10 1/2 and already ardent! I don’t know what else to say except Wooooo! so, Wooooo! 😉

  • Dear Ann,
    With regret, I hereby tender my resignation from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I am sending you, under separate cover, my MDK photo i.d. and my key to the Ladies Executive Washroom. I cannot express to you what an honor and a privilege it has been, working with you and all, but I must leave now, for (intensely) personal reasons.
    How do I put this?
    A. I’m not worthy. There are no pictures of me, looking for all the world like a bleached-out Wednesday Addams, in my white tights and my Veronica Lake comb-over, posed among my tassled froggie needlepoint cushion, my sampler, or any other artifacts. (Sure, I did a little freehand animals-on-gingham work in 7th Grade Home Ec, but who didn’t?) Nor was I featured in a major metropolitan daily newspaper (in my case,it would have been the Omaha Weird Harold) with a friend who had a 50s hairdo. (All my 70s pals were, well, 70s-looking. Our hairdos ran to either your Dorothy Hamills or your poor-man’s Farrah Fawcetts.) I just can’t compete with you, try as I pathetically might, and I refuse to humiliate myself any further in a futile effort to do so.
    B. You’re freakin’ me out, babe.
    It’s been real. Love you. Kay
    P.S. Is anybody else hearing ‘The Wind Beneath My Wings’ during this comment???

  • Awesome photo…you kind of had a Marcia Brady-thing going on, didn’t you? I’m glad you shared this!

  • WAY COOL! What else can I say! I too was a crafty child but never managed public acclaim… now I know it was the hair & white tights I was lacking!
    You made my day (again!)

  • Ann
    wow! knitting, needlework, rugs… and you made it into the press with your handiwork way before Daryl Hannah began exhibiting her talent for garter stitch scarves in Vogue – you’re obviously ahead of your time.
    I do have to comment that Danielle looks slightly more pleased than you at having the photo taken though…

  • OK, OK. This is excruciating.
    But is this before or after the WHEELCHAIR?
    It’s share time, baby.

  • ann! it is becoming v. clear to me right now, all of it, yes, indeed. actually, i am gobsmack and all i can think of is, “my what big eyes you have” goldilocks!
    and kay!! before you resign cant you call lil and ask her if there are ANY photographs of you on the synchronized swim team? surely, there must be some somewhere? we can touch them up later, you know, add in some knitting needles somewhere and make some of the other knitters wear sweaters!

  • I know this is not the right thread, but I got tired of scrolling down that far.
    I think they should have stuck with “kiwi bear.” That sounds like a nicer fiber.

  • and i meant to say “other SWIMMERS wear sweaters.” dang. ann, look how you have influenced me…dang, from a pure bred eyetalian new yawker! oughta take a rope and hang me!!

  • Kay….knit-blog-write-knit-blog-write-knit-blog-write…. keep up the good work!
    how do i get a “dude where’s my core”
    jacket in a manly size?
    (I trade art for art !)
    David W.


  • Ann, I may have to post some pix of David aka DDubbie’s work, simply as a reward for being the first person in my entire acquaintance who didn’t just nod agreeably when I gave him our URL. He actually STOPPED BY! He SCROLLED DOWN! He thought of something POSITIVE to say!!
    David, I’ll knit for you anytime. (There’s a bit of a wait, but it’s nothing compared with a chair from Dakota Jackson.) Admiration is priceless.
    (I’ve actually made the he-man version of Core. It’s called Creek. Tres manly. It’s in my favorite yarn, which is cotton. I see you as more of a wool-wearer, but maybe that’s an ethnic stereotype. Set me straight if you are longing for linen.)
    xox Kay

  • David W., Creek is pictured in the ‘Found Objects’ on the left margin, hanging in a hammock with a mini-me version of itself. If you click on it, you can see a bigger picture. It is that size because I made it for Hubby, not because I have any insurmountable issues with sizing. xox Kay

  • Oh, how I love vintage knitting patterns! And see that girl, who looks like Cousin It? Well, I think I had a hairdo just like that, complete with part in the middle and flatness on top. And I was, like, 6 years old. What a slave to fashion! 🙂

  • Ann, I didn’t mean to stir up so much with the newspaper clipping. Like Kay has resigned. Was she serious? You two use so much jazz talk I cannot follow what you are saying most of the time. She was kidding. Right?? Tell her to reconsider. It will not be Mason or Dixon or whichever was from the north without her. Love, Dad

  • K- pix to follow!
    You are correct I was raised on itchy Scottish wool but now as a soft effete city dweller linen just feels better!
    Has anyone ever called you two “a pair of knit-wits?”
    David W aka “Yikesadude”

  • Oh, David, I didn’t mean to give you the business. It is such a rare treat to have a guy wandering around in here that I was just all atwitter. My dad’s right in here with you, and my brother-in-law, but I’m, like related to them so they don’t count.
    Pleased to have your linen-loving self here.