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  • The last time I served lemonade Durwood declined to have any, instead he had “olive-ade” which is what he calls gin on the rocks with olives. I’m just not that hard-core. Happy Olive month!

  • Well, dang.
    As much as I do love the olive — the canned green ones are pretty tasty — I really did hope this was a celebration of that bundle of cuteness known as Olive the dog.

  • If I know a Certain Olive Owner, this month will be celebrated by hand-knitting a sweater out of cashmere for a tiny doggie. Maybe with a matching blankie.

  • Part 2
    But then I guess Olive the Dog isn’t everyone’s favorite little black fruit.

  • Way back in the mid-1970s, my cousin and I got into the pre-dinner bowl of black olives. We walked into the kitchen with black olives stuck onto all of our fingertips. I’m surprised that the California Olive Commission didn’t include “finger puppets” on their list of ways to celebrate National Olive Month. Maybe I’ll bust out a can of ripe olives tonight and re-enact the first season of Glee.

  • Certainly not new, but it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving (or Christmas) without SOMEONE putting a California Ripe Olive on every finger on one hand and then eating them off one at a time. Ah, the holiday memories of childhood (first, second, whatever).

  • AHH…I love the thundering footsteps comment – It also gives me new appreciation for my own job!! Happy Olives!

  • I am liking the sound of Durwood. My kind of man. I didn’t even think California grew olives.Spain, Italy, Greece, yes. Even the forever-arguing bits of the Middle East (all of them). But California? You learn something new everyday.
    But they do go best with gin, for which you have to thank us and the Dutch! x x x

  • Mini-me loves olives and would happily bring them to school snack day. Therein lies the difference between 1st graders and middle schoolers.

  • We just discovered you can get green olives stuffed with anchovies… in a can! The only previous time I had these was from a schmancy deli in Gay Paree, so I was super thrilled. We will celebrate Olive month in style here, lemme tell you.

  • I just invited my sister over for Yahtzee and olive marinating. Gotta love me a new euphemism.

  • This is not about olives but your grass. I keep seeing your lovely posts with pictures of glorious green grass. Sadly, most of mine has turned to stubble because of the lack of rain/scattered showers and sauna type atmosphere here in middle Alabama.

  • okay, i have to be one of the densest people around. Cause i thought completely that someone out there was celebrating Kay’s Olive! and had devoted a website to it! And i happily clicked on it hoping to see some lovely dog tributes to lovely Olive. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..
    Well, in my mind, this month is celebrate Kay’s Olive Month! so there!

  • Best way to celebrate olives? with a glass of wine. We were at a restaurant in Capetown some years ago, and ordered a glass of wine with our lunch (lots of people had them). I’m sorry, the waitron (south african for server) said, we have no license to sell wine. But, she continued, if you order a dish of olives, it comes with a free glass! the olives were a bit pricey, for olives, but well worth it!

  • A booth at our farmers’ market sells fantastic sicilian style green olives stuffed with jalapenos. They are unbelievably good!

  • And if your kid’s a Pisces, you can nix the olives on the individual pizza and spell his/her name with anchovies.
    Hey Kay,
    Your line “I’m not sure I want my kids known as Those Kids (Who Brought Canned Olives To School)”
    Really cracked me up! Just thought you should know. 🙂

  • I thought I hated olives (the food product, not Olive the dog) because for me they were always canned and always part of the holiday relish tray, and I just thought they tasted icky. Then when I was in college 30 years ago—good God, where does the time go?—an enlightened friend had me try unpitted Greek olives, and I Saw The Olive Light. “Oh, THAT’S what they’re supposed to taste like.”
    So I say let’s celebrate good olives and Good Olives everywhere!

  • You could, however, support the “Ultimate Cooking FOR Olive Contest.”

  • In the case of marinating your Olive, wouldn’t that be known as a B-A-T-H?? (Kudos to her stylist, BTW. The cut is very flattering.)

  • Happy to celebrate both canine and food Olives for the month of August!

  • Martini, with green olives, what a way to celebrate!

  • Ooh, DH loves him some olive pizza. He’ll be happy to know he’s celebrating while eating, as if he needed the excuse.

  • Wow, my Aunt Olive will be happy it’s Celebrate Olive month! You better start knitting up Olive some more outfits, she’ll be going out on the town a lot.

  • Shoot! So much for a laid-back August. Now I have to do all this olive stuff. Well, I know, I should be grateful someone solved the pizza serving issue. I have no kids but a friend does pizza for the multitudes every Thurs. I’m sure!! this will be a big help.
    Loved the 8-3 post, as well, but , as you can tell, I’m behind…my Aug has no hammock swinging in it so far.

  • It would not be Thanksgiving, if all the kids (and adults) did not have olives on every digit. I was glad to see that other folks observed this “custom”. Our grand kids are teenagers and still do it. High five for Olive!!!!

  • http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Lemon-and-Coriander-Marinated-Olives
    These and 3 glasses of wine make me feel soooo much better.