Our Own Private Edinburgh Yarn Festival

By Kay Gardiner
March 10, 2017

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  • I would love to be going to EYF. Will just have to see it through the eyes of others through blogs, tweets, and Instagram.

  • GAH!

  • Old Maiden Aunt yarns – they (she?) has a new book — Coming Home with contributions from Scottish stars like Ysolda.
    Also, I’ve been to Scotland — it’s beautiful and magical. I can only regret that it was before I was a knitter.

  • Hi, who is recording the video at the top of the page?

    • Deb, thank you for asking this question. I’m mortified that I did not credit Vero Pepperell and have rectified my oversight by adding a link to her wonderful YouTube channel, Along the Lanes, at the bottom of the post just now. Many thanks for letting me know I had lipstick on my teeth. Or broccoli. Or something.


      • Ha-I’m just on the lookout for knitting podcasts. Thanks!

  • And then there is Gudrun Johnston of Shetland Knitting and Brooklyn Tweed fame. Love her patterns too.

  • Denise Bell and Chris Dykes of Lost City Knits have put together a lovely book of essays, photos and patterns called Ultima Thule: Patterns Inspired by the Shetland Islands, that comes from their travels. I’m going to take a class from Denise at DFW Fiber Fest this year, hoping to hear more about their trip.

  • You provided a link to the paperback version of Tudor Roses and I would love for you to get the bit of money Amazon gives through links from the blog since I did not know the book was out in paperback until I read it here. My question is how to use Amazon Smile (which is how I do all of my Amazon purchases since a small portion goes to the charity of my choice with that program) while still allowing you to get your bit as well. Help please!

    • Debbi,

      Don’t worry about cutting us in, we are happy you learned about the paperback Tudor Roses from us. What a great way to help your charity!

      • You are so kind. The Humane Society and I both thank you!

  • Considering how long we in America have had yarn fests galore while Europe looked on longingly, I’m happy for our British compatriots to now have EYF.

    • Hear, hear!

      (Though of course, I wouldn’t turn down a free ticket to Edinburgh . . .)

      • Well of course. 😀

  • The http://www.knockandowoolmill.org.uk and http://www.newlanarkshop.co.uk are worth being mentioned, if you want to experience scottish yarn besides the lovely Shetland yarns.

  • I only made it about 45 seconds into the video – just to the wall of Wollmeise – before a towering wave of travel-envy washed over me and I had to step back for a moment and remind myself to Love The Yarn I’m With.

    • Words of wisdom, for sure, Quinn. Thank you for this insight! Love the Yarn I’m With, and the project, and the book, and all the other stuff too. I can lust after the next yarn (and project, et al) without having to accumulate more.

  • Karie Bookish (http://www.fourth-edition.co.uk/) lives in Glasgow and has lovely designs inspired by her surroundings. And the most recent post on her blog is a guide to EYF!

    Also, I saw the picture of Kate Davies on the MDK homepage, and had a moment of real confusion about which blog I was on.

  • I was lucky to get to EYF for a few hours on Friday, and it was amazing! I tried not to go too crazy, but found some wonderful Scottish yarns (and narrowly avoided the Brooklyn Tweed booth, which I can get easily at home). I was so glad I was able to rearrange some travel plans made before I heard that EYF was happening while I was in Scotland!

  • For Scottish knit podcasts the gold standard for me is http://www.knitbritish.net by Louise Scollay who is based in Edinburgh from Shetland (voice to die for) and champions locally sourced yarn where ever you live. http://www.knitsonik.com/ by Felicity Ford (she has a background in sound recording so the podcast is of a very high quality) As a local to Edinburgh I’d say COME! in addition to the festival we have 5 local yarn shops, umpteen cafes to knit in and if you are in Edinburgh on a monday night check that my craft group is meeting http://www.grannygreens.co.uk

  • I was just in London. I could have made a side trip. 🙁

    Next year as I will likely be at the same conference.