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  • Are you two still getting along after so much time together?
    Is there any state in this Fair Union with worse road signs than Pennsylvania? We lived there (and loved it) and we constantly saw the teeny little exit markers RIGHT as we were flying by the desired exit.
    Perhaps you are actually in training for The Amazing Race.

  • You guys were great at LOOP! It was such a wonderful experience to meet you both. You are sweeties! Can’t wait to see which caption you pick! Becky

  • Whew! So glad you got home okay. I was worried about my directions for a minute. I’m so sorry I missed you guys on Friday night, but sanity became the first priority. (Not that you guys were drving me insane or anything….)
    Dudes. I think I’m having MDK withdrawl! I MISS YOU!!!!!!

  • I hope you all are coming to close to Milwaukee (Chicago will do!)–your book signings look like so much fun! 🙂