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  • Clothes pins. Not straight pins. And I would have written and/or edited this differently:
    Wet (the) wrap and hang (it on a clothesline) sideways(, clothes)pinning it frequently to get a straight edge.
    Is the yarn store Sheila the same Sheila I remember?
    What a gorgeous store. I actually had my eye on a tasty storefront here. Since Patternworks folded up and moved to NH and the Internet, Dutchess County has only one LYS, and it’s in Hopewell Junction. There are already 3 LYS’s in Ulster county, but nothing close enough for Poughkeepsie residents to pop into.
    Here in the land of tie dye and gay marriage (Did you see that OUR MAYOR–my son’s friend–is one of the 25 sexiest bachelors in People???) we could use a LYS.
    But that is for another life.

  • No fringe. Remember, this is the lit club president Koigu.
    Asta looks wonderful in your color combination. Will you get a coordinating satin bow or hire a press stud, ala Sandra, to follow you around holding it together?

  • ann! you are NUTS!! love the shawl and all of your emotional expressions associated with it. only hope that you got that patons grace at a discount.

  • The stole/wrap is fantastic.No fringe.It’s elegant as it is,and plenty long enough.Blocking : on a sheet with lots of pins sounds good to me ! I don’t think pegging it on the line,sideways,will give the sort of result you’d be proud of,really.Always do what’s in your heart ! That’ll be a million pins then ! Be sure to kneel on the cushion.
    The loaf looks interesting.What are your plans for it ?
    i love to see you breaking into colour.Even if it’s a bit muted for me !

  • I’m with Emma on the fringe issue. Just clean, straight lines. As for blocking/dressing it, if you can’t find a long enough place to pin it out in one length, fold it over a broomstick (to avoid a crease), and then pin the two halves out laying over each other.

  • kay, ann, fellow readers, do any of you walk and knit at the same time? i just read about this woman who knits while she mall walks… i think there’s something to be investigated there (i would definitely be outside, though…)
    does anybody know anything about the traditional Shetland technique, using a sort of leather holster/belt to hold 1 needle still? (this is in response to a woman who has had a stroke & would like to continue knitting…)
    cheers, dramatic moments indeed on today’s post!! lovely wrap!

  • Ann, so lovely. such a beautiful quiet and calm Koigu. I agree that there should be no fringe.
    Perhaps the instructions mean to let it hang horizontally in order to let gravity extend the full length of all those drop stitches.
    I am going to make one of those now, you know. You are responsible, with all of your grass runway elan.
    I love the colours for Asta.
    You can order a shetland knitting belt, one that holds onto your needles from Four Seasons Knitting products (googlable). They allow those amazing Shetland knitters to follow their flocks while knitting.
    Now for stitch number one of the aligator wrap.
    xox Aara

  • Gorgeous wrap! No fringe.
    A word of warning on the Arucania. A friend of mine washed a blanket she had made with it (figuring cotton = washable), following the label directions, and the colors ran and the cotton pilled!! She washed it about a hundred more times and picked off the pills and it looked fine, very comfy faded denim-y, but she was really ticked and it was NOT what she had planned for it. So that may be one yarn where you want to wash your swatch!

  • What I know about shawl/poncho fashion is based entirely on a picture of my wife at age 3 sitting in her mom’s lap, both wearing matching ponchos.
    I realize ponchos and shawls aren’t the same thing, but still… no fringe.
    The Brother-in-Law

  • Fringe? The hell with fringe! What was I thinking??? Thanks y’all, for what is surely the first unanimous opinion in the history of bloggery.
    Mary Neal–Sheila is indeed Buffy’s pal from high school. She’s gone all yarny on us. And I think YOU should grab the yarn store market in New Paltz ASAP–it is purely criminal for a cute wee Hudson Valley village not to have a darling place for visitors, like me, to visit.
    And PS Yes your mayor is totally hot. Any 25-year-old mayor who gets profiled in the NYT Magazine is by definition eligible. Way eligible.
    Cristina–Deeply worried about the bow situation. My sister in law Mary Neal is of the opinion that there should be a ruffle tax, and I’m sure she’d throw bows in there too. Especially on homemaker matrons. I have a couple of bow alternatives which I will explore in annoying depth.
    Emma–the loaf will be sitting around like a pet for a good while, if I have to guess. Sheila claims that it felts well; maybe Kay will have some feltish inspiration for the loaf.
    Kelli Ann–Sheila has for sale this little clear vinyl pocketbook with a grommet in the side: you pull your yarn through it, and you’re walking and knitting. Ha! Haven’t tried it yet–too busy working on making left turns while purling.
    Aara–I love the image of a Shetland sheep herder knitting away while the sheep look nervously over their shoulders: “She’s, like, doing stuff with our fur. I’m outta here.”
    And I can’t believe you’re going to do an Alligator Wrap after all my bellyaching! What colors are you using? I would love to see one in a frenzy of multicolor Koigu. Puhlease send pix asap. (It actually goes pretty fast.)
    And Evelyn–I can see what you’re talking about. This yarn is so impossibly snuggly that I can’t imagine that it will hold up to anything. I had a bathmat impulse when I bought it, but there’s no way a bunch of wet feet will be very kind to this. I’m trying to think of some other, more tender use for it. It really is pretty stuff. Scarves and hats would be wonderful; Threaded Bliss Sheila was wearing a summery poncho made of it.

  • O Ann how beautiful – I’ve got to make that alligator! Schoolhouse Press sells both the leather belts for holding a needle and little bracelet thingy’s that hold your ball of yarn on your wrist while you walk.

  • I think the picture is worthy of your induction into a convent or something equally as contemplative but with sex as an option. You just seem so…calm. Perhaps it is the prayerful meditation of one desperate for a stylist, but I don’t know. Could you have slipped and made yourself a prayer shawl by accident? I agree, BTW, that no fringe is a good thing. K-I-S-S. Not that you’re stupid, but well, you know, the first part is what I’m talkin’ about.
    Do your neighbors think you strange for praying on your front lawn in bermudas and a blanket? Just wondering.

  • Well hello again Mary Neal! I’m with Ann – go for the yarn shop and thanks for the kind words about my new shop. The next time you’re in town you’ll have to stop by. How long has it been since I’ve seen you or Clif? It has to be around 20 or so years by now. Yikes – that’s a scary thought.
    Now, about that eligible mayor – why not bring him with you. 25 sure is young but Ann is right, he sure is a hottie!
    Ann – thanks for the nice plug and for coming into the shop. You do know it would never have come to be without that 12 pack of Amstel Lite that you provided.

  • Ann! We just missed each other! I was at Sheila’s the same day and got some Araucania in magenta. mmmm.
    Oh, and P.S….. FRINGE!

  • RE your Asta question- I like the ‘the greeny khaki’ for the contrasting rows. Look forward to more picture on that adorable piece!

  • Ann – you just have never struck me as the fringe type! It’s beautiful too.

  • Rachel–Do my neighbors think I’m strange? I’ll just tell them I’m reenacting a scene from The Passion of the Christ and that’ll hush up the speculation.
    Now that my next-door neighbor has found out about Mason-Dixon Knitting (you don’t just let fly with “yeah, I have a really AWEsome knitting blog that is SO much FUN” to people you share property lines with), she may now understand why I can be seen arranging mittens on the boxwoods. With understanding comes tolerance, people. Can’t we all just get along?
    Sheila–Go ahead and install a keg in the back room. I dare you! We need a knitting hole-in-the-wall dive bar.
    PJ. I’m with you on the greeny khaki–I was wishing I could find a contrasting shade in a different color family, just for zippiness. But the shade that said “pick MEEEE” was the greeny khaki. It’ll be a tone-on-tone neutral thing, but wait ’til I put that big red bow on the front.
    Ah, jes keeding.

  • Jeez, and here I was going to vote Fringe! Either way, the alligator is beautiful, and your photos are great. (“Work it, don’t jerk it”? I’m putting that one in my pocket.)
    Also voting for the greeny khaki colour for Asta’s accents.

  • Dear Ann,
    The NYC contingent thinks your photo shoot looks like stills from ‘Yentl’. Truly, it looks like a tallis. And if you tie the fringes on the corners just so, it might even be a kosher tallis.
    I do admire your bravado. I run out and pop a few mitered squares on the hammock now and then, take a picture real quick, and run back in the house. There is no standing on the lawn laughing at the photographer, chez moi.
    Proud to be bloggin’ with ya,
    xox Kay

  • P.S. If somebody left a toilet bowl cleaner on my doorstep with the newspaper, I’d take it personally.

  • I was very puzzled by that ‘toilet bowl cleaner’ commeny by Kay (secret code? disparaging remark about someone else’s knitting/yarn?) untill I saw that Found Objects picture. Had a laugh. Heck, why not? My grandaunt Lisbeth (the one with the ‘my natural colour’ Titian-red hair at 78) would have been round nicking them whereever one was momentarily unobserved.

  • I’m late to the party as usual but have to put my two pennyworth in anyway… I think no fringe for the Alligator and the khaki greeny colour for the accent on Asta.
    The alligator is really lovely, worth all those wrapped stitches – of course that’s easy for me to say as I don’t think I’ve ever knitted anything with 70,400 stitches in it!

  • Beautiful job, Ann! Just how much yarn does one need for a wrap with 70,400 stitches? Yours is so lovely I am tempted to knit my own.

  • Yarn Sale Alert!
    I see just now that elann.com has Patons Grace on sale in selected colours (most of them green). Check it out under What’s New.
    xox Aara

  • Sarah and Kate–You know, 70,400 stitches sounds like a lot, but I think the average sweater must have a comparable amount. And my 1600-stitch-a-day rate is only four rows of Alligator Wrap a day–they’re just really long rows. I think a fast knitter would crank a lot more than that. I can’t even knit without looking, for Pete’s sake.
    And Kate, the Alligator Wrap calls for 10 skeins of Koigu, five shades/two skeins of each shade. I would love to see a supercolorful Alligator Wrap, so dive in, wouldja?

  • I love the shawl and the poses! Stylist? We don’t need no stinkin’ stylist. You’re workin’ it 🙂