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  • Thanks for posting the link! I was one of the silent wondering where the cute owl originated from…knew there was a use for the tweedy wool scraps I just couldn’t toss!

  • Thank you for putting me out of my misery!

  • Awesome owl. Much better than those gluey googly-eyed clams. Although the Clammy Faye Bakker one was pretty cute. 😉
    Maybe we should start a letter-writing campaign for Stephen to craft owls during the writers’ strike.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of the googly eyes! Googly eyes make any household item 10x cuter.

  • OK. Let’s see the owl, on the chair. A winning combination, but I still want that blanket. WANT, I tell you! B x x

  • Forget the owl, I want chenille dot chair specs.

  • I really miss the Naive Knitter!
    Owl pattern available here: http://www.hct.zaq.ne.jp/mari/fukurou/002.htm
    …you just can’t beat the lovely things that Moonstitches has done with them.

  • Little owl….Squee!!

  • I saw a similar owl just last night in this charming new knitting book:
    The link was too long, so I put it onto three lines, but one could always cut and paste in the URL to get the link. Or just type in the title “Warm Fuzzies by Betz White” in google or amazon.
    It’s really a cute book. Lots of clever felting projects, not unlike this owl. There is an owl in there, but not this particular hooty guy. Dare I say, however, that her book is a hoot in itself?
    And ditto on the buttons. I think I’m up to four button boxes now of my own (well, one belongs to my five-year-old daughter; can’t start ’em too early y’know). We collect buttons for cardigans and for fun projects just like this.

  • Do you think your owl is sad? Or is it just a bit bewildered by all this attention?
    Check out these guys my friend Elli made:
    Don’t you just love all the different expressions! 🙂

  • I have shank buttons just like your owl’s eyes! I have them in two sizes. They are part of my 47 pounds’ worth (yeah, 47 pounds!) of almost-antique pearl buttons from the 1940s that I purchased in a deal I just couldn’t refuse. My pearl button stash is the source of much amusement to, and teasing by, my extended family.
    Thanks for the links to the Moonstitches tutorial and the owl pattern. With my fabric stash and my button stash, I could make owls until the cows come home!

  • I saw the Stephen Colbert googly-eye clam segment — woke my husband up laughing. He was awake for the the “crazy-eyed clam” and then we woke up the kids laughing. 🙂

  • Ashley at doggedknits made a few (dozen) a couple of months ago and referred to the tutorial and a book iirc. They are horribly cute and look like they’d be relatively fast even for a hand sewer.

  • Thanks for posting the moonstitches link, I too was wondering about the adorable owl sitting there cool as a cucumber but totally stealing the show! So simple to make too. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend, sewing machine – check, stash of fabric – check, stock of DVDs for background viewing – check! Might need to leave the house for shank buttons though…

  • Thanks for the owl pics and the tutorial! Your owl is just the cutest (I love the green and the vintage fabric and the shank buttons!). The blanket is fabulous–wonder “who, who” will get it. Wish it would be me 😉

  • This is quite possibly the CUTEST thing I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing the link!!! Must. go. make. owl.

  • Ha, I know that guy! Really adorable.
    Thanks for the kind mentioning of my blog 🙂

  • THANK YOU!!! :o)
    those googley little eyes are adorable…
    and i am enjoying this post with warmed up corn casserole for lunch- Yum! :o) elaine.