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  • “cleaning out your gutters”!! i laughed so loud that people poked their head in my office to see if i was drunk or something (and the last time that happened was when kay called to sing “born free” after hammy the hamster escaped from his hamplex.
    now, here is my two cents on this sweater. kay has all the yarn to make “anna” in fine cotton chenille.( cute little sweater with shaping and a ruffle from either rowan 25 or 27) (we both have it in opposite colours, since kay was generous enough to get it for both of us last christmas!! cornflower and catkin for kay and catkin and cornflower for me) why not that? kay, i know we would said we would knit this together, but this would be such a fun sweater for you (and fun for ann, i think!!) this sweater is perfect for a fun skirt or dress, a serious skirtor dress, or jeans!! a must have for any city gals wardrobe!! and then after ann masters the pattern, i can send her MY yarn and she can do the same for me (ok, i know i am pushing my luck with this last statement) what do you think?

  • Ann–BUDDY!!! Of course I’ll send you the pattern. But remember that the old Rowans are not all going for the kooky prices that Book 10 (the Kate Moss edition with fantastic photography) commands. Buy ’em up, and your heirs will thank you someday. (Good ol’ Gran, no cash but plenty o’ stash.)
    I really want to do it in the Navy. We can get our stashes evened out later. We’re in it for the long haul.
    I think you’ll do just fine. Did I mention that Florence has ‘side seam and dart’ shaping? You’re going to have a blast. Love, Kay (Yes, I do check the blog every 5 minutes.)

  • Lis–Woopsy–we were simu-commenting. I don’t WANT Ann to make Anna. It’s too EASY. Once she masters the bar between the stitches and rewinds all the balls to get the nap going in the right direction, where will be the fun, the challenge, the need for strong drink?? Plus, you will recall that in my haul from Liberty’s there is a bag of the navy blue, which is burning a hole in my plastic stackable boxes.
    By the way, Hammy’s new theme song: ‘Workin’ on a Chain Gang.’ Or is it ‘The Boy in the Bubble’?
    In need of employment, your friend, Kay

  • you girls really crack me up!! 🙂
    i just send some ANCIENT rowans over to the U.K. to get kerrie to sell them for me. 2, 3 and 8. let me know if you have any interest, i’ll get her to send them back 🙂
    i’m keeping 1 for now, there’s 2 sweaters i still LOVE from that one. and i sold 4 but for a very small amount comparatively.

  • [Chants in background] Whine-off! Whine-off! Whine-off! We want a whine-off!
    You both crack me up!
    P.S. Frills in kidsilk haze. Uh-oh. I’ll be doing those frill because I’m a glutton for knitting punishment, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing my share of bitching about it. Hehe.

  • Yeay! A whining competition along the lines of:
    “I’m a better friend than you are because I did ruffles in kidsilk haze for you”
    “I’m a better friend ‘cos I re-wound ALL those balls of FINE (that means skinny needles) chenille for you”…
    I can see this one running for years and years – the memories of the tortures of KSH frills, the pain of bars between stitches- the angst, the frustration…
    It’ll make good reading!
    (I’ll just be cursing 4-ply and wondering if this 1st trimester nausea ever stops – please tell me that it’ll go away soon, please…)

  • Jo–I’d appreciate it if you’d not mention the phrase ‘first trimester’ in my presence as it recalls AWFUL memories. Nausea is the worst, even in a good cause and a time of joyous expectation. Have you tried those wrist thingies? I’m told they work. Some sort of acu-pressure theory behind them. (Perhaps a pattern for them will appear soon on Knitty.) I really hope it ends for you precisely on the first day of Week 13 (as it did for me, both times, praise the lord), IF NOT IMMEDIATELY. But then, I am the Queen of the Psychosomatics.
    (This would be the time for anyone who wishes to do so to share a pregnancy and childbirth story. Everyone else is to nod appreciatively and make appropriate interjections such as
    ‘Ain’t it the truth?’ and ‘Amen!’)

  • Jo–Down South we shake our heads and murmur a deeply sympathetic “bless your heart.” My pregnancy malady was massive, sodden fatigue, the kind where you close your door at lunchtime, lie down on the floor, and wake up when someone is knocking to see if you’re still alive. It was like being drunk except I didn’t think I was a bit more charming or attractive the way I do after three glasses of wine.
    May your sickies pass quickly . . .
    love, Ann