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A 10-part series about Hitler’s inner circle? And, for a palate cleanser, The Godfather: Part II?

By Ann Shayne  ·  26
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Living out of a real or virtual suitcase.

Let’s get together and do it again at the MDK Knitting Getaway in 2019. This is the announcement!

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner

A knitting book so spare that it becomes the center of attention.

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San Francisco, California
Museum-quality clog collection.
Chicago, Illinois
Makes a mean chicken croquette.
The one you want to sit next to in knitting class.
@mymasondixonknitting loves to regram!
We are gaga over @joyous360’s #picketfenceafghan. The beauty. The speed. THE PHOTO. GAHHHHHHH #mdkfieldguideno7
Stripy babe + stripy blanket = heart skips a beat. Babe and #miteredsquareblanket both belong to @tanisfiberarts. 🧡💙💚🌈🌈🌈🙏🙏🙏
Even at the start, the #kiterunnershawl by @janukke (this one by @iamgatt) looks like a kite! #mdkmarchmayhemkal
The start of a #truecolorsshawl by @earleygirlsyarn. #mdkmarchmayhemkal
A fab #luminosityhat on the needles of @idknithat. #mdkmarchmayhemkal
A gorgeous #humulussweater from for our #mdkmarchmayhemkal  We will not rest until every knitter has a Humulus by @lilalu72.
@luckypennyknits got a flying start on her #theTwigssweater by @junkookamoto212 for our #mdkmarchmayhemkal. She has covered a lot of ground since this photo but there is something so special about the beginning of this one.
Grellow! A fine start on #humulussweater by @juliehopsasa for our #mdkmarchmayhemkal
A sparkly Luminosity Hat knitted up by @joyous360 from @tanisfiberarts pattern. #mdkmarchmayhemkal
@ma.vie.en.rows not only has the very best Instagram handle of them all, she also has one of the first FOs in our #mdkmarchmayhemkal Her choice was The Weekender by @dreareneeknits in @Brooklyntweed Shelter. 🧡
A sassy spring #carbethoutfit from @abbymaywho posted by her LYS @knit1chgo. #bangoutacarbeth #carbethswandance
Joan’s first sweater certainly is cause for a #carbethswandance. Thanks for the pic,! #bangoutacarbeth
Another spring green 🌱🍃🌿🐢 beauty, this time in chunky cashmere, from @evercrafting. 💚💚💚 #bangoutacarbeth #carbethswandance #carbethcardigan
A fine #carbethswandance from @handcraftedlife. #bangoutacarbeth
@thecrazysheeplady is doing the Carbeth chicken dance! We are counting it as a #carbethswandance #bangoutacarbeth
@hportemanteau doing her #carbethswandance with greens on the side. #bangoutacarbeth