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  • Ann!!
    I loved this post, albeit pictureless. Now, here is a weird set of coincidences…first off, I, too, have a desire to knit up baby sweaters in mercerized cotton. I might recommend Patons Grace, in one of its fabulous multis!! I can get it at a great price here in NYC, so if you so desire, let me know and I will send Kay out to buy some!! Just joking!! I will make the pilgrimage to the Ye Olde Shoppe of Cheapo Yarn for you and get you some. Second, insofar as Koigu and shawls are concerned, I have the bug too. Its too hot to fuss with shaping…give me a shawl pattern in a nice fingering weight yarn and call it a day!! Lastly, I am about to mimic minako in her tiny stitches soft shoe. From my mom I inherited a bevy of teeny tiny crochet needles, as well as gauge appropriate yarn. As they say in the trades, I am on my way to becoming one of those crazy craft ladies, who is either knitting up shawls for no one in particular or teeny tiny items that no one can use EVER!!

  • I thought all good Nashvillains brought their young’uns up at the Opry. Your fortitude surprises me, Ann–first Disney(under)world and now Craz-e-Cheeses. I’ll teach my boy to play solitaire with a deck of 51 before I face either of those entertainment centers.
    How does one come by the baby sweater urge? I’ve got one (baby, not sweater) coming in November and all I want to work on is felted bowls.
    Now two weeks nausea-free,

  • Cute post. Love Asta! I had to knit a friend of mine a baby sweater for her Grandchild just to get the baby knitting urge off my back. I think once you hit a certain age all your friends are done and your kids are still too young for children (that god!)

  • Dear Ann, In all seriousness, there’s a little girl expected around Bastille Day and I haven’t even cracked the ball band on the 4ply Soft yet. This is a special baby (first child of a knitter) so I must get going. Feel free to volunteer. Softest soft pink Rowan 4ply Cotton. Yum! I was thinking of one of the tried & true Debbie Bliss wraparound jackets, or perhaps a Rowan Babies cardi. I have set aside a hanger for my next rubberstamping venture. xox Kay

  • Oh Ann – now I’m really sweating. Our schools finish on Friday and we have no Chuck E.Cheez’s !
    I too am camera-less currently but sadly not for technical reasons but more for untidy / drop everything at your backside / slob type reasons. I know I put in a safe place …… really, really, really safe.
    I’m thinking baby cardigans too but only while Rowan can still qualify as a baby – she’s 2 in July so I’d better get shifting !

  • Yes to fringe! Yes to big red bows! Even sight-unseen the answers to some questions are obvious… well, to me, anyway.

  • Gah, Ann, that SPD (stitches per day) rate is mind-blowing. I suppose once you get your groove on, you can acheive all sorts of things, but it kind of freaks me out to think of how productive you’ve had to have been. And how much sittin’ around waitin’ on kids time that must mean. My uterus cringes as I think about it. You’re not doing my desire for fertility any favors.