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  • DUDE! Does that really happen with Mentos and Diet Coke? Does it have to be Diet? Can you do it with Pepsi?

  • I can’t believe the daycare “float!” What parents would let their kids on that thing, and why would someone thing it’s a good advertisement for quality childcare?
    However, very impressed by the mentos/diet coke extraveganza 🙂

  • Mentos–the freshmaker–the best condiment to add to anything! this is the ultimate proof! i’m definitely going to have to try that out.
    i’ll even try it with a variety of flavors…of mentos AND soda/colas! :o)

  • Mentos + Diet Coke = Endless fun 🙂
    Is it just me, or did he lose a slipper there?

  • On one of the rare nights I watched Letterman, last week he did the Coke + Mentos things several times. He also did Diet Coke + Mentos; for those interested, yes, it works, too.

  • That was a really weird 4th of July parade. I thought that ours from my hometown were weird, but between the creepy clown, the bear and nun, and the unrestrained children, I’m not sure which part was strangest.
    But, I’m sure that it was a barrel of fun, as such things tend to be. Happy Fourth to you both!

  • That’s funny, my friends and I were just talking about that at lunch, then we went to the convenience store (that doesn’t have MENTOS – how could they) to pick up the ingredients and came back to work disappointed – ONLY TO SEE IT ON YOUR BLOG! Holy cannoli, mentos and diet coke are taking over the world. I always knew this day would come.

  • I am definitely going to have to try the mentos and diet coke. What would happen if you had drank coke and put two in your mouth? I am sure some kids will try that!!!

  • I bet Mama Pat’s doesn’t get a lot of new daycare-ees from THAT float!! In addition to having no guardrails, half those kids are sitting on things with wheels. Someone call Child Protective Services, quick…

  • Holy cow! I saw the mentos/diet coke thing on the today show last week. There were these two guys who did lots of them (Like that fountain in vegas that in synchronized and pretty). Fun!

  • I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of the day care float!
    You should send it in to Jay Leno; he has a Monday evening regular feature with things ike this.
    Thanks for the humor.
    Oh, and by the way, I’m a nun and that is an unusual habit on the babe on the float! Is there a terrorist alert in order?

  • I love love LOVE the flying Berkenstock!!!

  • Mentos and diet coke – who knew? Looks like a very American holiday. xox,

  • I tried that with a small bottle. It did not go up that high but was still great fun!
    The Bellagio Fountains video is at

  • Stop It! The daycare float is too funny! Thanks for seeing the humor in the everyday things.

  • Hmm, we’ve been blowing the cork out of a whisky bottle with baking soda and vinegar (yes, we drank the whisky first) but that sugar bomb one looks like a must-try. Hey, we’re havin’ a party this weekend! Gotta get me some Coke!

  • The diet coke is a lot less sticky than regular coke. Ask me how I know.

  • I wondered where I had left my mayonnaise. Darned if I can’t keep track of that jar.

  • That’s the best pic I’ve seen of the Mentos and Diet Coke trick.
    However strange it was, that still looks like a great parade. Bristol, RI does one like that and I go whenever I’m there just for the sheer hilarity.

  • Don’t you DARE move in next to me. Next thing you know, my neighbors will be trying that. 🙂
    So, yeah. That’s about how our parade was. But you captured it so cleverly. I just stood there and rolled my eyes.

  • Don’t know why, but the mayonnaise picture made me laugh the hardest. Maybe that’s the improvised explosive device left by the terrorist in the nun habit? You probably got out of there just in time!

  • This just confirms that you ladies write the funniest blog on the net!

  • hmmmm…mentos and diet coke? Gotta try that!

  • Oooh, the nun could’ve been the terrorist the new Sheriff SWAT vehicle at our parade was looking for, along with the 15 or so Sheriff. I was so surprised to see so many at our parade. I love the Betsy Ross float!!

  • Beyond Belief! I SO wish I could click to make the pictures bigger as to take all the hilarity. The clown (eeeeew), the nun (huh?), and the day care (Holy Cow!). Best was the Mentos & Diet Coke. Off to stock up at Costco…This will make the Small Hollerin Boys Very Very Happy.

  • All we want to know here is: Can you drink it on the way back down?

  • We share a family tradition! Ours this year consisted of two bottles of Diet Coke and 3 Mentos per bottle in a festive show of “which one will go higher”. Not surprisingly, it was a draw. LOL
    Happy belated 4th!

  • I didn’t know there were any Catholics in Grundy County. Was someone visiting from elsewhere? Surely she did not get in the gates at the Assembly?
    The mayo jar did me in. What was it? 98 degrees in the shade and someone thought, “How refreshing to put a dab of fat on every bit of food!”
    Food poisoning for all!

  • I’m impressed! Our Mento/Diet Coke geyser wasn’t didn’t spurt nearly that high. Gotta love a 4th of July parade.

  • Ah, America at it’s best!

  • That is quite possibly the most frightening parade I’ve ever seen…

  • I just bought a pack of mentos at the grocery store for the first time in years. Now i Know why

  • Grundy County has the best 4th of July parade.

  • Now I know what was missing from my Fourth of July festivities! Pass me those Mentos, would ya, hon? Can’t wait to try that one out at the next annual pajama party with my nieces.

  • Ann, aren’t ya’ll in the South? We eat Dukes mayo here, not Kraft. Let me know if you don’t have any and I’ll ship it to you. It is egg salad, chicken salad, pasta salad and pimentos cheese season! Gotta have your Dukes!!

  • I would guess that the nun was a drunk man wearing a nun costume, probably the clown’s father/brother/son/cousin. The daycare float was a classic slice of Americana, how wonderful that you could capture it for eternity.
    You really have to appreciate the diversity of middle America….a DAR float complete with their own Betsy Ross and an iguana wielding golf cart driving flea market proprietess. What a town!

  • shoot, i hate the fireworks, but I loves me some exploding diet coke. we *have* to do that next year!!!

  • Can’t thank you enough for that Mentos recipe!
    At last some good clean fun for the kids, maybe should send it to Mama Pat.

  • please warn us in advance of such spectacular slideshows.
    i’d like to take the LSD FIRST for full-appreciation purposes.
    ….and yes, it works. try making “the rocket” where you slightly open the top until it hisses and then you drop it off a roof. not that i advise that after two bottles of champagne or have any actual knowledge. ok, so i do. but i wasn’t that wasted and there were only 11 impressionable children within the vacinity. ok i’ll just shut up now.

  • Ummm- Mentos and Diet Coke, so good it’ll knock your shoes off!! Actually my daughter told me about a video she saw of 2 guys who choreographed Mentos-DC rockets to the playing of the 1812 Overture. She’s trying to find it for me to watch. Of course I’ll pass it along if she does. And I thought the USMA Band’s rendition of the 1812 Overture with fireworks and howitzers was impressive….

  • Please, Please, share the exact way to do that mentos thing!
    Do you just drop them in? Do you put the lid back on? Is there any shaking involved?
    My kids will love this! I just hafta know how to proceed!
    Thanks…. love your blog… Suzanne

  • My dear sweet FIL grew up in Manchester. We haven’t been to a family reunion in ages, but I’m thinking we need to go this year. Off to buy mentos and coke.

  • The Mentos trick was on NPR a while back. Apparently, the old trick used to be M & Ms and coke, but Mentos makes for a taller spurt (greater surface area, more convolutions). The best hints for the tallest fountain: use 1. warm, 2. diet, and 3. pepsi. Do not shake. Remove cap and immediately drop 3 + mentos into the bottle and run, run, run. It can easily go 6 feet, maybe even up to 10 feet with warm soda.
    Next trick: for your next campfire, use Frito Lay corn chips as fire starters. It’ll work, even in the rain.

  • LOL — It looks like a fun time. 🙂 You’re right, the clown on the little bike is creepy.

  • Meanwhile, Warren Buffett and Ann are watching their Berkshire-Hathaway stock do the same thing as the Diet Coke fountains, thanks to the Diet coke fountains. Love the music on this one:

  • What a wonderfully creepy parade! That little boy looked like he was going to ride his ATV right off of the flatbed! I’ll have to keep that number for when I have kids and need a daycare service 🙂

  • My kids have been nattering on about the diet coke and mentos thing ….. I see I shall have to indulge them.
    Because DUDE! That’s way cool.

  • ok, for all the curious….you can find the mentos and coke stuff, instructions and etc on
    youtube dot com
    mentos and coke trick dot com
    i have no idea if this is all fambly safe, so folks, just watch what yer kids are watchin on the pewter.

  • Cindra..DO NOT even try a Scientist on radio here said it knocked his friend out and I think it could really cause internal damage especially to a kid .

  • Betsy Ross was a Philadelphian! Is this payback for that football player you mourned over a few years back who came from TN to play for the Iggles? Did you pull the fan bag over ol’ Betsy’s head and kidnap her? xo, c.

  • OHHHH myyy tooo funny…having trouble typing over the funnies

  • Um, how is it possible that I didn’t know about this coke+mentos thing??? I am so upset! So many wasted opportunites. 😉

  • Oh, you make me love Independence Day all over again!

  • Im trying the mentos and diet coke trick tomorrow! That is fantastic